One of the notorious K-rock bands is Bursters (also known as Burstered in some translations). The group first debuted in 2014 on the South Korean talent show Mnet’s Superstar K and even got into the top 6. After the show, they gained followers five times faster after the release of their album Lost Child on September 25, 2015. Aside from being a band that breaks the boundaries of the Korean music scene, the band is also filled with passionate people. One of them is Gyejin who plays the guitar in the group. He has been best friends with Junyong and Daegun since middle school, and the three of them decided to work together to create the band and pursue their dream of being rockstars. He is a very skilled guitarist, and he also made a vlog on his YouTube channel. Check out his profile below!

Bursters’ Gyejin’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Gyejin (계진) Birth Name: Lee Gyejin (이계진) Chinese Name: Li Jizhen (李季鎭) Position: Guitarist Birthday: February 27, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: N/A Weight: N/A Blood Type: N/A Nationality: Korean Twitter: gyejin227 Instagram: gyejin_lee Facebook: 이계진 YouTube: 계멋대로TV  

Bursters’ Gyejin’s Fun Facts

He has been friends with Junyong and Daegun since middle school, and the three of them worked together to create and grow the band Bursters. He has a YouTube channel. He has a puppy. He likes to travel.


Bursters’ Gyejin’s Visual

Amidst his aloof and cool persona as the guitarist of a Korean band, Gyejin actually has a goofy personality with cute facial features! He has a cute and friendly face when he’s not performing on stage. It seems like at first glance you will instantly know that you can be friends with him. And, he has a very dazzling and cute smile! He rarely shows it on his Instagram page, but when he does, you will fall in love with his smile. Although, he still looks good when he’s posing cool. What do you think? Which side of him do you like better?  

Bursters’ Gyejin’s YouTube Channel

When Gyejin is not busy with his promotional activities with Bursters, you can see him enjoying and immersing himself in his hobbies such as traveling, playing with his puppy, and making vlogs! He first made his YouTube channel on November 3, 2019, with a video teaser that includes other Bursters members during a promotional photoshoot complete with funny editing of the video. It seems like he wanted to tell you that you can expect those kinds of fun videos on the channel.

And, it’s true! Since then, Gyejin has uploaded nothing but a series of his fun daily activities, all of them mostly dominated by traveling, camping, or fishing. Be it with his father, friends, or even his beloved puppy, it seems like he just loves being in nature so much! So far, he has uploaded nine episodes of his vlog series in a total of 11 videos and has generated an average of over 1K views on his videos. Looking for a light, amusing, and cute video? Check out his channel below to see how Gyejin has been living his life with so much fun!


Bursters’ Gyejin’s Latest News

It seems like 2019 and 2020 were busy years for Bursters. Aside from releasing their newest full-English studio album titled Once and for All with the track “Smell the Rot” on March 31, 2020, the group also recently released the documentary of their July 2019 tour when the band went on a UK tour through cities like Norwich, Birmingham, Brighton, London, and Manchester. The documentary showcases the behind the scene moments of their world tour while also sharing the full personal story of the band. In the documentary, we can hear the motivation and quotes from the bands’ tour such as: “Ever since we were young, we talked about how ‘Someday, we’re going to go to the UK, or another place abroad’ every single day. So, we will show all of the UK fans, all of you guys, what we got. Everything.” And: “As always, giving up is not an option for us. We will sing about hope when we come up against these walls ahead. We will always find one more stage for our passion.” From this documentary, we can see how Bursters rises to pave their path in the music world amidst all the difficulties and barriers that stand in their way. Watch their newly-released documentary below!

Gyejin also recently spoke up when he sat in an interview about their album in May 2020. He said that the band is currently on a mission to promote a new musical approach and enter the global music scene while staying genuine in their friendship. “What’s important is that the five of us get to be together and be united,” he shared, “We’re best friends outside of the band. We’re basically brothers because we’ve known each other almost our whole lives. We rehearse all the time, and when we’re finished rehearsing, we hang out afterward. Our lives are so intertwined now. Being in Bursters isn’t just a job to us, it’s our whole life.” Meanwhile, it seemed like Gyejin was back to traveling again when he uploaded a picture of his camping moment on October 11, 2020. So, that is all the things that you need to know regarding the guitarist and vlogger of the K-rock band Bursters, Gyejin! So, what do you think about him? Have you fallen for his charm now that you know him better? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below!

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