One of the problems faced by Busters is the change of active members and some who have decided to leave the group for different reasons. One of the members of Busters, Kim Min-ji, is a former member who left this girl group in 2019. As time went on, their agency decided to add a new member to replace Kim Min-ji and continue to actively promote as a group. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the detailed run-through of information about this former member of Busters—Kim Min-ji: her full profile, fun facts, and her journey as a member of the group. Don’t miss the details about Busters’ Kim Min-ji in the article below!

Full Profile of Busters’ Kim Min-ji

Real Name: Kim Min-ji (Hangul: 김민지) Stage Name: Minji (Hangul: 민지) Place and Date of Birth: Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea, January 16th, 2001 Star Sign: Capricorn Nationality: Korean Height: 162 cm (5’3″) Weight: 42 kg (94 lbs) Blood Type: B Position in the group: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper Education:

Cheonan Dujeong High School Jinseon Girls’ High School Korean Entertainment Arts School (Practical Dance Major/Commissioned Education Graduation)

Official Sites:

Instagram (@0116_candy) YouTube channel (밍’s_ Log) TikTok (@alswl6200)

Fun Facts about Busters’ Kim Min-ji

Busters’ Kim Minji’s Visual

In this section, we are going to take a closer look at Busters’ Kim Min-ji’s visual and appearance to find out more about her during her promotion with the group! Kim Min-ji is one of the oldest members of the original line-up of the group that successfully debuted in 2017. As an idol, of course, Busters’ Kim Min-ji has a beauty and an aura that can attract the attention of many people. This member who was born in 2001 also appears to have small facial features and a unique nose in the sense that it is very small for a celebrity’s nose. Not only famous for her cute looks, but Busters’ Kim Min-ji has also attended a fan signing event and showed her attractive side with a sexy outfit and it can be seen clearly that she has a slim and small body. You can clearly see from the photo above that Busters’ Kim Min-ji has a small waistline. Even when Busters’ Kim Min-ji comes to fan signing events and meets her fans, she always puts on a very cute expression and shows off the aegyo that is one of her signature traits to captivate the hearts of the fans who attend the event. With her hair tied in half, she is seen wearing a flower crown and holding a magic wand which is a toy. Busters’ Kim Min-ji can be said to be one of the members who are in charge of aegyo too! With her signature hairstyle, which is two ponytails, Busters’ Kim Min-ji really suits this look. She is often seen everywhere with her hair tied up, so that she also displays her small facial features which is also one of her special charms. For your information, the small face shape is also an added value for an idol because it adds to their cuteness. Busters’ Kim Min-ji is also famous for having another nickname as Pug. It can be seen from the eyes that look like droopy eyes but that is also the main attraction of the member who was born on January 16th, 2001. Busters’ Kim Min-ji even looks cute with simple makeup on her eyes and wing eyeliner that makes her eyes look prettier. Seen from this very cute visual, Busters’ Kim Min-ji is like showing another side of being an angel in the K-Pop industry. A performance like this gives a fresh concept because Busters’ Kim Min-ji seems to match her cute side and as a member who contributes a lot to cuteness. Many idols also look cute like Busters’ Kim Min-ji, but she can be a representative of being cute with a natural appearance.

Focus Fancam of Busters’ Kim Min-ji

In this section, we are going to take a closer look at Busters’ Kim Min-ji’s focus fancams and check out her performances up close! On August 23rd, 2018, Busters’ Kim Min-ji was seen performing at SICAF 2018 wearing a unique costume from an anime character. With a purple wig, she demonstrated a character and seemed to be a real figure at the event. Appearing energetic with a performance that was dancing to one of the songs of the character, Busters’ Kim Min-ji was very serious while performing at the event so the fans who came also gave their support with rousing applause. On August 25th, 2019, Busters held an autograph event which was held for the release of their album Pinky Promise. In the performance, the members looked very sexy wearing mini skirts that looked like school uniforms with long ties. In this era, Busters’ Kim Min-ji looks even sexier than usual, even though her body is smaller than the other members, she looks attractive too with this sexy concept.

On December 2nd, 2108, Busters’ Kim Min-ji showed off her dancing skills by delivering the solo dance performance she showed fans in the series Lovely Party. Wearing sportswear, Busters’ Kim Min-ji looks very energetic when delivering the freestyle choreography of the famous song popularized by Ariana Grande titled “Into You”. The fans also cheered loudly when they saw the solo performance of the small but very active member.

In June 2018, Busters, who at that time still had the status of a rookie girl group, underwent their promotions by attending several events. In this focus thread, we can see how cute Busters’ Kim Min-ji is when the reporters who come to the event record her every move. Busters’ Kim Min-ji looked very excited when she came to the event and played several times with her cute facial expression as if she was sulking. Well, that was all the information about Busters’ Kim Min-ji: her full profile, fun facts, and her career journey with the group. Even though Kim Min-ji is no longer a member of Busters, let’s still give a positive response to Kim Min-ji at this time through her social media account so that she can live her personal life well! If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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