For your information, sasaeng is a term in South Korea which refers to certain people or fans who are really obsessed with their idol. They are sometimes involved in a lot of things that violate the idols’ privacy, as well. BTS’s bad experience with sasaeng fans was proven when they were on a flight abroad and there were a bunch of sasaeng who were following them in the same plane. Here are some of unpleasant experiences BTS has had with their sasaeng fans!

First of all, there’s an incident with BTS’s sasaeng who were touching the members even without their consent! One of the times it happened to Suga, which made the ARMYs get really mad. It happened after BTS was done with their broadcast session, then suddenly a female fan ran towards Suga and tried to force him to kiss her. In reaction, Suga pushed the female fan away. Fortunately, there was a staff person who came by and separated the two of them. The staff also dragged her back and kept her away from Suga. The event was caught on camera and it made ARMYs get mad and sad because they really knew how important privacy is for BTS’s Suga and the other members of the group.

Not only Suga, but Jungkook has also experienced the same creepy moment with sasaeng fans. It happened when BTS arrived at the airport and there were a bunch of ARMYs who were already waiting for their arrival. Since there were a lot of ARMYs, it made it hard for the group to avoid the crowd. Then some female fans suddenly approached Jungkook and tried to hug him. They even started tugging Jungkook’s backpack, as well!

Leaking Their Personal Information

ARMYs got even angrier when sasaeng fans leaked certain private information about BTS! Moreover, it happened for several times, and obviously it also disappointed each of BTS members, as well. One of the incidents was the moment when sasaeng fans leaked the schedule for shooting BTS’s music video, even though actually it was a secret at that time. It was revealed through a Facebook post, and other fans started getting curious about it. From the Facebook post, other people were able to knew the exact location where BTS was shooting their music video. Not only that, sasaeng fans of BTS also secretly leaked other private information. This time it was their passport indentity! They were posting several pictures of BTS’s personal passports, which was another violation of their privacy. Along with the passport pictures, they also leaked the ID numbers. Due to that case, the BTS members had to change their passports for safety reasons.

Calling and Sending Bunches of Texts to Their Private Numbers

One of the unpleasant moments happened to BTS’s Jungkook, and it was related to sasaeng fans, as well. During one of the BTS V Live sessions, suddenly Jungkook received a call from an unknown number. At first, Jungkook was relaxing and enjoying those moments before the call appeared on his phone. Apparently, Jungkook already knew that it was a call from sasaeng fans. Through his V Live session, Jungkook explained that the call was from a fan who texted him and asked him about the V Live session. He immediately blocked the sasaeng fans’ number. He also said that it wasn’t his first time receiving such a call, but he was often called by sasaeng fans, as well. The same thing also happened to BTS’s Suga. In one of the episodes of Run BTS!, Suga talked about the strange things that he has experienced. He said there had already been several times that he had gotten strange phone texts on his personal phone from “weird people.” It also made him consider changing his phone number for his own safety. Even though there was no further statement about that, ARMYs believed that it was caused by sasaeng fans.

Breaking into Their Dorm or Hotel Room

During one of the BTS’s V Live sessions, ARMYs were surprised when strange people seemed appear on their broadcast. Moreover, at the time, the group members were in their hotel room! And easily, ARMYs concluded that the people were sasaeng fans. Not only that, the fans were disappointed with Big Hit Entertainment because they didn’t provide adequate security and safety for the members of the group. It was reported that the sasaeng was a female fan who had already followed BTS a couple of times, and she went to the same hotel as the members. She also peeked into BTS’s hotel room, and she was caught during the V Live session.

Afterwards, Big Hit Entertainment gavean official statement regarding the sasaeng fan. They explained that the female wasn’t sasaeng, but she was one of the staff who also went there. However, some ARMYs still believed that it was a sasaeng fan.

Booking a Hotel Room Next to Theirs

Still about BTS’ sasaeng fans and the hotel room issues! This time, the things might be different but is still creepy in the same way. Whenever BTS went to a certain hotel and booked their own hotel room, the sasaeng fans seemed to always know how to find them! They were often caught booking a hotel room next to BTS’s room, as well! It happened when the infamous BTS sasaeng fans, the “No Pants” sasaeng, were booked in a hotel room next to BTS’s hotel room. She was stalking them wherever they went, and she was secretly taking picture of them. The fans were really getting angry with the “No Pants” sasaeng, because her behavior were beyond violating BTS’s privacy!

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