That’s particularly become one of the reasons why the MBTI type is popular among K-pop idols, and many fans can get to know their idol better through their MBTI type result. In this article, Channel Korea will give you the updated MBTI type of BTS’ V and more about his personality, so stay tuned!

BTS’ V’s MBTI Personality: ENFP

MBTI type is one of the common questions from fans of K-pop idols. Big Hit‘s biggest boy group, BTS, which has seven members, also successfully makes the fans curious about the members’ MBTI types, especially Kim Tae-hyung or BTS’ V! Initially, BTS’ V explained that his MBTI type was ENFP. It also meant that V was an extrovert. The ENFP type also means that the person has the Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits. Some fans agree that V was an extrovert since he seemed like the easy-going type who could befriend anyone within a second, and he looked very carefree. However, his MBTI type has changed after V updated about that through his post on Weverse. He wrote that his MBTI type result has changed from ENFP to INFP which is very different from the previous type. As an INFP person, V seems to be an introverted person who needs some time alone to recharge his energy.

BTS’ V’s True Personality: Is It True That He Is a Hopeless Romantic?

Since BTS’ V‘s MBTI type has changed to INFP, some of his habits might be changed as well. INFP type means that the person has the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits. People with an INFP type are described as the “Mediator,” have creativity and an imagination, and even sometimes become lost in their thoughts while daydreaming. Aside from that, an INFP person is known as a hopeless romantic who is looking for a soul mate. Even though currently BTS’ V has no soul mate in terms of a girlfriend or spouse, fans are excited to know that BTS’ V has the hopeless romantic side in his personality!

How BTS Members Describe BTS’ V’s Personality

For more insight about BTS’ V’s personality, here are what other BTS members said about him: Jimin: “V has a cheerful personality and doesn’t notice his surroundings. He likes playing around, and he is innocent.” Jin: “Even though he seems weird, I think it’s a concept. V asks before doing something, and he’s a very detailed person.” Jungkook: “He is my hyung, but he is hopeless.” Suga: “He is immature compared to his age, and he isn’t serious. He also doesn’t pay attention to what other people think about him.” RM: “What should I call you? You’re hopeless, this is a good song!” (it’s a song recommendation) J-Hope: “V has the personality that makes you like, ‘Hmmm…,’ he is hopeless, for sure.”

Fans’ Thoughts on BTS’ V’s Personality

Many fans have praised BTS’ V for his kind personality. Even though some of them haven’t met V in real life, those fans who have met him in person realized that he is truly kind and has a marvelous personality!

— vivi ⁷ || IA (@bngtanEnthusis_) August 24, 2021 Not only praised by BTS fans but V gained a lot of attention due to his personality from other people as well. Even one of the gamers admitted that he is BTS’ V’s fan, and he also thought that V has a great personality.

Taehyung not only collecting idols but pro gamers too! — ᵀᵉᵗᵉTaehyung’s squad ¹¹⁸ (@Taehyungimpact) November 3, 2020 Now, everyone can agree that BTS’ V has such an angelic personality whether during a TV appearance or in real life. We do hope that he can stay humble and always be a good person! Do you also think that BTS’ V’s personality is very captivating? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media and tell your ARMY friends to read it!

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