Chakra disbanded in 2006 and Hwangbo became a solo singer and decided to pursue a new adventure in the world of acting. Let’s read more about former Chakra member Hwangbo in this Channel-Korea article below. You might also like: Meet the First Generation K-Pop Idol Groups From the ’90s Era

Full Profile of Hwangbo

Name: Bo Hwang Hangul: 황보 Birthday: August 16th, 1980 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 165 cm

5 Fun Facts About Hwangbo

– Hwangbo used to work in a pasta restaurant. – When working in the restaurant, Hwangbo was found by Lee Sang-min, a producer and television personality. – She became an intern to help Lee Sang-min and debuted with band Bros in 1999. – Hwangbo has even volunteered in Africa and the Middle East. – Hwangboo has appeared in the X-MAN AND Love Letter show.

Hwangbo’s Music Video

The song titled “Sorry for the Tears” from her solo album Lady in Black that was released on March 3rd, 2007, under the label Fantom Entertainment, is her first song as a solo artist and is a really beautiful song. Listen to it at night before falling asleep; such a vibrant feeling!

This song is from her 2008 single titled “Getting Hot” (뜨거워져). This upbeat and disco song really can make you dance.

Hwangboo also released the lead song “Words I Can’t Believe” (믿을 수 없는 말) in 2009. The ballad song really shows her strong yet nice vibes. Can you feel the sadness?

In 2009, Hwangbo launched a single album titled “R2Song” (아리송). The beat and lyrics of the song click very well together and are to the point.

In 2010, her song titled “Still Beautiful” was released. The song contains a special vocal part from her and managed to draw the attention of the public.

Hwangbo’s Relationship in Real Life

Hwangbo hasn’t had any relationships open to the public since her debut. But in 2016, a piece of news appeared claiming that she started a relationship with a Hong Kong resident. In some interviews, Hwangbo expressed that she wants a husband that is responsible while good-looking, but physical appearance is not her priority. She prefers someone that cares about her and is comfortable with her. She also prefers a man that grew up in a harmonized family if possible, since it will be mirrored in his gestures and behavior.

Hwangbo’s Relationship with Kim Hyun-joong in We Got Married

Hwangbo has also joined the variety show We Got Married. It was a show where actresses, idols, and actors were paired with each other as a virtual “husband and wife.” Hwangbo got the opportunity to be with Kim Hyun Joong from SS501, the leader of the first generation K-Pop boy group. In May 2008, Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong from SS501 officially become a couple. They even received the MBC Entertainment Award for the best couple on December 28th, 2008. You might also like: List of ‘We Got Married’ Couples that You Wish are Dating in Real Life! During some interviews, Hwangbo said that Hyun Joong was not really her man. She and Hyun Joong have a relatively big age difference where Hwangbo is older than Hyun Joong. This made her feel somewhat awkward but they treated each other with respect and consideration, nevertheless. Later, on December 14th, this couple got into a program schedule conflict and couldn’t continue their show again. Yet, Hwangbo expressed that she enjoyed the We Got Married show since there were no restrictions, she could be herself all the way during the shooting.

Hwangbo’s Activities in the Entertainment Industry

Hwangbo took a sabbatical from the entertainment industry for 3 years, after releasing her solo song; she said not many people recognized her song. Yet, she still pursues her dream and does her best to work hard on her music. Later, she came back again to rock this industry. Hwangbo worked hard to become a model and take part in the Seoul Fashion Week. She has also appeared in various variety shows including Knowing Bros. In 2018, she joined Nam Bo-ra in Secret Unnies. That’s all about Hwangbo and her career journey. The ups and downs in the entertainment world are real, so keep sending warm messages to Hwangbo to cheer her on her career journey. Don’t forget to drop a line with your comment and share your thoughts in the section below.

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