To introduce “Changing!” and the &Twice album, Warner Music Japan released a spoiler video. The spoiler video was filled with snippets of all the tracks in &Twice, including “Changing!” They also released a full version of “Changing!”, both physically and digitally. Check out the video below to listen to “Changing!”

A spoiler video was also unveiled to give some previews of all the &Twice tracks. Check out the spoiler video by clicking the video, here.

Background of “Changing!”: The Release of Twice’s Second Japanese Album

September 6th–October 18th, 2019: The Official Announcement, the Release of Music Video Teasers, and the Release of “Fake & True”

In the second half of 2019, exactly in September, Warner Music Japan officially announced Twice’s second Japanese album that would be released soon. This announcement was made on September 6th. For your information, Twice’s first Japanese album was #Twice that had been released two years prior. The Japanese version of “TT” was the only single from that Japanese debut album. This September 6th announcement didn’t give any further details about the album. They just told Japanese Once’s that Twice would be making their debut soon. On October 17th, 2019, Twice shared two music video teasers for “Fake & True”, the third lead single from the upcoming album. On the next day (October 18th), the third lead single was officially released. They uploaded a music video for “Fake & True”, also on that day.

October 29th–November 19th, 2019: The “Fake & True” Promotion, the Release of a Spoiler Video and an Information Video of &Twice, and the Release Date of &Twice

While Twice members promoted “Fake & True”, their record label unveiled some short videos about this upcoming album. First, they released a spoiler video on October 29th, 2019. Through this video, it was revealed that the upcoming album would be titled &Twice. We can listen to some parts of all the tracks in &Twice by watching the spoiler video. The next day, on October 30th, 2019, they released an information video for &Twice. The information video mostly described how the physical album would look like. From that video, it was revealed see that there would be four versions of &Twice. These versions would be Standard Edition, Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Once Japan Edition Version. This video also explained the differences between those versions, because each album version was filled with different extra videos. There were so many extra videos in every album version, mostly behind-the-scenes videos and Twice live performance videos from their concerts. From this video, we can also see that there would be three lead singles on the album &Twice, one of them being “Fake & True”. Two weeks later, on November 19th, 2019, &Twice was officially released through Warner Music Japan. This studio album was released both digitally and physically, including the song “Changing!” After the album release, Twice continued with their promotion period for “Fake & True” and the whole album &Twice. The Standard Edition cover for &Twice can be seen right here.

February 5th, 2020: The Release of &Twice-Repackage

Entering the year 2020, “Changing!” was released again for the second time on February 5th, 2020. This song was released again as a side-track on &Twice-Repackage. “Changing!” is the fifth track of this repackage album, because this album featured a new lead single titled “Swing”. The repackage album had two lead singles, which were “Swing” and “Fake & True”.

Story of “Changing!”: To The Future, Changing!

“Changing!” was written by Shimoji Yu. A song production company called Secret Weapon composed and arranged “Changing!” To compose this song, Secret Weapon collaborated with Red Anne and Maxx Song. “Changing!” is a motivational song. Like its title, this song is about how to keep yourself adapting and changing with your conditions today. When we keep adapting ourselves, we won’t get lost easily to reach our wished future. From this song, you can get a piece of very nice advice. The advice is: you only live once, so live your life, keep looking forward, be positive in life, and face every day with passion. To the future, changing!

MV of “Changing!”

“Changing!” doesn’t have any music video, because this song is a side-track on &Twice.

“Changing!” Performance: Sung in Nayeon’s VLive Broadcast

On March 6th, 2020, one of the Twice members, namely Nayeon, sang “Changing!” on her V Live broadcast. She sang this song with a very smooth voice. You can listen to Nayeon’s voice singing “Changing!” by clicking the fan-made video below.

“Changing!” Achievements: 14th Position on the Line Music Chart

“Changing!” charted well on the Line Music Chart, with a peak position of 14.

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