Being an idol is a hard and challenging career. Some of these K-Pop idols have to deal with their past behavior, personal relationships, and criminal acts. Their scandals affect their agencies and the agencies have to keep their good image by terminating their contract and cease connection with them entirely. In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a detailed outline of everything about K-Pop idols who have been kicked out of their groups due to their scandalous behavior. So, stay tuned!

BOYS24’s Hwayoung

BOYS24 is a boy band created through the survival show held by Mnet and tvN in 2016. During the elimination stage, one of its participants, Hwayoung was expelled from the show. He received hate comments and criticism from the show’s hardcore fans due to his negative comments about his own fans. A voice recording of Hwayoung speaking bad things about BOY24’s show surfaced by allegedly being leaked by Hwayoung’s ex-girlfriend. In the recording, Hwayoung said clearly that he liked being called Oppa but hated it when it came from his fans. He also said that he hated participating in Fan Meeting events where he has to touch the hands of people and greet the fans. He cursed the event because he hated greeting around 700-800 fans and touch hands with them. Hwayoung also complained about the bad smell form fans’ breath and he felt like wanting to throw up because of the smell. Several days after the recording surfaced, the company that managed the show, CJ E&M, issued a statement. The company said that they apologize to the fans who love BOYS24 and that they have expelled Hwayoung from BOYS24 and terminated his contract. Regarding Hwayoung’s negative opinion, fans commented that Hwayoung himself is the one who has bad things coming out of his mouth. Another fan said that it is a scary thought when idols behave well in front of fans but say bad words when returning to the dormitory. Other fans mocked Hwayoung by saying how ridiculous for an unknown idol wannabe is to speak bad things about fans. In my opinion, the fans’ comments were understandable. How is it possible for a person who wants to be an idol to dislike fan meetings? Idols should know that their images are subject to public scrutiny and they should behave like role models, at least in public, and speak carefully when appearing in public.

Jay Park

Jay Park was the leader of 2PM, an idol group formed by JYP Entertainment. Jay Park was originally from Seattle, USA, before moving to Korea to earn some money. In Korea, he was accepted as a JYP Entertainment trainee. He underwent about three and a half years of training and finally debuted as a member of 2PM. During the training period, he experienced a very difficult period. Jay Park received training for vocal skills and dancing. He said that it was a very hard period and oftentimes cried. He also said that sometimes trainees get hit when they make mistakes during training. After his debut with 2PM, comments on his Myspace account dating back to February 22nd, 2005, surfaced on the internet. He commented about wanting to return to Seattle. He also commented that Korea is gay and he hated Koreans. These comments caused an outburst from Korean netizens. Opinions were divided between the Korean netizens. One Korean portal site made a petition wanting Jay Park to commit suicide. Others commented that they are disgusted by Jay Park and wanted him to return to America. Others, supposedly 2PM’s hardcore fans, wanted Korean netizens to forgive Jay Park’s comment and forget about the incident. On September 7th, 2009, Jay Park announced his decision to leave JYP Entertainment. The following day, JYP Entertainment released an official statement saying that they approve his decision to leave Korea. On the same day, Jay Park departed from Korea to Seattle. On September 9th, 2009, JYP released a heartwarming statement regarding Jay Park and his departure. Originally, JYP knew that he was a rebellious boy and underestimated other trainees and even JYP himself. However, JYP saw that his rebellious character was a good thing and that he needed guidance to channel his energy. JYP wished that Jay Park thought of him as his family. He returned to Korea and achieved success in the Korean music industry. In an interview with TV media, Jay Park talked about his scandal. He said that at the time, he was naïve and was thinking of using his talent for making money and leave Korea as soon as he earned some money. In my opinion, Jay Park is a rebellious young boy. Coming from America, he looked down upon Koreans. I agree with the comments from the Korean netizens about his bad behavior. Korean netizens also said bad things to him like wanting him to commit suicide. Regarding the suicide petition, I am against the petition.


