TXT debuted on March 4th, 2019, under Big Hit Entertainment with 5 members including Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. TXT’s debut certainly attracted the attention of many people because they also became the brother group of BTS, one of the most popular K-pop boy groups. Let’s check out the detailed information about TXT’s debut era in this article below.

TXT’s Debut Plan

On February 7th, 2019, Big Hit Entertainment officially announced plans for the debut of their new boy group TXT. “TXT will release their debut album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, on March 4th,” said the agency that also oversees BTS on February 7th, 2019. Big Hit added, “TXT’s debut will take place at the Mnet Debut Celebration Show.” The day after debuting on television on March 5th, 2019, the five-member boy group held a showcase at Yes24 Live Hall, Seoul. TXT is the first boy group from Big Hit after the success with BTS. TXT consists of members with above average heights who are Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu. The public is waiting to see if TXT will be as successful as BTS which is now a boy group with global popularity.

TXT’s Debut Teaser

Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group TXT released their debut teaser for their debut single “Crown” on ibighit’s official YouTube account on February 25th, 2019. The scene in the 33-second video begins with the sound of Morse code previously found in each member’s introductory teasers. Each of the group member’s names is part of the password which means Dreaming according to the fans.

In the first teaser, the TXT members stare at the camera, wave their hands, and show synchronized dance moves when the music starts playing. Although no lyrics are sung, the teaser contains a glimpse of how the group members sound.

Meanwhile, on February 26th, 2019, Big Hit released the second teaser for the “Crown” debut song and again displayed Morse code that means Dreaming. In the 29-second video, for the first time, the voices of TXT’s members can be heard singing the “Crown” part clearly.

TXT’s Debut Music Video

TXT, Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group, finally officially debuted on March 4th, 2019, by releasing the mini-album titled The Dream Chapter: STAR with the lead single “Crown” at 6 PM KST. The “Crown” music video was uploaded to ibighit’s YouTube account, and just a few hours after its release, the music video had been watched more than 3 million times and gained 1 million likes. The “Crown” music video contains a song with unique lyrics, trendy melodies, and the content talks about the moment when a man meets someone who is very different but is similar to himself and makes him become fluttered, as reported by Sportchosun. The “Crown” music video is also full of the use of bright and diverse colors combined with the innocent appearance of the five members, namely Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Huening Kai, and Taehyun. In particular, the “Crown” music video also plays motion graphic effects, animated cartoons with the application of virtual reality (AR) concepts that complement the video for an emotional and smooth look. In addition, the popping elements used throughout the song and choreography remind people of horns, and they also give the group a unique performance and synchronized dance.

TXT’s Debut Stage

TXT also completed their first appearance through the Debut Celebration Show program on Mnet which was also held on the same day at 7 PM KST which can be watched on Mnet’s V Live Channel. On TXT’s debut stage that was aired on Mnet, the show gives a special and unique clip for TXT’s debut performance. In the beginning, you can see the animation of a man who changes form when he just wakes up. But, after the animation clip finishes, TXT starts their performance wearing the same costumes as in the music video and dancing very cheerfully while performing their debut single, “Crown.” What do you think about TXT’s debut stage with “Crown?”

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