Happy Birthday, Joshua!

In 2015, Joshua updated on Seventeen’s official account (@pledis_17) twice. First he said, in English, “Thank you for all the birthday wishes !!!!“. His next post was a picture of him with a wreath and a dozen cakes with a caption, “It was a really happy day!!!!! Thank you!! I love you ♥♥”

— 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) (@pledis_17) December 30, 2015 In 2016, the group posted a photo of the members celebrating his birthday on their official Instagram account (@saythename_17).

A post shared by SEVENTEEN (@saythename_17) on Dec 29, 2016 at 7:55am PST As translated by @seventeenfy, they said, “You’ve worked hard for supporting and taking care of us both Yang Namja Show and Gayo Daechukje~♡♡ (Seventeen has worked hard too~) There’s not much time left to wrap up 2016 well, the most important first is healthy, the second is healthy too, promise! Lastly, happy birthday to our Shua~~^^ We love you~~❤️” In 2017, Joshua posted a photo of himself with a heart hand gesture via Seventeen’s official Instagram account on his birthday.

A post shared by SEVENTEEN (@saythename_17) on Dec 29, 2017 at 8:14am PST As @Adoring_SVT translated, he said, “I really like it that I can spend my birthday happily with Carat. The love that Carat gives to me is the best gift, thank you !!! To Carat that I’m always thankful, I love you! [Seventeen] members too, I love you!!!” He uploaded another post later the same day.

A post shared by SEVENTEEN (@saythename_17) on Dec 29, 2017 at 7:00am PST In 2018, they posted another birthday card via Instagram account.

A post shared by SEVENTEEN (@saythename_17) on Dec 29, 2018 at 7:00am PST

How Carats Celebrate Joshua’s Birthday

As fans, Carats sure know how to celebrate their favorite artists in several ways. The most common thing is using a hashtag and making it trending topic on Twitter. They also use other ways to celebrate, like doing fan-projects such as making a donation under Joshua’s name, a support kit for Joshua, or sending other gifts to the company office. Let’s check them out!

2016: #LovelyJoshuaDay

In 2016, his 21st birthday was celebrated differently afters it was found out that he has the same birthday as BTS’s V, not only the date, but the year too! Both of the artists also attended the same music program, KBS’s Song Festival 2016. There were two trending topics worldwide on Twitter, one was #HappyTaehyungDay for BTS’ V birthday and the other was #LovelyJoshuaDay for Joshua’s birthday. Here are some of the fans’ tweets about Joshua’s birthday!

— ooo (@joshu_svt17) December 29, 2017 https://twitter.com/Jinnamonroll_/status/814875555283681280 https://twitter.com/froggiechae/status/815031416216027136 https://twitter.com/seventeenfly/status/814776907661189120

— Joshua’s neck (@jisoosneck) December 30, 2016 A Singaporean  fan-base of Joshua’s,  @Jisoo_SG, made him a 22nd birthday project by making monthly donations to Unicef and bought gifts to be sent to Joshua via his company office. The monthly donation to Unicef went from December 22, 2016 through December 22, 2017. Meanwhile, the gifts of sweaters, shoes, bracelets, and many other items were already sent to their office. Joshua was seen wearing the sweater on December 31, 2016m on V-Live.

2017: #PrinceJoshuaDay and Birthday Song at Little Fan-Meeting

That year, it was reported that Seventeen had a schedule for pre-recording at the MBC Music Festival (known as Gayo Daejejun), so the group had a little fan-meeting. The Carats who attended the fan-meeting sang happy birthday to Joshua and he was seen to have eyes brimming with tears. Carats also made a hashtag through Twitter, #PrinceJoshuaDay, along with #사랑하는_슈아야_생일축하해 (meaning: Beloved_Shua-ya_HappyBirthday).

