On the other hand, ARMYs are also looking for the answer to whether they can even visit BTS performed at their birthday party. Is it possible? Let’s find out the answer in this article below!

It’s Impossible For BTS To Perform At Birthday Party

BTS has a lot of fans from a very young age range and belongs to teenagers. Some fans also still have very high hopes of meeting BTS in real life, because previously ARMYs could only meet through V Live or virtual concerts. Some fans also wondered about random things, one of which was whether they could invite BTS to their birthday party or not? When viewed from an outline, it seems that it would be impossible for BTS to come as guest stars at their fan’s birthday party. The opportunity for ARMYs to be able to invite BTS also can’t expect much if the hit-maker of “Dynamite” is present as a guest star at someone’s birthday party. On the other side, fans also have to prepare a lot of money to invite BTS if they want to meet in person with their favorite idols. Sadly, it’s kind of impossible for BTS and ARMYs to meet each other and celebrate a birthday parties.

BTS’ Booking Fee For Birthday Party

When it comes to booking fees, BTS will probably fetch rates starting at $10 Million. If taken from this rate, maybe you will think that with that kind of money it will only be possible if BTS will only come as guest stars for extremely rich people. If you have offered a price rate according to your estimate, then it’s time for you to start bargaining and increase the price rate again if BTS’ label management has replied to your email. You can start over the range from $15 Million, $17 Million to $20 Million. If from several ranges of your booking fee, BTS’ label management has deemed it appropriate, BTS will most likely be given a special schedule to attend as a guest star on your birthday party! But please remember that the steps above are only an estimate of how much money you have to spend as a booking fee for BTS.

BTS’ Real Answer About Their Possibility Of Coming To Birthday Party

BTS’ Jin is known for his funny personality, and he can be very outspoken at times. In a recent interview with WIRED, Jin’s honesty made the others laugh. In the interview, the members answered some of the most searched questions on the web about the group. One question asked the members was, “Can BTS come to my birthday party?”

Jin then laughed giving an honest answer, “Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry. We’re so busy!” After Jin gave this “arrogant” answer, several members were seen laughing. One member who thinks Jin’s answer is very funny is BTS’ Jimin. He couldn’t stop laughing at how Jin’s responded to the question. Jin’s “arrogant” answer was actually not wrong. Even though the world is in a pandemic and they can’t go on a concert tour, BTS is still very busy filming a myriad of commercials and other schedules. Well, that was all for the information about the possibility of BTS can come to ARMYs birthday party or not. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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