Are you curious about what kind of sweet moments they have shared together? Today, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about Got7’s Mark and Jackson’s moments together. So stay tuned!

Markson, the Chinese Line of Got7

As mentioned before, Mark and Jackson are two members of Got7 that are originally from China, while Jackson is from Hong Kong, Mark is Taiwanese, which makes them part of the Chinese line of Got7. Not only that, but both of them also have the position of rappers in the group, which creates another similarity between the two of them. Perhaps, this common ground is what makes them get so close to each other, even though they have quite a few differences in personality. While Jackson is known as someone who has an outgoing, cheerful and bright personality, Mark is timider and more closed off than Jackson. But, the two create unpredictably great chemistry between each other and have built a close friendship over the years! Are you curious about how close they are with one another? Let’s take a look at it!

Their Friendship Bracelet

We can see the closeness of the two rappers from the things they have, and one of them is their friendship bracelet! Mark and Jackson each have a bracelet they received from the other as a gift, and they treat the bracelet as something quite precious. In the case of Jackson, the bracelet is known as “Chrome Hearts”, and it is said that it contains a really important saying in it. Mark revealed in one of his interviews for KBOYS x Smart Magazine 2016-17 Autumn & Winter Fashion Book that one of the most expensive things he bought (at that time) was the bracelet for Jackson, which he chose from the brand Jackson likes. Meanwhile, in 2017, it was revealed that Jackson also bought a customized bracelet for Mark and himself. According to IF & Co. Jewelers’, the bracelet was made of Solid 14K Rose and White Gold, 7mm Cuban Link Chains Fully Iced Out In VS+ White Diamonds.


Needless to say, even in a friendship between close friends, it’s not all sugars. Mark and Jackson also have to face little fights over something, sometimes big and sometimes small. On one occasion, there were some videos that surfaced on the internet about how Jackson mistreated Mark, which caused a ruckus between the fans of Jackson and Mark. Both parties claimed that Mark has an argument with Jackson, blaming each other’s idols for the cause, etc. It became more heated and even caused Mark’s parents to unfollow Jackson’s account because of the backlash from the fans. Not only that, but Jackson’s mother also deleted her photo with Mark because of the heated argument. The rumors also escalated to the point where it said that Mark’s father did not treat Jackson well while the group was on their trip to Los Angeles. However, it seems that right now, they have solved their problems and went back to their good ol’ times again. What do you think about their fight? Do you think that they really had a big fight at that time?

Markson in After School Club

After School Club is a talk show where English is mainly used during the conversation, which made Mark and Jackson, who are the most fluent in English among the Got7 members, to often be invited to the show. They even have their own episodes called “Markson Show,” which has made every Markson shipper really enjoy all the Markson moments they have been waiting for in the episode. If you watch the episode, you can see the closeness of the two and their boldness to declare their love for each other! If you want to watch the video where the two of them appeared in After School Club, you can watch it here:


Markson Funny Moments

If you watch Got7’s variety shows, concerts, fan signs, fan meetings, and other events, you can find many funny interactions between Mark and Jackson! Behind the charisma they have been showing on stage, they also love to show their playful sides to the fans as they love to show their love for each other with pranks. You can find many videos of their funny moments on YouTube, and here is one of the compilations of their moments:

Mark and Jackson’s Latest News

Lately, Mark and Jackson have been busy as Got7 is currently holding their world tour titled Keep Spinning. We can trace the hints of their world tour from Mark’s post, for example, Mark posted a photo of when Got7 held their world tour in Toronto. In the photo, we can see Mark sitting with a beautiful sea landscape as the background. On the other side, it seems that Jackson doesn’t post much on his personal Instagram account about what he’s doing behind the world tour. His latest post on his Instagram account was a post to congratulate the 2nd anniversary of Team Wang. Congratulations to Team Wang for their 2nd anniversary! If you want to keep track of their world tour, you can see it on Got7’s official Instagram account. The latest post on Got7’s Instagram was a video of their leader, JB on their world tour Keep Spinning in Los Angeles.

A post shared by GOT7 (@got7.with.igot7) on Jul 6, 2019 at 4:01pm PDT If you are curious about what they have been up to lately, you can explore further on their Instagram accounts @mark_tuan and @jacksonwang852g7! You can also follow up on their latest activities on Got7’s official Instagram account @got7.with.igot7! So, what do you think about Got7’s Chinese Line, Mark and Jackson’s moments together? Do you think they show great chemistry and a sweet bromance? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts on Got7’s Mark and Jackson’s moments together in the comment section below!

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