Bursters members are five childhood friends who dreamed of becoming rock stars. They debuted in 2015 with the release of an independent EP album. Their vocalist, Daegun was well known for his high-powered vocal skills and charisma. He is the leader and the soul behind Bursters’ success. In this article, Channel Korea will talk all about Bursters’ vocal Daegun. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name: No Daegun Date of Birth: May 16th, 1989 Position: vocalist Instagram: @daegunroh YouTube: burstered V LIVE: ED423D Label: Evermore Music

Fun Facts

Daegun has a small dog Daegun and Junyoung grew up in Seoul, South Korea He loves fishing and cycling Junyong and Daegun are able to speak English fluently Daegun has one younger brother; his name is Noh Daehan In his spare time, he goes to the beach and collects crabs One of his hobbies is wall climbing He loves spending time at the beach He and the other Bursters members are longtime friends Daegun, Junyong, and Gyejin know each other since middle school Bursters members used to work as fishermen Daegun and Taehee used to work in a music studio alongside another Evercore musician, Aivan Daegun’s father’s name is Noh Youngjin Beachside and riverside are his favorite places to relax and spend his free time Daegun, Junyong, and Gyejin fulfilled their dreams of becoming musicians and rock stars He granted his mother’s thanksgiving wish; she wanted to give Daegun a new haircut


March 2020 Album [Once and for All] February 2020 Single [Colors] November 2019 Single [Savage] May 2019 Single [Barriers] April 2018 Single [If Today Is The Last Day] April 2017 Album [LIVE IN HOPE] September 2015 Single [Lost Child] February 2015 EP [Independent] February 2015 Single [Scandal]

Busters’ Daegun’s Visual

Daegun is the most charismatic member and leader of Bursters. Although most of the fans don’t consider his face as handsome, Daegun has a strong and confident charisma. He is responsible for maintaining the mood and the atmosphere in concerts. His voice and energy bring the audience to life. Even other rock singers are curious about his vocal technique. Daegun’s fans respect his solid rock vocal and his charisma. From the side, his face slightly resembles BIGBANG’s TOP. If he dyed his hair black and wore a fancy suit, fans might have mistaken him as TOP.

YouTube Channel

Bursters released a self-documentary video about their recent world tour in the United Kingdom. Through their official YouTube channel, Bursters posted the video on July 27th, 2020. In the video, Bursters members share various stories and behind the scenes of their concert in British cities such as Birmingham, Norwich, Brighton, London, and Manchester. Daegun said that famous bands, bands that became his idols, used to perform on the same stage. He felt very honored for being able to perform at the historical venues. He was very nervous but he made a pledge to perform well and did his best. All the members expressed their gratitude to fans and local people who supported Bursters throughout the world tour, especially on their UK tour. He recollected all the good moments and also the worst moments of their tour. He remembered the moment when there were problems with the equipment during the tour. They were about to cancel their performance due to the problem but they managed to solve the problem. It was a very dizzying and tense moment, knowing that they couldn’t perform in front of the local fans. Bursters performed at the University of London despite the holiday season. However, numerous audiences visited their concert and enjoyed their performance. Bursters members gave several memorabilia such as key chains and letters to local fans. Some of their British fans looked forward to their music because they need stronger music rather than the soft and mainstream K-pop music. Regarding the documentary video, Bursters members were very pleased with the recording. They promised to make better music and visited the fans.

UK Tours

Bursters members made a reaction video based on their UK tours. All the members laughed at Daegun as soon as they saw the first image. It appeared that he wore the same shirt. Junyong also recognized the scene when his guitar amplifiers weren’t working properly. Other members laughed at him because his face looked very pale. During the break after the concert, Daegun and Taehee conducted interviews with local media. All of the members laughed at Taehee’s face and thought that Daegun might have scolded him. Taehee said that he looked extremely angry at Daegun because Daegun spoke for almost two hours straight and forgot about rehearsal time. After finishing the London concert, they visited the famous Abbey Road, made popular by the Beatles. All members walked on the iconic crossroad and copied the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover. In the final scene, they revealed some memorabilia from the UK tour such as an electronic bracelet, shirt, and keychain. Finally, they asked fans to take care of each other’s health. That was all the information about Bursters’ vocalist Daegun. Find out detailed information about other Bursters members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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