However, increasingly, there are many people who can express themselves and make their identity through writing or images in the form of a tattoo. This is also one of the things that K-Pop idols are interested in to express themselves and show their confidence through tattoos. One of the members of the K-Pop group that is famous around the world, BTS, has a temporary tattoo that has caught the attention of their fans. Their comeback with the release of the single “ON,” captured the attention of many people because the member who is famous for his visuals and bass sound comes with his latest appearance with a tattoo, which is BTS’s V. If you’re curious about BTS’s V’s appearance with his new tattoo, let’s take a look at the article below for more details about his tattoo and what it means!

BTS’s V’s Tattoo

Bangtan Sonyeondan, or popularly known as BTS, officially made a comeback by releasing the “ON” music video through the Big Hit Label’s YouTube account on December 21st, 2020, at 18:00 KST. Through the 4-minute-58-second music video, this boy group consisting of V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga appeared with a touch of music and energetic choreography.

The complete music video titled “BTS (방탄 소년단) ON’Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” has been watched more than 459 thousand times and received more than 555 thousand likes after 17 minutes of release. The “ON” music video received a positive response from ARMY, as BTS’s fans are called, and it has also received more than 74 thousand comments per hour. BTS’s V successfully wowed fans with his tattooed appearance in the “ON” music video released by BTS (Bangtan Boys) in February 2020. Recently, the process of making V’s grim tattoo was revealed. The tattoo on V’s neck is not a permanent tattoo because there is no way he could get an original tattoo just for a music video. The owner of the name Kim Taehyung got a temporary tattoo made before filming.

The video released by BANGTAN TV on December 23rd, 2020, invites fans to take a peek at the process of making V’s tattoos. In the video, a tattoo artist carefully applies the images to V by hand using an erasable marker. This is a method commonly used by many stylists for shooting today, although it can be difficult to get rid of. The eyeliner pen is too thin to cover a suitable area. For the “ON” music video, V has a temporary tattoo under his eyes and neck. The thorny vines gave him a grim but graceful look. The tattoo under his eye reads: ‘The shadow like me.’ These tattoos should be removed carefully after the show is over, so as not to damage the skin.

Meaning of BTS’s V’s Tattoos

The tattoo on his face was precisely under his right eye, a sentence that reads: ‘The Shadow Like Me.’ Meanwhile, on the left side of the neck is a tattoo that looks like it will break V’s neck or if you look at it another way, it looks like a root. The music video features scenes with Hollywood film references, one of which is The Maze Runner, which was adapted from the novel by James Dashner. The music video shows several scenes where V with the little girl is trapped in a high and sturdy wall like in The Maze Runner. When a section of the wall opened up, fans immediately got excited and made a variety of tweets on Twitter, giving rise to the astonishing theory about the grim tattoo on V’s neck. After the official music video was released, fans began to associate the location theory and V’s tattoo patterns with the film. It is said that the tattoo is a reference to Newt’s character in The Maze Runner, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. “In the Maze Runner series, if you get stung by a Griever, a pattern like this will appear before the victim turns crazy and slowly dies. Taehyung has a pattern on his neck which means he’s infected,” tweeted one of the fans. “The pattern on Taehyung’s neck doesn’t just appear when you get stung by a Griever, it can also happen because of the ‘flare’ virus, which has three stages. So if they don’t find a cure for Taehyung, he will basically die and then turn into a zombie,” added another fan. “Yes, Taehyung asked for his own design, so if it was meant to be connected then Taehyung asked because he knows about the pattern. If it is not connected then Taehyung sees similarities with Maze Runner from watching it himself? He will always give us something to test us,” said another. V is said to be suitable for all concepts applied by BTS, from cute to fierce as it is today. Meanwhile, the boy band’s newest album under the tutelage of Big Hit Entertainment, titled Map of the Soul: 7 immediately topped many charts and set sales records. “With his handsome face, and even his unique voice is suitable for all concepts, I hope V will debut solo soon,” commented a netter. “How did he change the expression on his face was really very handsome I roared him, God was too perfect to create it,” said another. “This makes me feel that God is unfair, V thinks of everything, he is not human,” another exclaimed.

BTS’s V Explained His Tattoo

In a post on Weverse BTS, a member of ARMY asked about the meaning of the tattoos on his body in the music video. Apparently, according to V, he just wanted to wear the tattoo as a concept for himself. He then asked the PD for permission and received approval for his idea. “I want to get a tattoo on the concept of my music video. I met the PD in person and was allowed to wear it. Our visual director also makes it look cooler,” V said.

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