Lee Jong-suk and Yoona as talented artists have reaped a lot of positive responses when they were confirmed to star in their latest K-Drama in 2022 entitled Big Mouth. The two are known to have a very good relationship behind the scenes and now the audience will also be spoiled by their chemistry in Big Mouth. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Lee Jong-suk and Yoona’s relationship in this upcoming K-Drama, in the article below!

Lee Jong-suk and Yoona Starring in Big Mouth—K-Drama Scheduled to Air in 2022

Yoona will be Lee Jong-suk’s wife in their latest drama, Big Mouth. The drama is about a third-rate lawyer who ends up taking responsibility for a murder case that changes his life overnight. In order to survive and protect his family, the lawyer must reveal a huge conspiracy to high-ranking officials who have privileges in life. In the drama Big Mouth, Lee Jong-suk plays Park Chang-ho, a third-class lawyer with a success rate of only 10%. He likes to talk and not to act. This has made him known as the big mouth. But unfortunately, he will soon be suspected of being a genius swindler who hs put his life in danger. Big Mouth will be YoonA’s newest drama after starring in Hush in 2020. Meanwhile, the drama will be Lee Jong-suk’s latest project after playing in Romance is a Bonus Book in 2019. The drama was also enlivened by the appearance of Yang Kyung-won, Kim Joo-heon, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Ok Ja-yeon. As reported by Sports DongA, Big Mouth starring Yoona and Lee Jong-suk is going to air in 2022. Yoona is going to play the character Go Min-ho who is a nurse, who becomes the wife of Park Chong-ho’s character.

6 Facts About Lee Jong-suk and Yoona

Yoona and Lee Jong-suk both have captivating visuals and are able to anesthetize the audience. This is one of the reasons Korean drama lovers are getting enthusiastic about the drama Big Mouth. Moreover, Yoona and Lee Jong-suk will be paired as husband and wife. Some time ago, behind-the-scenes photos from the filming process of Big Mouth have also spread on social media and made the audience even more impatient. Let’s check out the 6 facts of Big Mouth; Yoona and Lee Jong-suk’s new drama so you won’t be curious anymore. Lee Jong-suk is a well-known actor among Korean drama fans. Not infrequently, the dramas starring the actor, who just had his 32nd birthday this year, become the most popular Korean dramas. Big Mouth is Lee Jong-suk’s comeback drama after completing his military service. Besides Lee Jong-suk, Yoona is also the main character in Big Mouth. Yoona has been famous since she joined the group Girls’ Generation. Not only that, but thanks to her remarkable acting skills, Yoona has also played the main character in a number of popular Korean dramas, such as The K2. One of the Big Mouth facts that shocked the public is that Lee Jong-suk and Yoona are paired as husband and wife. The news was immediately warmly welcomed by the fans of the two. In her role as Lee Jong-suk’s wife in Big Mouth, Yoona will always accompany Lee Jong-suk to achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer. Big Mouth is a thriller, mystery, and law genre drama at the same time. Big Mouth tells the story of a third-class lawyer named Park Chang-ho who experiences many strange events after he handles a murder case. These events then force Park Chang-ho to turn into a bad person in order to protect his family and protect himself. Park Chang-ho also turns evil so he can punish other evil and greedy people. Big Mouth was worked on by the director of many popular Korean dramas, namely Oh Choong-wan. Previously, Oh Choong-wan has directed the dramas Start-Up (2020), Hotel Del Luna (2019), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Doctors (2016), and My Love From the Stars (2013). The dramas directed by Oh Choong-wan have always been the best-selling dramas in the market and are loved by K-Drama fans. Can you imagine how popular Big Mouth will be when it airs in 2022? Big Mouth is not only directed by the director of a number of popular Korean dramas, but the screenplay of Big Mouth is the work of screenwriters Jung Kyung-soon and Jang Young-chul. The two writers are also screenwriters of the very popular Korean thriller dramas, namely Vagabond (2019) and Empress Ki (2013). It is certain that the storyline of Big Mouth will be very interesting and tense. Who can’t wait for Big Mouth starring Lee Jong-suk and Yoona?

Lee Jong-suk and Yoona’s Relationship In Real Life

Yoona is confirmed to have received an offer to play in Big Mouth and is considering it positively. Big Mouth is a drama that will be Lee Jong-suk’s comeback drama after returning from military service. The enthusiasm of the fans has been unstoppable, even this news was trending on Twitter. Other than the positive response from the fans, you also need to know the interesting facts about Yoona and Lee Jong-suk’s relationship, who turn out to be close to each other! One of the important factors that led Yoona and Lee Jong-suk to get to know each other was during their trainee days at the same agency. It is common knowledge that Lee Jong-suk was a former idol trainee before his debut as a model and then actor. This was once acknowledged by Lee Jong-suk in an interview at an event, and was again reported by the TV show List Public. Seeing the period of time when Lee Jong-suk debuted as a model, it can be estimated that Lee Jong-suk might have entered the ranks of SHINee‘s debut if he had survived and managed to enter the debut line-up. Meanwhile, Yoona herself debuted with Girls’ Generation under SM Entertainment in 2007, at which time Lee Jong-suk was starting his modeling career. Before the news that Yoona would play in a drama together with Lee Jong-suk, their closeness could often be seen. Proof of their friendship is a photo from 2011 where No Minwoo, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Lee Jong-suk are hanging out together. As is known, No Min-woo himself is a former SM Entertainment artist, while Lee Jong-suk is a former SM Entertainment trainee. Lee Jong-suk turned out to be close friends with Hyoyeon who was a friend and member of Yoona’s group. Hyoyeon also shared some information on Radio Star that was aired in 2013, namely that she took Yoona with her when she met her friend and Lee Jong-suk was there. Lee Jong-suk and Yoona turned out to have attended the same events several times, especially award shows where both of them have been active as actors during the same period. Among those events was the 2016 MBC Drama Awards where Yoona brought the award nomination with Im Siwan, her co-star in The King In Love. At that time, Lee Jong-suk won the award that was read by Yoona’s nomination. When on stage to receive his award, Lee Jong-suk did not even hesitate to smile broadly at Yoona and praise Yoona for looking beautiful.

In 2014, at Lee Jong-suk’s fan meeting in Shanghai, Yoona even sent a greeting to the actor. The main actress in the drama Love Rain congratulated her best friend’s fan meeting, and extended her wholehearted support. One of the legendary gifs of Lee Jong-suk and Yoona is when they met behind the camera while queuing to leave the podium with other actors and actresses at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards. Lee Jong-suk was seen lightly touching Yoona’s head, making the Girls’ Generation member surprised for a while, but after Lee Jong-suk started smiling and he patted her head and joked around.

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