BTS vs Got7: Vocal Battle

BTS’s vocal line consists of the vocalists of the group: Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V. In Got7, they have JB as main vocalist, Jin Young is lead vocalist, Yongjae is main vocalist, and Yugyeom is lead vocalist.

BTS’s Vocal

Got7’s Vocal

BTS vs Got7: Rap Battle

The rap line consists of the rappers of the group. for BTS that includes RM, Suga and J-Hope. In GOT7, Mark is a lead rapper, as are Jackson and BamBam.

BTS’s Rappers


Got7’s Rappers

BTS vs Got7: Dance Battle

The dance line consists of the dancers in the group, which are J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V from BTS. GOT7 also has a dance line. In GOT7, JB is lead dancer, Mark is a lead dancer, Jacson is a lead dancer, Jin Young is a lead dancer, and BamBam is a lead dancer.

BTS’s Dancers

Got7’s Dancer

BTS vs Got7: Visual Battle

The visual line consists of the members who are the most attractive in the group. BTS’s visual line is Jin, who is the official visual. V and Jungkook are also considered as part of the visual line. They have been called as the “Visual Bermuda Triangle” or “Bermuda Line” by the k-media, fans, and ARMY. In GOT7, Jinyoung is both visual and face of the group, Jackson is face of the group, also, Mark is visual.

BTS’s Visual

Got7’s Visual

BTS vs Got7: Acting Battle

Acting has been other talent or skill they have. Let’s watch about which one is the best.

BTS’s Acting

Got7’s Acting

BTS vs Got7: Album Sales

BTS’ Album Sales

BTS has sold 10 million albums, meaning the record reaching the 10 million milestone in the shortest span of time (5½ years) among all the Korean acts to have debuted since 2000. Moreover,  in 2018 their album sold around 5 million in South Korea alone.

Got7’s Album Sales

GOT7 sold 224,459 copies, when, typically, most JYP Entertainment artists sell just under 100,000. They beat their own record of 223,844 copies sold with Eyes On You. Other surprising news, is that GOT7 also has surpassed previous JYP Entertainment artists, like TWICE. Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio JPN: 72,512 US: 13,000 Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio JPN: 193,442 US: 212,953 Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio

BTS vs Got7: Concept

BTS and GOT7 have specific concepts for their albums and songs. Let’s compare each of them!

BTS’s Concept

BTS shouts out some revelation to life. They always send messages in their lyrics of the songs, including some topics like mental health, social issues, and some about the young generation is facing. Their messages are relatable for people in general, and also along the albums, the concepts are growing. They’ve become more comfortable and are being themselves in their own songs and lyrics. It is become relatable.

Got7’s Concept

GOT7 has cool concept, too, which is mostly about love, like friends zone, heartbreak, and care for the love one. Like BTS, they also have songs with positives messages such don’t change to be fitted to the society. The difference may on their various songs, which are something not close to them. BTS may have space to make their own songs and be free to express their feelings by their label. Yet, the GOT7 concept is so on point and perfect.

BTS vs Got7: Fandom

BTS, the Bangtan Sonyeondan, has their own dear fans called ARMY. On the other hand, GOT7 has Ahgase to call their fans.


It started from name BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, which has the meaning Bulletproof Boy Scout. It’s concluded that Bulletproof and Army are linked to one another, and can’t be separate. That’s why ARMY become the name of their supporters or fans. They even have some unique phrases that are popular between them, like “I Purple You,” which,in Korean, is called “Borahae,” meaning “I’ll trust you, I love you, support you, to be loyal to you.” ARMY are very solid all over the world. If something that’s related to BTS rises to the surface, they become a united front to protect the BTS members, especially on social media nowadays. Like Katy Perrym who performed after BTS at the Jingle Bell event in London, once mentioned something that was hurtful to ARMY. She mentioned jokingly that the fans who watched BTS must be so happy because they could stay up past their bedtimes (that she thought that the ones who watched BTS are mostly under age). It broke the ARMY’s hearts, so they startied to not enjoy Katy Perry’s performance and leave the place.

Got7’s Ahgase

Ahgase is a wordplay of I GOT 7, and which also has means baby bird. Ahgase became the the best fandom on the Soompi awards for two consecutive years. They show a lot of positivity, and are very supportive and mature.

BTS and Got7’s Friendship

The BTS and GOT7 members have been caught several times in interactions each other. JB (GOT7) and V (BTS) danced to the Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk.” They have also been spotted goofing around together at some events, like in the Idol Star Athletic Championship, M Ccountdown, and many other. They are supportive and empower each other! That’s all about BTS vs GOT7. What do you think? Make your comments and share your thoughts below! Keep supporting both of them, who pursue the best for each of their dreams!

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