Many fans were amazed by the member’s dancing skills and some of them is a professional dancers too. In this article, we will get to know more about NCT’s member’s dance ranking from highest to lowest. In this article below, let’s learn more about NCT’s dance ranking!

NCT’s Members Dance Ranking

NCT’s members are very well-known for their stage presence every time perform on stage. Besides having so many members with a high potential to be great K-Pop idols in the future, NCT’s members also have excellent dance skills. Here’s the list of NCT’s members’ dance rankings that you should know : So, which one is your favorite bias in NCT? Is he included in the best dancer of the group category? Let’s get more details about NCT’s members’ dance rank and their strengths or weakness in this session below!

1st: NCT’s Ten

NCT’s Ten was inspired to learn to dance from “Step Up”. This Thai member is known as one of the best dancers in NCT. Not only that, but he is also the mentor of “Great Dance Crew” which is a variety show that shows the dancing competition of each contestant.

NCT’s Ten also released singles titled “Dream in A Dream” and “New Heroes”, which showed off his incredible dancing skills. NCT’s Ten has a variety of dance moves with an expressive demeanor. He often gets solo dance breaks in various choreographies.

2nd: NCT’s Taeyong

NCT’s Taeyong has the center position when performing on stage. He learned to dance when he was a trainee at the age of 17, now Taeyong is known as a leader and main dancer. He auditioned at SM Entertainment with a background as a graduate of the School of Performing Arts in Seoul.

NCT’s Taeyong likes hip-hop music and anything upbeat. One of his hobbies is composing rap lyrics and dancing in the dark. During his trainee days, Taeyong was pretty bad at choreography. SM Entertainment was a bit pessimistic about Taeyong’s ability, but now he become a great dancer.

3rd: NCT’s Yuta

Since childhood, Yuta has been a soccer player. No wonder he is physically strong and has a good balance when dancing. He became one of the first Japanese members to be in NCT and his dancing skills are well known among the members.

NCT’s Yuta made it to the Top 3 position as the best dancer. He can give a charismatic impression that is shown when dancing on stage. Sometimes he can be the center between Ten and Taeyong when promoting together.

4th: NCT’s Jisung

In NCT Dream, Jisung is a member who has the nickname of a dancing machine. He appeared in a K-Pop idols dancer variety show with SHINee’s Taemin and HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang. His ability to dance is unquestionable, so he managed to get the 4th rank as the best dancer of NCT.

NCT’s Jisung is the maknae in NCT. Jisung is a reliable dancer he started dancing when he was little. Jisung once entered a dance competition when he was in NCT to expand his dance skills.

5th: NCT’s Mark

Dubbed a multitalented idol, Mark is often seen as the center of NCT’s performances thanks to his stunning dance skills. Not only that, but Mark also often shows his dance skills by being in the center of the group and having quite powerful dance moves.

NCT’s Mark has also received praise from one of the choreographers because he is not only good at dancing, but he also helps make choreography for the group.

6th: NCT’s Jeno

NCT’s Jeno has an athletic body, he is a rapper in the group. He has pretty good dance skills from among NCT Dream’s members, he also often shows his sharp dance moves that are seen in every choreography with an upbeat tempo.

NCT’s Jeno was also given a spot to be in the front row of the dancer line when they promoted as a whole group.

7th: NCT’s Jaehyun

NCT’s Jaehyun got 7th rank on the dance rank. NCT’s Jaehyun has a reasonably tall body compared to the other members, so he can stand out when doing any choreographies.

Many people will attract to NCT’s Jaehyun, because he has a distinctive character in his dance moves.

8th: NCT’s Winwin

NCT’s Winwin attended The Central Academy Of Drama, Beijing, this idol specializes in traditional Chinese dance.

NCT’s Winwin has also studied traditional Chinese dance since he was a child, he is known to have a flexible body and he was lined up as a dancer for NCT 127 and WayV.

9th: NCT’s Jungwoo

NCT’s Jungwoo got the 9th position when it comes to dancing rank. He has good body language, so when he dances he can give an impression that is interesting to look at.

NCT’s Jungwoo’s dance moves are also natural but not too powerful for a professional dancer.

10th: NCT’s Haechan

The last one, NCT’s Haechan got the 10th position when it comes to dancing rank. He has his character in dancing and looks natural in every move.

NCT’s Haechan would be considered with vocal rather than dance lines because he has more vital vocal skills. Well, that was all for the information about NCT’s dance rankings and the Top 10 best dancers of the group that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share this on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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