Nam Joo-hyuk has performed in various K-dramas, each with a different genre. Most of the time, he gained more praise for his appearance in romantic dramas. In various romantic melodramas, Nam Joo-hyuk has acted alongside many young and beautiful talented actresses such as Shin Se-kyung, Kim So-hyun, Lee Sung-kyung, Krystal, and many more. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Nam Joo-hyuk and his chemistry with beautiful actresses in romantic melodramas. Which one is the perfect partner for Nam Joo-hyuk? Stay tuned to find out about the actresses in the article below!

Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

  Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung collaborated in the coming of age drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju. Although the romantic drama gained a moderate viewer rating, global fans praised the performance and chemistry between Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung. Lee Sung-kyung is the titular character, a cheerful and spirited high school weightlifting athlete. She always defends other people when there is unfairness around her. She is awkward when being around other boys in the school. Nam Joo-hyuk played the role of Jung Joon-hyun, Kim Bok-ju’s childhood friend. They meet again in high school but initially, fail to recognize each other. Later, due to an accident, their childhood memories surface and they recognize each other. Jung Joon-hyun always makes fun of Kim Bok-ju. In the end, he falls in love with her personality and the two childhood friends become lovers. Fans noticed that Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk shared an intense and intimate stare at the set of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. On the set, there have been various ad-lib scenes when they kiss without a script. In between filming, both are seen holding hands and being clingy with each other. In April 2017, fans’ suspicions proved to be true. The lovely couple was captured on several dates and their pictures circulated on online news media. They confirmed that they had been dating since 2016. It turned out that they were a real couple on and off the screen. Sadly, their romantic relationship didn’t last long and they confirmed their separation in August 2017.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim So-hyun in Who Are You: School 2015

Nam Joo-hyuk gained popularity for his role as a high school student in Who Are You: School 2015. Nam Joo-hyuk paired with actress Kim So-hyun in this romantic high school melodrama. Nam Joo Hyuk performed as Han Yi-an, a talented swimmer at his school. He became friends with Go Eun-byul, performed by Kim So-hyun, and ended up falling in love with her. He noticed that there was something strange with Eun-byul. It turned out that Eun-byul was Eun Bi, Eun Byul’s twin sister, in disguise. In an interview with online media, Nam Joo-hyuk revealed his thoughts about Kim Soo-hyun. He said that sometimes Kim So-hyun resembles his older sister, “From a very young age, she has had a lot of experience in drama and she is my senior in acting. On the set, she could be a cute high school student but she could also be a mature young woman, caring and considerate.”

Nam Joo-hyuk and Shin Se-kyung in The Bride Of Habaek

Nam Joo-hyuk as God of Water fell in love with the normal person Yoon So-ah in the fantasy romance The Bride Of Habaek. Yoon So-ah is a medical practitioner that is trapped in a huge debt. During the three months of filming, producers and staff on the set were curious about their relationship. Nam Joo-hyuk and Shin Se-kyung oftentimes laughed at each other when having direct eye contact, practicing the script, or interacting on the filming set. Due to their on and off-screen chemistry, the staff enjoyed the time working with the senior actress and junior actor couple.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Krystal in The Bride Of Habaek

Nam Joo-hyuk and f(x)’s Krystal collaborated in the drama adaptation of the comic The Bride of Habaek. Nam Joo-hyuk performed as Ha Baek, the god of water that descended to earth to find a powerful stone. After collecting the stone, Ha Baek will have a better chance of keeping his throne in the divine realm. Krystal performed as Water goddess Moo-ra that has an unrequited love for Ha Baek. She had lived on earth for years before Habaek descended to earth. Sadly, Habaek fell in love with a normal person, Yoon So-ah. Since her love was denied by Habaek, Moo-ra despised So-ah and tried to get rid of her.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Park Min-ji in Cheese In The Trap

Nam Joo-hyuk played the supporting character Kwon Eun-taek in tvN’s Cheese In The Trap. He is the close friend of Hong Seol, played by leading actress Kim Go-eun and Jang Bo-ra, played by actress Park Min-ji. In Cheese In The Trap, Kwon Eun-taek had a crush on Park Min-jo, his university senior. The Eun-taek and Min-ji couple showed an alternate romantic storyline that got viewers wondering whether their on-screen chemistry is real. Both are interested in making Jang Bo-ra’s romantic relationship to go well. Off the screen, the Taek couple showed good chemistry. People that are in love usually intuitively follow their crush’s actions. During the promotional interviews, Nam Joo-hyuk and Park Min-ji oftentimes drank beverages at the same time. News reporters were curious whether they have an interest in each other. That was all the information about Nam Joo-hyuk’s romantic partners in dramas. Which actress do you think suits his style the best? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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