BTS has 7 members, namely Jin, Kim Nam-joon, or also known as RM or formerly Rap Monster, Kim Tae-hyun, or also known as V, J-Hope, Suga, Park Ji-min, and Jeon Jung-kook. the leader of the group is  RM or Kim Nam-joon, and the maknae, or the youngest of this group, is Jeon Jung-kook who was born in 1997. Of course, as the leader of the group, RM is obliged to take care of and manage its members, let’s find out more about the relationship between RM as the leader of BTS and Jungkook as the maknae of BTS!


The two men have known each other since they were trainees, and spent spent years training together. Each has their own strengths and musical characters, and RM,  Jungkook, and the other members are able to have their own type of music, namely BTS’s music. Even before their debut, the members were actively covering songs and composing their own music, slowly proving their quality as idols who are not only good at singing, rap, and dancing but also good at expressing their feelings in a song. Here are some collaboration songs from RM and Jungkook Sari from before their debut until now.

On their official BTS account on SoundCloud, RM and Jungkook did the cover song “Like A Star” by J. Cole. This cover was released on February 2, 2013, five months before BTS made their debut in July. Although this song was released on SoundCloud in 2013, the cover of this song was recorded in 2012.

On December 29, 2015, RM and Jungkook covered a song together which was released on the official BTS SoundCloud account. They collaborated to cover the song “Fools” by Troye Sivan. it turns out before they covered this song, a year before, they had recommended this song to fans to listen to, and a year after that later covered it.

This song is about someone who contemplates his sentiments in having fallen for someone and eventually letting them go, which makes him feel foolish all around. It’s a full circle—damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. This song is also self-reflective in parts, as he reflects on how only a fool could fall for him at the moment he wrote this, because of his hectic life and career.

On June 1, 2016, at 12 am KST, As part of the 2016 BTS Festa, RM and Jungkook released “I Know,” an original song to celebrate their third anniversary.

  This song is produced by Rap Monster, himself, and features Pdogg on the keyboard and co-member Jungkook in the song’s chorus, for their 3rd Anniversary, when BTS was preparing gifts for their fans. The opening ceremony that was being done through releasing the new song “I Know”, a song dedicated to the AMRY’s. This song thanks fans, both male and female, for sticking with the group over the years.

in 2016 BTS had become a PUMA brand ambassador, through the PUMA YouTube channel, and Jungkook and RM sang their collaboration song entitled ‘I Know’, a capella. The short, 1-minute video was able to show the Jungkook’s beautiful voice, and RM, the famous rapper, also sings in this song.

Moments & Interaction

There is a three-year age difference between the two men, where RM is older than Jungkook. Since their debut, they have often shown adorable chemistry as brothers. They have been together for more than six years as BTS members, and have struggled together as idols, since the interaction of the two trainees has not been counted. RM and Jungkook are used to looking after and supporting each other; their chemistry often succeeded in making fans melt away seeing it.

— koo (@jeonlvr) September 11, 2019 in Festa 2019, Jeon Jung-kook revealed, “I joined our label because of RM, He was really awesome. He was really awesome. In my eye, he was really handsome. I joined because he was awesome and rapped so well.” Most of A.R.M.Y (BTS’s fandom) knows the reason why Jungkook joined Big Hit Entertainment, and he also often mentioned it, too. At first, before Jungkook started training in Big Hit Entertainment, he had offers to join seven different agencies after auditioning for a 2011 ‘Superstar K season 3‘ survival program, but he failed the audition. Despite the failure, many agencies saw potential in Jungkook. The seven agencies were JYP, FNC, Starship, Woolim, TS, CUBE, and Big Hit. Compared to the big agencies that made offers to Jungkook, Jungkook preferred Big Hit, even though at that time Big Hit was still a very small agency. According to Suga, “the fact that he refused the offer of a larger agency, and chose to sign a contract with our agency, I think this is God’s will.”

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) September 12, 2018 On RM’s birthday last year, on September 12, 2018, BTS’s official Twitter account posted two videos where Jungkook kissed RM’s forehead. The members who recorded that were bursing out laughing at it.

— ☆ moru⛓ (@naminluvv) November 4, 2019 RM and Jungkook are really close, and theydo not hesitate to show their closeness when in front of the camera, at concerts, or any other occasion. Jungkook is famous for admiring RM and always listening to him. the nickname ‘Golden Maknae‘, which is currently very attached to Jungkook, was coined by RM because Jungkook can sing, dance, and rap so well that RM calls him the ‘Golden Maknae‘. When Jungkook expressed his admiration for RM, in his interview RM said, “I’m going to do something a little cool now.” then hearing this, Jungkook responded by saying, “No, You’re always cool“, indicating that in Jungkook’s eyes, RM is cool and always cool in anything.

— letícia ☁️ (@raplineIover) October 29, 2019 On the last day of the BTS concert ‘Love Yourself’ final tour in Seoul, in October, 2019, RM gave his last speech, saying that he was very grateful for all the love BTS received from ARMY. RM is famous for not crying easily, but at the time, RM could not hold back his tears. Seeing this, Jungkook, the maknae, approached RM and embraced him. Such a caring maknae! One of Namkook’s interactions at the ‘The Fifth Muster’ concert, which was one of BTS’s sixth-anniversary celebrations. In one of their music videos, Spring Day, there was a very adorable scene where Jungkook drew on RM’s face while he was sleeping. Of course, there are still many more adorable interactions between the two. Their adorable moments are seen on their variety shows, such as Bon Voyage, Run BTS, BTS Gayo, and American Hustle, and can also be seen in behind the scenes video of their songs, fancams, BTS official accounts, and various BTS fansites.

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