Due to his handsome and youthful look, Jinyoung performs the younger version of the male leading role. His pure and kindhearted image made him the favorite of casting producer to perform the role. However, he hasn’t earned popularity playing the actual leading role in dramas. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Got7’s Jinyoung’s roles and performances in famous K-dramas. So, stay tuned!

Dream High 2

Dream High 2 is a Korean TV series about groups of high school students aspiring to become K-Pop idols. The musical drama was broadcast by KBS from January 30th to March 20th, 2012. A group of high school students from Kirin High School of Arts must compete with underage K-Pop star trainees that are at the school. Not only they compete for talent recognition, but they must also compete for love as the leading male actors are falling in love in a love triangle with the leading female actress. They graduate and are separated for 8 years and gather together for one final performance at the anniversary of their school. Got7’s Jinyoung performed the role of a student of Kirin High School of Arts. Jinyoung and his schoolmate formed a band called Eden and Jinyoung performed as the back dancer of Eden, Jung Ui-bong. Jung Ui-wong is a confident and highly talented high school student. He is determined to succeed in every competition and pushes his friend to improve their talents.

When A Man Loves

When A Man Loves aired on MBC from April 3rd to June 6th, 2013, every Wednesday and Thursday. Melancholic face actor, Song Seung-heon acted alongside beautiful actress, Shin Se-kyung, Chae Jung-an, and Yeon Woo-jin in this drama. Song Seung-heon played a gangster who falls in love with the daughter of one of his clients. He faced competition from his apprentice that falls in love with the same woman. Jinyoung performed as Ddol-yi, an employee of the gangster’s mother. Ddolyi is a kind-hearted and hardworking teenager. He greets customers and treats customers kindly. Ddolyi considers the restaurant owner as his own mother and is determined to succeed and protect her.

This Is My Love

Park Jinyoung performed as the younger version of the leading male role in the jTBC K-drama This is My Love. The romantic drama aired from May 29th to July 18th, 2015, and spanned 16 episodes. This Is My Love told the first love story of a top actor. At the top of his popularity, the actor hired a writer to work on his autobiography. The lady-writer initially had difficulties working with the actor but decided to continue working on his biography. The actor told the story about his first love that lasted over 20 years. Though separated, the actor is still looking for his first love. After hearing the love story, the writer decided to help him in finding the love of his life. In this romantic drama, Got7’s Jinyoung performed the younger version of the actor, Park Hyeon-su. A young Park Hyeon-su fell in love with the girl and stayed devoted to his first love even after 20 years. Young Park Hyeon-su is a handsome and manly teenager. He met a girl after experiencing an accident while riding on his motorcycle. He fell in love deeply with the girl and stayed loyal to his first love.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

The Legend of Blue Sea is a romantic TV series aired on SBS from November 16th, 2016 to January 25th, 2017. The drama is starred by A-list actors, Jun Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-ho. A mermaid of the Korean Joseon area saved a child, Kim Dam-ryung, from drowning and ended up falling in love with him. However, the two different beings can’t marry due to the child’s arranged marriage. The mermaid kissed him to erase his memory. The couple met again in the modern era but the man can’t recognize the mermaid. Got7’s Jinyoung performed the role of the teenage Kim Dam-ryung. The mermaid saved him and they both fell in love with each other. He jumped to the ocean to look for the mermaid and ended up drowning. The mermaid saved him but erased all of his memories about her. In the drama, Jinyoung’s role is a handsome son of a noble person in the Joseon era. He has a steadfast determination and he left his arranged marriage to look for the mermaid. He believes in his intuition in saving the mermaid even though the mermaid erased his memory of her.

School Of Magic

Jinyoung performed the male leading role, Na-ra, in the drama School of Magic. He performed alongside fellow senior idol, Nickhun, actor Yoon Park, actress Shin Eun-soo, and senior actor Ryu Seung-soo. School of Magic aired on jTBC from September 11th to September 29th, 2017, and spanned 15 episodes. Na-ra is an awkward university student. He has been a single man and never been in a relationship in his life. His character is pure and simple. Na-ra decides to join the magic school to learn magic and improve his confidence.

He Is Psychometric

He is Psychometric is a Korean TV series that broadcast from March 11th to April 30th, 2019. The youth drama was starred by Got7’s Jinyoung, Kim Kwon, and Kim Da-som. Jinyoung’s character, Lee Ahn, acquired his psychometry ability after the loss of his beloved parents due to a tragic accident. He is able to see the past story of human or a thing by physical touching. After acquiring his ability, he decided to use it to solve criminal cases. He works with other people that also have wounds from past painful memories. Jinyoung is a handsome young guy with a psychometric ability. He avoids physical touch with every person by wearing long-sleeve clothes and avoiding sports with physical contact. He dislikes knowing the painful memories and evil past of people that he touches.

Melting Me Softly

Melting Me Softly is a TV series broadcast on tvN from September 28th to November 17th, 2019. The drama series was starred by Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-ah, and Yoon Se-ah. Park Jinyoung of GOT7 made a special appearance as Jang Woo-shin in episode 14. He performed as the son of a company CEO. Melting Me Softly told a story about a man and a woman that were frozen for an experiment. Instead of waking up after 24 hours, they wake up 20 years later. The couple must struggle to keep their temperature in order to survive.

When My Love Blooms

When My love Blooms is a romantic TV series that has been on the air from April 25th to June 14th, 2020. The drama shows the life of an ambitious businessman in his 40s. He was a totally different person in his 20s. He met his first and true love at a young age while attending university. Another character, a woman in her 40s fell in love with the young businessman when they were studying at university. They meet again in the present time and grow romantic feelings to each other. Jinyoung performs the role of the young businessman. At college, he was a shy guy and lacked confidence. However, he didn’t realize that a woman from the university fell in love with him and nurtured those feelings for more than 20 years. That was all the information about Got7’s Jinyoung’s acting performances in famous K-dramas. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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