In EXO Next Door, Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol meet as an idol and a shy fan. It turns out that they used to be childhood sweethearts. Find out what happens when they find out the truth and what happened to their past love story!

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Love Story of Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol in EXO Next Door

EXO Next Door is a web series about a group of idols who hide and enjoy their holiday by living as normal people. In their temporary hideout place, they hire a shy young girl to clean their place. The girl happens to be their biggest fan, and she has an intertwined past with some of the idols. Moon Ga-young performed as Ji Yeon-hee, the shy girl who lives next to the idols’ temporary house. The idols are EXO’s members Chanyeol, D.O, Baekhyun, and Sehun. Moon Ga-young works part-time as a helper, and she is employed by the idols. After spending time with them, she realizes that Chanyeol was her childhood crush. Soon, Moon Ga-young gets tangled in a love triangle with another EXO member, D.O.

The Chemistry between Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol

Moon Ga-young’s interactions with EXO’s boys in the web drama are hilarious. Most of the scenes are fun to watch because of Moon Ga-young’s character. Her awkward and clumsy but cute acts were the main reason many K-drama fans watched the drama. The characters of the EXO members were simple. They just act like typical idol characters, cool and emotionless. When Chenyeol finds Moon Ga-young’s phone, he tries to make fun of her. Moon Ga-young’s dialogue changes from formal with the use of honorifics to informal. She is so cute when her character changes abruptly in each scene.

In episode 14, Chanyeol and Moon Ga-young are locked in a secret room. She accidentally trips and falls, but Chanyeol manages to hold her hands. At the time, Chanyeol finds out about her necklace. From that moment, they recognize each other. It turns out that they were childhood friends who got separated when Chanyeol’s family moved to another city. In this scene, other than Chanyeol and Moon Ga-young, D.O also knows about their past relationship. You might like: What Are EXO Members Ideal Type Of Girl?

Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol Off-Screen

Moon Ga-young was so good at acting that each of the EXO members was having trouble following her act. In one of the scenes, Chanyeol was supposed to show up suddenly and startle her, but Chanyeol was surprised upon seeing Moon Ga-young’s natural reaction. He immediately forgot his lines.

Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol’s Relationship after EXO Next Door

Before participating in EXO Next Door, Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol appeared in the romantic comedy movie Salut d’Amour. Both of them performed as supporting actors and a high school couple. In EXO Next Door, Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol played as lead actors and a childhood couple. Even after being partnered as a couple in dramas, there was no rumor about their romantic relationship outside of the set. On the set of Salut d’Amour, Chanyeol admitted that his relationship with Moon Ga-young is like a brother and sister relationship. They resembled each other in many ways. After their collaboration in EXO Next Door, Chanyeol continues his activity with EXO and focused more on making music though he occasionally participates in dramas or movies. Meanwhile, Moon Ga-young has already become the leading actress in various popular dramas. There is still a chance that Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol might meet for a third collaboration. In the meantime, fans can turn back the clock and feel a little bit nostalgic when watching Moon Ga-young and Chanyeol in EXO Next Door. Which one is your favorite scene in EXO Next Door? Don’t forget to share your opinion and share this article with your Twitter account.

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