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Lee Do-hyun’s Appearance in Sweet Home

Sweet Home is one of the latest zombie-apocalypse genre television series. The series was based on a popular webtoon of the same title. Sweet Home was released through streaming channel Netflix on December 18th, 2020. Sweet Home is a story about a boy trapped in an apartment during a zombie apocalypse along with other residents. They were cornered in the building with little chance to escape and barely any weapon to defend themselves. They must cooperate and protect each other as long as they could before help arrived. Lee Do-hyun played Lee Eun-hyuk, a medical student and elected leader of the group. Blessed with an intelligent brain and quick-thinking mind, Eun-hyuk must protect his sister Eun-yu, played by Go Min-si, from the monster-zombie that attacks all the people.

Lee Do-hyun’s Character in Sweet Home

Lee Do-hyun has both the brain and the wit to face the monsters in Sweet Home. Most of the time, his quick thinking act, excellent calculation, and cool judgment about the situation prevent the situation from going bad or worse. When the entire resident froze in front of the monster, he assessed the situation, looked for available options, and solve the problems. As the leader of the pack, he looked cold and emotionless. Eun-hyuk hides his emotion and fear in front of everybody. But sometimes, he also showed his human side. When he saw the dead body of the women who sell groceries in the market, he wept silently. If he is dead, then the remaining resident loses their chance of surviving.

Lee Do-hyun’s Memorable Scenes in Sweet Home

The first rule in every horror movie is never open your door to a stranger. If your break the first rule, then the peaceful scene is over. One of the residents in the building broke the first and foremost rule and opened the shutter. It turned out that the monster was waiting patiently behind the shutter. When the monster showed up, everybody was frightened and shocked that they forgot to react. They let the shutter wide open, and the monster marched in. It attacked one of the residents with its long tongue. Lee Do-hyun thought quickly and grabbed the fire extinguisher. He managed to push the monster to the entrance before everything got worse. This is the main scene that made him the leader of the group.

In this scene, the real relation between Eun-hyuk and Eun-yu was revealed. Spoiler alert! It turned out they were not a real brother and sister, and they were not related at all. Due to the tragic accident, both of them lost their family. Eun-hyuk sacrificed his life and took care of Eun-yu.

In one of the scenes, Lee Do-hyun acted the quickest when the monster attacks the survivors. He remained calm when the monster’s main weapon, its long tentacle-like tongue dangling in front of his eyes. If he reacted and screamed, then the monster could sense him.

Lee Do-hyun’s Sweet Home Ending

Spoiler alert! As the military start regaining control of the invasion, the survivor also managed to leave the most dangerous place. They escaped through the tunnel while being guarded by Eun-hyun. It turned out that Eun-hyuk has realized his condition. He didn’t come out from the tunnel and meet Eun-yu. There are several possible scenarios. Perhaps Eun-hyuk realized that he was turning into a monster and that he can’t prevent it. Since there were no death scenes or attack scenes, we can assume that Eun-hyuk will be back in Sweet Home Season 2.

Lee Do-hyun Sweet Home Off-Screen Moments

The chemistry between each actor in Sweet Home is excellent. Lee Do-hyun, as a new actor, showed that he could match the acts of senior actors like Lee Si-young and Lee Jin-wook. Lee Si-young keeps forgetting that Lee Do-hyun is younger than Song Kang. Perhaps, his strong character made Lee Si-young forget out his Lee Do-hyun’s actual age. Lee Jin-wook and Lee Si-young selected Lee Do-hyun as the character that has self-control. Lee Jin-wook said that even though he is the youngest, he can control himself. Lee Si-young joked that Lee Do-hyun could control himself because he wears glasses. The person who wears glasses always studies hard, and he can control everything.

In this interview, Lee Do-hyun talked about his character, Eun-hyuk. In the series, Eun-hyuk is cynical, cold, and emotionless, but in real life, Lee Do-hyun is playful, and he loves cats and dogs. In the future, he wants to have the sexy image of an actor.

Lee Do-hyun’s and Sweet Home Season 2

Lee Do-hyun received many questions about his character at the end of Sweet Home Season 1. He remained inside the tunnel to protect other members from the monsters. In the final episode, blood was dripping from his body. His death wasn’t certain and left viewers wondering about his appearance in Season 2. He wondered whether he would not use glasses after gaining better visibility if his character survive and appear in Season 2 Fans assume that Eun-hyuk turned into a monster. However, they were divided into two plots, either he turned into a good monster or a bad monster. In an interview, Lee Do-hyun thanked people who supported him throughout the filming. Lee Do-hyun is one of the best new actors in recent dramas. His performance in Prison Playbook, Hotel del Luna, and recently Sweet Home get him huge attention. He even received an award for New Actor Category at APAN Star Award. It is just a matter of time before he gets the first lead actor in dramas or movies. Did you watch Sweet Home episodes until the end? Which one is your favorite Lee Do-hyun’s moment? Tell us about it in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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