He is also known for being very free spirited and open with the fans, Taehyung will always tell the truth about his feelings and always do what he likes, without worrying about toxic fans. A couple of times Taehyung has been caught vaping with a Juul device, which was a shock to both domestic and international fans. Is it true that he uses Juul on daily basis? Channel-Korea is here to answer that question, so, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

Rumored to Vape A Juul, True or False?

First Scandal That Floats in the Internet

Around February 4th, 2019, Taehyung uploaded a picture he painted on BTS’s official Twitter account, but this picture became a scandal. It all started after an eagle-eyed netizen pointed out that a small, grey rectangle of metal at the bottom of the photo looks a lot like a Juul device. Juul itself is a popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Even though many people claim that Juul is much more safer and less harmful than cigarettes, it contains much more addictive nicotine, which is also not good for health. Because of the picture, netizens accused Taehyung of vaping a Juul (or also known as an electric cigarette). Netizens began to spread the rumor. Some of them were disappointed, criticizing him for secretly smoking, some tried to stop him, and some fans even claimed that they would start vaping, too. Here are some netizens reactions about V’s vaping scandal:

“김태형 미친놈아 김연탄 잇는데에서 전담피지마” (Kim Taehyung, you crazy sh*t. Don’t smoke e-cigs in front of Kim Yeontan. (It was V’s dog name) “태형아 전담펴? 알겟어..나도 오늘부터 전담필게 그냥담배보다는 역시 전담이지 그치?” (Do you smoke e-cigs, Taehyung? Okay.. I’ll smoke e-cigs from now on. E-cigs are better than regular cigarettes, huh?) “뭐여 전담아니래ㅎㅎㅎ 태형이 피지마 피워도 피지마 안 피워도 피지망 담배피면 빨리 늙어” (They say it’s not e-cigs ㅎㅎㅎ Taehyung, stop smoking. Even if you smoke, stop smoking. Even if you don’t smoke, stop smoking. You get old quicker if you smoke.)

A group of ARMY came to the conclusion that the metal device in V’s photo isn’t actually an e-cigarette. They even alleged there was some proof that it was something else, instead. A K-Army representative said: “I’ve saturated it. If this look the same to you, your eyes need to be checked. The e-cigs that you guys have claimed he’s smoking, a real Juul has a stick right in the middle and perfectly symmetrical. While the shape in V’s photo isn’t symmetrical and looks very different from the e-cigs.” Another ARMY pointed out that the Juul center stick is removed from the device when the lid has been taken off. The have claimed that V’s device in the picture didn’t have any lid, but still had the stick in the middle, proving it wasn’t a Juul. They’ve commented: ” The e-cig called Juul that anti fans are claiming V smokes, is designed to remove the center stick piece from the device when you take off the lid (The above picture shows the e-cig with its lid off). You can see it on the e-cig reviews and tutorials. “ Others have also claimed that the metal device is just a tool which is used to hold pastels and chalk while drawing. 아니 님드라 태형이 담배 그거 파스텔 홀더임 사진 에 선있어서 전지담배랑 비슷하다고그러는데 잘보면 좀 방향 틀어져서 선으로 보이는거 걍 두번째사진 파스텔홀더 모서리일뿐임 세번째가 전담사진이고 ” Everyone, Taehyung’s alleged e-cigs rumor was just a pastel holder. The photo had line in it so it looks similar to a e-cigs, but it’s only because the holder were slightly slanted to look like it has a stick. “ Wheter its true or not that Taehyung smokes a Juul, the majority of the fandom (especially I-ARMYS) were emphasizing his private life as an adult, and saying it shouldn’t be a trending topic for the netizens. Here are some of their tweets:

— kimmy⁷ (@btsangelicjin) February 3, 2019

— jae (@cripplingahhh) February 3, 2019

Recent Juul Scandal That Went Viral Once Again

On December 26, 2019, Jimin posted a picture on their official Twitter account about their self-made Chirstmas video, and Taehyung is also in the video. But then he quickly deleted the video. The reason is because ARMY noticed there was a thing that looks a lot like Juul on the floor. Take a look at the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGa7_WJ9OF4 ARMYs then shared their opinion for this case. Some of them voiced their concern, disapproval, and disappointment on Twitter:

— Lisa & Jisoo (@AkgaeLisoo) December 25, 2019

— Lisa & Jisoo (@AkgaeLisoo) December 25, 2019     Some other ARMYs also tried to defend his actions, mostly by saying that ‘He’s a grown a** man’ and he could do anything he wants to do. Take a look on some of their tweets below:

— Shanzay ♡ Jungkook⁷ (@lgbtnamsoo) December 25, 2019 https://twitter.com/Aindexed/status/1209840074801573889?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1209840074801573889&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.allkpop.com%2Farticle%2F2019%2F12%2Fbtss-jimin-posts-and-quickly-deletes-twitter-video-showing-taehyung-laying-with-an-e-cigarette

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