iKON’s BI made his debut with iKON in 2015. Their hit single “Love Scenario” was extremely popular and catapulted iKON to global fame. As the songwriter of “Love Scenario,” BI earned the 2018 Melon Music Award for Songwriter of the Year. On June 12th, 2019, Korean news media outlet Dispatch released a report stating that iKON’s BI allegedly purchased and used illegal drugs in 2016. Dispatch even went as far as claiming to have chat evidence of BI trying to purchase the illegal drug LSD through a female dealer. The drug dealer was arrested by police for drug dealing and her cell phone was confiscated. She admitted selling BI 10 pieces of LSD and gave them outside iKON’s dorm. The drug dealer faced several hearings from August 22nd, 2016. At the first and second hearing, she admitted providing BI with LSD but on the third hearing, she denied her previous statement of providing BI with illegal drugs. According to Dispatch, a representative from YG Entertainment contacted the drug dealer after the second hearing allegedly to ask her to change her statement. Based on her statement on the third hearing, BI was released from further investigation. BI announced his departure from iKON on June 13th, 2019. He admitted purchasing illegal drugs but denied using the drugs. On his Instagram account, he apologized to fans. He said that he had a hard time and needed something to rely on. iKON’s fans showed their support for BI’s scandal and created a petition to support BI. Other netizens criticized him for his drug purchasing scandal and his apology letter. They commented that it was very strange of him, purchasing drugs but not using them. Others questioned his departure by saying that if he was innocent he wouldn’t have left iKON. Most netizens claimed that YG Entertainment should be investigated for coercing police to stop investigations against their artists’ drug scandals. This making agrees completely with netizens’ petition of wanting a full investigation of YG Entertainment. It seems very suspicious that their artists get away with drug scandals and other scandals easily.

Pentagon’s E-Dawn

Rumors of HyunA and E’Dawn romantic relationship surfaced on the internet on August 2nd, 2018. At the time, HyunA, Hui, and E’Dawn were promoting their latest project “Triple H.” Their label management, Cube Entertainment denied the rumors and claimed that it was only a senior and junior relationship. However, soon enough, E’Dawn announced his romantic relationship with HyunA and claimed that the rumor about their dating is true. To make the matter much worse, other Pentagon members, Hui and Yuto, were also spotted on dates with other idol group members on the same day. Cube Entertainment board of directors held a meeting and decided to remove both artists from Cube Entertainment a week after the dating rumor surfaced. On September 13th, 2018, Cube Entertainment officially announced the termination of E’Dawn and HyunA’s contract. The company claimed that the couple had broken the trust of the company. However, seven hours after the initial announcement, Cube Entertainment stated that they were still discussing the matter and nothing has been decided. The board should discuss the matter with HyunA and E’Dawn and consider the couple’s opinion before deciding the conclusion. After the dating scandal surfaced, Pentagon fans asked for E’Dawn to be removed from the group. Other fans petitioned to keep E’Dawn in Pentagon. Some of the netizens approved HyunA and E’Dawn’s relationship and said that everyone should treat the couple better. Netizens commented that if the couple is happy than others should be happy for them as well. I personally agree with the last comment. HyunA and E’Dawn are talented artists, therefore dating should not tarnish their music careers.

Yoon Seo-bin

There was a rumor about Produce X 101 participant Yoon Seo-bin’s bad behavior during his school days. The rumor surfaced on May 6th, 2019. A netizen claimed that Yoo Seo-bin was a former classmate of his and that he used to be a notorious bully. The netizen revealed Yoo Seo-bin’s actual name and his hometown. Yoo Seo-bin’s bad behavior started during middle school and continued until high school. To make matters much worse, the netizen said that Yoo Seo-bin drank alcohol and smoked while underage. On May 7th, 2019, JYP Entertainment decided to remove Yoon Seo-bin from Produce X 101. JYP Entertainment stated that Yoo Seo-bin didn’t meet the agency criteria and announced the termination of his contract. The following day, Yoo Seo-bin explained that his family decided to change his real name because his previous name wasn’t good and that it was difficult to say. Regarding the bullying case, he apologized to everyone and said that he returned to his hometown. Since there wasn’t any evidence or footage of Yoo Seo-bin bullying another student, a lot of netizens voiced their concern about the validity of the rumor. Other netizens commented that they are glad that a bully and an underaged alcoholic is removed from the idol competition. I can’t agree more with the comments. Entertainment agencies should conduct a more thorough screening of their trainees and future idols. That was all the information about K-Pop idols who got kicked out of their idol groups. Korean Entertainment companies have to set higher moral standards for their trainees before their debut to avoid these scandals. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts on the issue in the comment section below!

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