Kim Woo-seok was born on October 27th, 1996, in Daejeon, South Korea. He is also known by his stage name, Wooshin. Kim Woo-seok debuted in 2015 as UP10TION’s vocalist and visual under TOP Media. Kim Woo-seok officially debuted solo with the release of his first solo album titled 1ST DESIRE [GREED] on May 25th, 2020. Kim Woo-seok released his solo debut album on May 25th, 2020, at 6 p.m. South Korean time with a mainstay song titled “Red Moon.” This song comes with an upbeat medium tempo and a sensual beat. On his YouTube channel, Kim Woo-seok said that this album is about human greed that everyone has. Are you curious about Kim Woo-seok’s appearance on his solo debut? Let’s check out the details, here! In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed run-through of everything you need to know about Kim Woo-seok’s 1st solo album 1ST DESIRE [GREED]. So, stay tuned!

Kim Woo-seok’s Solo Debut: Red Moon

UP10TION member and former X1 member, Kim Woo-seok has just released his debut solo album titled 1ST DESIRE [GREED] with its flagship song “Red Moon” on May 25th, 2020. This song comes with an upbeat medium tempo and a sensual beat. The lyrics are about the comparison of mysterious love with the red moon, in which Kim Woo-seok is involved in writing and arranging this song arrangements. On his YouTube channel, Kim Woo-seok said that this album is about human greed that everyone has. “It’s about greed that makes us look for something and want to achieve it. You might be greedy with me or my album. I want you to express all of your greed,” Kim Woo-seok said. In addition to the song “Red Moon,” Kim Woo-seok also took part in creating other songs, which are “Intro: Lost,” “Do U Like,” “Beautiful,” and “The Winter.” Other new songs on the 1st mini-album 1ST DESIRE [GREED] are “SINphony” and “Somebody Like You.” Before the album was officially released, Kim Woo-seok teased his fans by uploading a teaser for his solo debut album titled 1ST DESIRE [GREED] on May 12th, 2020. In the teaser photo, Kim Woo-seok appeared to be showing his sexy pose by showing off the bone part open collar.

Music Video And Lyrics Meaning

In the “Red Moon” music video, Kim Woo-seok looks stunning by showing his mysterious charisma with a sexy dance. He brought the concept of dark with an all-black outfit, and added fake tattoo accentuating on the temples and neck. The music video is also dominated by maroon, black, gold and white colors. If you’ve watched the music video, you will immediately remember the figure of a vampire. Behind the sexy choreography, the meaning of the song “Red Moon” tells the story of mysterious love. The lyrics also talk about someone’s feelings that are constantly being curious as if they are trapped in a complicated relationship with the person they love. Let’s check out the music video!

Kim Wooseok’s Talked About His Solo Debut

After X1 officially disbanded in early January 2020, each member was known to be busy preparing for his individual activities including Kim Woo-seok. Kim Woo-seok was confirmed to debut as a solo artist in February 2020. In an interview and photoshoot session with Dazed magazine, Kim Woo-seok shared his thoughts about his solo debut plans. He talked about promoting alone and revealed that the album was still in preparation. Interestingly, Kim Woo-seok revealed that he still considered one thing, the type of music he would bring. Kim Woo-seok is still looking for the type of music he wants to do and what his fans want to hear. “This is still in the preparation stage. I am looking for a middle ground between the music I want to do and the music that fans want to hear. However, I don’t think it will be very difficult because the music fans expect from me and the music I want to do are very similar,” Kim Woo-seok said. He also revealed his loneliness in promoting alone by himself. But he remains grateful because there are fans who always support him. “I went through many lonely and gloomy nights that didn’t end, but I think my fans guided me through it so I’m grateful. I worked hard behind the scenes to give a better image of myself, so please don’t forget,” he said. Before officially releasing his solo debut album, Kim Woo-seok announced his official fandom name on April 23rd, 2020 through his official Twitter. Kim Woo-seok announced that his fans will now be called “Nia.” The name comes from the Begonia flower, which is described as a flower that blooms throughout the year and as “a flower that gives love.” Therefore, the name of the fans of Kim Woo-seok, Nia means, “Fans who will be by Kim Woo-seok’s side because they spend every season together with him.”

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Kim Woo-seok Shares The Inspirations And The Debut Album Production!

Through an interview with his agency TOP Media, Kim Woo-seok talked about the inspiration and production behind his first solo album. This is the interview of Kim Woo-seok through TOP Media as reported by Soompi. Let’s check this out! “There was a lot of pressure about releasing a solo album for the first time, not only to fans but also to the public. I had a lot of worries. But those feelings turned into excitement as I did my best to make an album that fans and the public could enjoy,” said Kim Woo-seok. Then, he continued by saying: “My first solo album, ‘1st DESIRE [GREED],’ is the first in the DESIRE series. It’s about ambition and greed. Because there are three versions, K, W, and S, I tried to put as many diverse sides of myself as possible into the album. I tried diverse genres of music in the album as well.” In addition, Kim Woo-seok talked about the difference between group promotions and promotions as a solo artist, “The biggest difference is that what used to be a shared burden, you now have to do all of it alone. Because you have to do it alone, you can’t lose focus for a single moment. The very act of standing on stage becomes more nerve-wracking.” He also said that he asked a lot of suggestions from the people closest to him in the release of his solo debut album, including his friends and also his agency staff. In addition, Kim Woo-seok also talked about the process behind making his solo debut album, he said: “I finished recording the fan song and got the ‘okay’ from the agency. But something kept bothering me about it, so I rewrote it and recorded it again. It’s a simple melody that’s easy to remember, but because it’s something I prepared especially for fans, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” In his debut solo album, there is one song written by Kim Woo-seok himself titled “Beautiful.” He said that this song was for his fans, Nia. “I wrote the song with this message in mind: I will find you, just as you did me. Nobody was looking for me until my fans (Nia) found me. I wanted to tell them that I am grateful and that I will always find them.” Then, he continued by saying: “I have a lot of affection for the song ‘Do U Like.’ It was the last song to be chosen for the album, but it’s a song that I’d written a while ago. I thought a lot about it. But when I listened to it, I thought about the memories of the past. It felt a bit nostalgic, so that’s why I have a lot of affection for it.” Kim Woo-seok also said that he wrote the song according to the emotions he felt at the time. “I don’t have a unique process of songwriting and producing, I try to capture the emotions I’m feeling at that particular moment,” Kim Woo-seok concluded.

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