For those of you who just got to know him recently, you might wonder why he used the stage name Suga. His real name is Min Yoon-gi which sounds like it has no connection with his stage name. Don’t worry, Channel Korea will explain it to you, so stay tuned!

The Meaning of Suga’s Name

It has been revealed that BTS’ Suga got his stage name from the CEO of Big Hit (Bang Sin-hyuk) because of Suga’s appearance. He looked pale and sweet just like sugar. The name also refers to “Syuting gardeu” or shooting guard in Korean, a position that he took while playing basketball. Initially, Suga wanted to use the stage name Gloss which comes from the meaning of his real name, Min Yoon-gi, and the name that he was using when he was a lyricist in his hometown in Daegu. He eventually used the name Suga after the company’s CEO recommended it.

The Meaning Behind Suga’s Real Name, Min Yoon-gi

For those of you who might be wondering, Suga was born with the real name Min Yoon-gi, written as “민윤기” in Korean and as 閔玧其 as well. And, did you know? His real name also has a beautiful meaning! His family generation name means that it is a character that gets passed down through the generations who have lived their life well. Although Suga personally wasn’t sure, he hopes that he can live happily as well. The word “Yoongi” also has the meaning “Shine” or “Gloss.” Yes, BTS’ Suga indeed has shone very brightly to brighten up our life!

The Reason Behind Why Min Yoon-gi Chose Suga as His Stage Name

After learning that BTS’ Suga got his adorable stage name from the company’s CEO, let’s move on to the reason why he decided to take the name and use it until now. BTS’ Suga once explained, “I got the name [Suga] because my skin is pale, and people say that I’m pretty when I smile, and maybe because I’m sweet as well. However, I chose the name because I want to promote sweetly [as a BTS member].” On the other hand, he was also fond of the name Suga because it contradicted his stage performance. Suga might look cold on the outside, but he is actually a warm and sweet person! That’s everything about the meaning of BTS’ Suga‘s stage name and the reason why he decided to use it! Do you also think that BTS’ Suga’s stage name is as sweet as him? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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