Lee Sun-bin’s Latest Activities Through Instagram

Lee Sun-bin has been active in the entertainment industry since she joined the girl group JQT in 2011. Sadly, her presence there was largely unnoticed by the public, since the group failed to meet huge success and was forced to disband in 2012. Fortunately, later Lee Sun-bin finally got the acknowledgment that she deserved due to her acting skills and supporting roles in various popular dramas such as  Squad 38, Missing 9, and Criminal Minds. In addition, since the actress who was born with the name Lee Jin-kyung on January 7, 1994, announced her relationship with Running Man’s ‘Prince of Asia,’ Lee Kwang-soo, the public stays curious about her recent whereabouts and activities. Thankfully, we’ve got Instagram (@sunbin_eyesmag) to help us find out about her recent activities. Without further ado, let’s find out the details by scrolling down the article below!  

Appearance On OCN’s ‘Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation’

  A post shared by 이선빈(이진경) actress (@sunbin_eyesmag) It was revealed that Lee Sun-bin would be joining the cast for the upcoming OCN drama Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (formerly known as Further Investigation), along with other impressive cast members. She shared the news on her Instagram on May 24, 2020, with a sneak-peek picture from the drama. She wrote the enthusiastic caption, “After a while!! 10:50 #OCN at # beonoe investigation will broadcast two angry !! 👏🏻 Aza adjuster! 🔥🔥” In the drama, Lee Sun-bin will play the character of Kang Moo-young, an ambitious and hard-working producing director (PD) who hates injustice and always acts on her curiosity. Creating the greatest TV show in Korea is Kang Moo-young’s biggest ambition. But things don’t always go smoothly, and, on top of that, the show that she directs is in danger of getting canceled. When discussing the reason behind Lee Su-bin’s interest in the character and the drama, she explained, “It was a brand new character I’ve never played before. Kang Moo Young was so cool, she was definitely someone I wanted to try playing.” She added, “Kang Moo Young is always confident and passionate, and she has a level of determination that can’t be matched. She’s unafraid of anything.” Lee Sun-bin was already working hard to perfectly capture the character, and analyze the behavior and emotions of Kang Moo-young. She explained,  “Though Kang Moo Young isn’t a detective, she still wants to participate in investigations, and she sometimes inserts herself into situations she shouldn’t. I thought a lot about how to express that in a way that doesn’t make her unlikeable, so I could create a persuasive character.” Another reason for Lee Sun-bin’s huge interest in the drama was also because of the fast-paced, action-packed script. She said, “There will be cases that are detailed and believable, and the chemistry between five outsiders who come together for a single goal will bring a lot of fun to viewers who watch our drama.” The show Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation is scheduled to hit the screen on May 23, 2020, at 10:50 p.m. KST.  

Joined The #ThankYouChallenge

A number of well-known South Korean artists and idols have participated in the #ThankYouChallenge to thank and give support to medical workers in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, including Lee Sun-bin. The #ThankYouChallenge itself is crowded with people from all walks of life using sign language in the form of a thumb movement on their opposite palm.

A post shared by 이선빈(이진경) actress (@sunbin_eyesmag) on May 16, 2020 at 11:40pm PDT On May 17, 2020, the actress joined the challenge through her Instagram. She also mentioned a few friends’ names, to invite them to participate in the #ThankYouChallenge. She wrote on the caption:   Park Bo-young, senior Lee Ga-hyun@derang_onni Seongjin Kim @derang_obba Hyungwon Kim @kimhyoungwon Park Aaron @imaaronpark is!! #Thanks to the challenge #Thanks to medical treatment #Thanks to the campaign

Coffee Truck From Song Seung-heon

  A post shared by 이선빈(이진경) actress (@sunbin_eyesmag) On February 15, 2020, Lee Sun-bin shared a photo of herself standing in front of a coffee truck on the Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation filming set. The truck was sent by Song Seung Heon, Lee Sun-bin’s former co-star in the 2019 tvN drama The Great Show. It seems like the two of them kept their friendship after the drama was over. The actress wrote on her post, “Kyaak!!! Yesterday # beonoe investigation had the warm heart of seungheon senior coffee car that gets packed on the set filming’m !! 😭🙈🙏🏻 was filming a warm thanks to the cold and chilly day ah ~~ 🔥🔥 Thank you !!! ㅠㅠ our loyal loyalty Let’s fight hard with a double after cheering Seung Heon!! 가🙏🏻💪🏻 Gazah!!!” A few months later, Lee Sun-bin returned the support by sending a coffee truck to the set of Song Seung-heon’s newest drama, Dinner Mate. He is currently in the middle of the production of Dinner Mate, the plot of which centers around a man and a woman who have grown jaded about romance after experiencing painful heartbreak and eventually recover their ability to feel emotion. Through eating dinner together, they eventually bond and form connections over food. In the drama, Song Seung-heon stars as Kim Hae-kyung, who likes to analyze people by watching them eat, due to his job as a psychiatrist and food psychologist.

  A post shared by 송승헌 songseungheon (@songseungheon1005)   On May 19, 2020, it was Song Seung-heon who posed in front of a coffee truck sent by Lee Sun-bin. As seen in the photos, there are banners that read, “I’m cheering on Song Seung Heon and the team of MBC’s ‘Dinner Mate’! From Lee Sun Bin,” and  “Do you want to have a cup of coffee together with Hae Kyung?” (which referred to the Korean title of the show and Song Seung-heon’s character, and means, “Do you want to have dinner together?”). Song Seong-heon wrote his gratitude on the caption,  “Sun Bin, thank you thank you!!!” He also included her name and the title of her own upcoming drama, Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation in the hashtag. In the drama, Song Seung-heon stars along with actress Seo Ji-hye, Apink’s Son Naeun, and actor Lee Ji-hoon.  

Lee Sun-bin’s 26th Birthday

Earlier this year, Lee Sun-bin cheerfully celebrated her 26th birthday along with her friends.

  A post shared by 이선빈(이진경) actress (@sunbin_eyesmag) On January 6, 2020, she posted various photos on her Instagram that seemed to depict a birthday party celebration. The photos are filled with cakes and gifts, along with a few appearances from her friends. She wrote on the photo of herself, ” ❤️2020.01.07❤️ 🙈HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME🙈”

  A post shared by 이선빈(이진경) actress (@sunbin_eyesmag) In another photo, she wrote a heartwarming message, “2020.01.07🎂 This year, my birthday seems to have been celebrated more intensely and more intensely than ever. Thank you so much for all the gifts and letters I had. ㅠㅠ🔥❤️ And my surprise surprise friends, my brothers and sisters, this time I’m really amazed at everyone like this one 😏 I love you all I won’t forget ❤️ Thank you and start the year of thanksgiving Thanks again for letting me do it 😘” So, those are all of Lee Sun-bin’s recent activities on her Instagram. Do you have any more news of Lee Sun-bin that you would like to share? If so, don’t be shy about telling us in the comment box below!

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