In this Channel-Korea article, we are going to provide you with information about Shownu’s enlistment in the military and his special letter and appearance. You should check it out since you will be missing him. So, stay tuned and keep reading! You might also like: Learn More About Monsta X’s Leader Shownu’s Relationship with the Other Members

Monsta X’s Shownu’s Military Service Enlistment

On July 22nd, 2021, Shownu who’s real name is Son Hyun-woo came up to the official fan café to share the news about his military service. Besides, the members of Monsta X have been sharing their pictures together before joining the military service on Monsta X’s Twitter account. Shownu is the first person from the group to go on military service. Just like his role as the leader of the group, he leads the other members with his first experience in the military service. He will be located as a social worker for three weeks since Shownu experienced retinal attachment on his medical history. The eye surgery he had has been a reason he couldn’t do active duty service like people usually do. Shownu experienced this because of the bright lighting disclosure when preparing Monsta X’s next album. Hyungwon, I.M, Kihyun, Mihyuk, Joohoney are smiling and make funny poses while pointing at Shownu in this photo. Do you think they will miss him? The heart-shaped hand is also cute. The caption also comes along with the promise of meeting again with all the fans and making sure to take good care of his health and come back soon. Shownu also stated that he will be mature and respectful after finishing his military service.

Monsta X’s Shownu’s Military Service Letter Message For Fans

Shownu posted a letter to send a message to his fans regarding his hiatus. He said that starting on July 22nd, he will be going on duty as a national military service worker. He felt that in a short time after his debut he now has to go to the military. Shownu expressed that he did hard work and faced a series of hard times but he’s also thankful for giving valuable and worthwhile moments to the other group members and the fans. He is so grateful for the experience during the promotion of Monsta X and he promises to continue to have fun with the boy group. Shownu sent his love and said see you to the fans in his letter. He will complete his military journey in the year 2023. You might also like: Monbebe’s Favorite Bear, Check Out Monsta X’s Shownu’s Cute and Funny Moments!

Monsta X’s Shownu Before and After Military Service Appearance

Shownu did not stop with just a letter for his fans, but he also effortlessly took a selfie of his new hair and appearance. His hair was short and his facial features were revealed so much. What do you think of Shownu’s new hair? He captioned the photos with messages to take care of their health. So sweet, isn’t he?

Fans’ Messages To Shownu For His Military Enlistment

In the fan café, there are so many messages for Shownu; moreover, Shownu put pictures of rubber shoes that actually meant to stay faithful and wait for him to come back. Fans send messages to him such as, “Be careful of heat and look after your health and happiness. I love you.” The internet account @puupupipo said: “We will wait for you!!! Good luck!!!!! #SeeYouAgainShownu #shownu #셔누.” The post hit more than 2,000 likes. Later on, the message went viral with the hashtag #SeeYouAgainShownu Some of them shared their sadness as they are going to miss his stage performances. The account @changjyunchive shared some of Shownu’s photos with I.M with the hashtag #SeeYouAgainShownu. All these messages on the internet really show plenty of love and support for Shownu. You might like: Here Are The Details of Monsta X’s Wonho’s Departure From The Group And Their Future Activities

Monsta X Activity While Shownu’s In The Military

Prior to his goodbye for joining the military, Shownu had been on a temporary hiatus from the promotion of the latest Monsta X album One of Kind with the lead track “Gangster” due to his eye surgery. Now, because of the military, Shownu can’t join the promotion of the single “Kiss or Death” which came out on July 26th, 2021. The group that debuted in 2015 gained a lot of international fame and have performed on some international stages, including the USA. Cool! That’s all about Monsta X’s Shownu and his military enlistment information. So what are you going to miss about Shownu the most? Kindly leave a comment and share it on Twitter! Also, keep following and supporting Shownu!

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