— meg @ hiatus (@_megsvt) December 30, 2017

— Tory ⭐️ [rest] (@ceru_svt) December 30, 2017 https://twitter.com/vergyunicorn/status/947114864761118720 https://twitter.com/snow_ravioli/status/947265943616438273 https://twitter.com/gigi_0801/status/947120056076353536

2018: #FallingForJOSHUA

In 2018, Carats celebrated Joshua’s birthday by using the hashtag #FallingForJOSHUA, which was used by Soompi, along with other hashtags like #HappyJoshuaDay, #Happy_SHUA_Day, and #겨울왕자_슈아의_생일을_축하해 (meaning: PrinceOfWinter_Shua’s_Birthday_Congrats). Here are some tweets about it!

— [17’s 水市雨林] svt FA (@plaurel_arts) December 31, 2018 https://twitter.com/svtclubhouse/status/1079730886248001542 https://twitter.com/y_1004_ch/status/1079395102525550593 https://twitter.com/capseoule/status/1079591190377439236 https://twitter.com/__lily95/status/1079296027952173056 There were also some fan projects to celebrate Joshua’s birthday. A Facebook group for Joshua’s Argentinian fans account, @JoshuaArgentina made a worldwide fan-project called “A Galaxy for Joshua”. Joshua is known to love stars and constellations and wants to see them in the sky so the project’s purpose was to create stars for Joshua. The stars could be created manually from any material with a birthday message for Joshua. The stars could be accompanied by the official banner from the project, fan-art, or anything. Then they had to upload the photo to social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) on his birthday, December 30, 2018, at 12 a.m. KST and tag @pledis_17, @JoshuaArgentina, and @7TEEN_ARG (Twitter) or @saythename_17, @joshuahong951230, and @7TEEN_ARG (Instagram) with hashtag #AGalaxyForJoshua and chosen hashtag on the day. https://twitter.com/fabi_eljure/status/1079029477164961792

— Chanie Corbalan (@ChanieCorbalan) December 29, 2018 https://twitter.com/AgustV243/status/1079076401117126656 The other fan-project, “Heavenly”, was initiated by @CaratsCare on Twitter. It was a project to collect donations in the form of books and money. They would be sent to Semut Sumut, a community in North Sumatra, Indonesia, and would be donated to children who dropped out of school due to financial struggles. The donation was opened from December 5 through December 28, 2018. The books and money were sent weeks after that.

Celebrating on V-Live

2015: Happy Birthday! JOSHUA!

On his first birthday after being debuted in 2015, he celebrated it by going live with Hoshi on V-Live under the title Happy Birthday! JOSHUA!. As translated by @Adoring_SVT, Hoshi revealed that Joshua received a birthday wish from Jeff Bernat. He said it was amazing, because he has looked up to Gabe Bondoc, Jeff Bernat, and AJ Rafael since before he was debuted. They also inspired him to learn guitar. Then Joshua revealed it was because the fans asked them to congratulate him, so he thanked the fans for doing so and was really happy.

2016: Happy Birthday! JOSHUA

As mentioned above, Joshua was revealed to celebrate birthday on the same day as BTS’s V. On V-Live, Joshua and Mingyu talked about his birthday and they revealed that Joshua has the same exact birthday as BTS’s V. Joshua shared that on the day after the program (KBS Song Festival 2016), V approached him and asked if they had the same birthday. After he said yes, V congratulated him. Joshua and Mingyu also sent a birthday wish to V on V-Live. You can watch the full video via V-App here or download the video with subtitles here.

2017: Happy Birthday JOSHUA

In 2017, he also celebrated his birthday on V-Live.

2018: Happy JOSHUA Day+1

In 2018, he celebrated his birthday on V-Live on December 31, a day after his birthday. Watch the English subbed video below!

There are several ways of celebrating birthdays. As for Joshua, he chose to celebrate it via V-Live or through an update via the official account so he could interact with fans. His fans also have their own way to celebrate his birthday. They make hashtags, send gifts to him, create fan-art, or even make donations to other communities or unfortunate people under Joshua’s name. Let’s look forward for this year’s birthday celebration and support Joshua and with Seventeen for their activities!

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