You might like: Does TWICE’s Nayeon Have Any Tattoos? Find the Details Here! Today, however, we’re not going to talk about his career, but his tattoos instead. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed run-through of Seungyoun’s tattoos and their meaning.

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Seungyoun has a lot of tattoos on his body all of which are looking very attractive. Many fans have praised his tattoos as well, and they have been looking for the meaning behind them all. Let’s reveal Seungyoun’s aesthetic tattoos and their meaning respectively.

Seungyoun’s Back Tattoos

Seungyoun has one tattoo on his back that is only visible when he takes off his shirt. It is printed as the word “Paixão” and a candle. Not only it looks very attractive, but this tattoo has a very deep meaning. Seungyoun’s back tattoo stands for burning passion as you guys can see from the candle.

Seungyoun’s Tattoos on His Arms

Seungyoun has the most tattoos on his arms such as the ‘happy’ and the ‘sad’ emojis on his right arm, the palm trees on his left arm, the 1971 and the 1966 tattoos on each of his arms. The numbers 1971 and 1966 have been marked as Seungyoun’s parents’ birth years, and he decided to ink them on his arms. The sad and happy emojis are representative of what he has been going through during the group UNIQ hiatus, and they also represent Seungyoun’s two sides. Such a meaningful tattoo, right? For the palm trees tattoos, Seungyoun once revealed that he likes the cool image of palm trees. Moreover, he wants to live in a country with palm trees one day. Aside from that, Seungyoun also has a tattoo that reads: “Can’t always be the same,” on his left arm, as well as a mirror tattoo.

Seungyoun’s Rib Tattoos

On Seungyoun’s left ribs, there’s a family drawing tattoo that looks pretty adorable. It seems like Seungyoun is such a family guy after he made a tattoo of his parents’ birth years. Moving on to the lower part of his ribs or his abdomen to be exact, Seungyoun has the most eye-catching tattoo: it is a gun tattoo! Many fans were surprised when they could see the tattoo while Seungyoun performed on the stage, but they also started to be curious about it. You might like: Check Out The Amazing Tattoos of GOT7’s Bambam and The Meaning Here!

Fans’ Reactions To His Eye-Catching Tattoos

Many fans have praised Seungyoun‘s tattoos since all of them are drawn beautifully and have such a deep meaning. They also thought that Seungyoun’s charms have increased rapidly with his tattoos. Other reactions are written like these: “Omg! I’m so happy that you chose paixão… I’m Portuguese and it’s an honor for me to see that.” “I heard that someone already asked him about the gun tattoo but no one knows what it means exactly.” “I’m infatuated with Cho Seung-youn’s tattoos.” “Cho Seung-youn’s gun tattoo?? The attack sir!” “Good morning to Cho Seung-youn’s gun tattoo.” That is everything about Cho Seung-youn’s captivating tattoos and the meaning behind them. It is such a pleasure to see K-Pop idols who embrace their tattoos without regret, and thankfully, the ‘bad’ stigma of tattoos in South Korea has been reduced. Well, what is your favorite tattoo of Cho Seung-youn? Let us know the answer in the comment section below, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media.

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