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NICKNAME: Caleb FULL NAME: Caleb Coffee PROFESSION: Actor NATIONALITY: American DATE OF BIRTH: 28 March, 2005 BIRTHPLACE: Hawaii, United States ZODIAC SIGN: Aries HEIGHT: 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) WEIGHT: 56 kg (123 lbs) CHEST: 35 Inches WAIST: 29 Inches BODYTYPE: Slim BICEPS: 11 Inches HAIR COLOR: Light Brown EYE COLOR: Hazel

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Caleb Coffee first began to appear in videos on his father’s Vine account in early 2013. He is an avid pet lover as well. He described his parents as his role models, adding that “they are genuinely the best people in the world”. His mother has been featured in several of his videos. He is an aspiring singer and musician too. He has 1.4 million+ followers under his Instagram account. He believes in, “Living life and loving it.” He also wants to do a musical collaboration with Youngblood someday. Jason was born on Aug 12, 1980, in California, US. He used to work for Starbucks so he changed his surname to Coffee. He was also the user of the Vine app which has 900k followers. Jason is famous for his Tik Tok videos which have around 13M fans. He has also a YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers. When he was started using Instagram and posting his videos on his Instagram account he was only 9 years old. His father Jason Coffee has a Youtube channel on his name, where he has lots of subscribers. Recently Caleb’s father Jason Coffee bought a BMW M3. Caleb Coffee is an animal lover, he loves to spend his time with Pet dogs, cats, and Pigs, he also posted lots of photos with his pets. He is a big fan of Vin Diesel, he loves to watch his moves in his leisure time, Caleb also a big fan of the Lakers. In his Instagram Bio Caleb describe himself as a Hawaii boy, he loves to spend his time in Hawaii. Caleb Coffee is a popular American social media celebrity from California. The guy is famous for making lip-syncing videos on TikTok. Other members of his family like his father and sister are also social media celebs and have a huge fan base. At present, there are almost 2.8 million that follow him on TikTok. He gathered popularity quickly because of his father and sister as they were already popular. Social media star named Caleb Coffee (age 14 years old, as in 2019) was born in a star family on 28th March in the year 2005. His father’s name is Jason Coffee who is very popular on Instagram and YouTube. His mother Chassy Coffee is a housewife and also appears on some of her husband’s videos. The little star Caleb was born and brought in California with his siblings named Isaac Coffee and Peyton Coffee. At present, he is doing his schooling from a local school. In one of his videos, he discussed with his fans that he is thinking about starting online courses and leave regular school. Many social media stars know him and we have seen Caleb Coffee hanging out with many pretty girls. People really want to know if there is any girl whom Caleb is dating. There are rumors that he is with Luara Fonseca. People also doubt that just because they want to keep their relationship private they are not revealing about in public. In his personal life, he enjoys to hang-out with his friends who are also TikTok stars like Oliver Moy, Hannah Mae, Marcus Olin, and Gavin Magnus.

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