As you guys can see from the title, Jaehyun made a cover of the song “I Like Me Better” by the American singer Lauv. His cover has become really popular, and people fell in love with the song, especially Jaehyun’s cover version. And what about Lauv’s reaction to Jaehyun’s cover of “I Like Me Better?” You’ll find the answer in the article down below, so stay tuned on Channel-Korea.

Jaehyun Covers Lauv’s “I Like Me Better”

In August 2019, NCT’s Jaehyun spoiled his fans by releasing his latest cover song at that time, namely “I Like Me Better” originally by American singer Lauv. The song’s cover was uploaded on the NCT YouTube account, and it became popular instantly. Moreover, the music video of the song’s cover also rose to popularity quickly after its first release. While this article was written, the music video of Jaehyun’s cover of “I Like Me Better” has been watched about 13 million times! Just like the original music video of “I Like Me Better” by Lauv, in Jaehyun’s “I Like Me Better” music video we can see that Jaehyun was really enjoying all the moments while he was shooting all the scenes during the making process of the cover version of “I Like Me Better.” A lot of NCTzens were crazy about his appearance since they thought that Jaehyun’s soft and deep voice matched really well with his boyfriend material look! One of the fun facts about Jaehyun’s “I Like Me Better” cover, is that the music video was recorded in Paris, France and London, England while NCT 127 was on their NEO CITY- THE ORIGIN world tour a couple of months ago. Through the music video, it almost feels like NCT’s Jaehyun is showing off the romanticism of Paris and London since we all know that Paris is famously known as the “City of Love.” Watch the performance of Jaehyun’s “I Like Me Better” cover version in the video below.

There’s a lot of love and support from the fans towards Jaehyun’s cover songs. They also gave multiple compliments to the idol as well. The fans fell in love with Jaehyun’s performance, and are also proud of his English pronunciation until they forgot that Jaehyun was actually pure Korean! “I’m even forgetting he’s Korean at this point.” “The title should be ‘Jaehyun being a boyfriend material that you could never have in your life for 3 minutes straight.’” “Whoever filmed this was probably floating the whole time.” “His voice oh gosh, his face just a bonus but his voice its a gift.” “I swear he’s like one of the most talented and underrated K-Pop idols. I mean he’s got the visual, he’s so good at singing and dancing.” “The way he flirts with the camera should be a crime. HE’S SO HANDSOME!”

Lauv’s Reaction

“I Like Me Better” was originally sung by Lauv. With Jaehyun’s angelic voice and boyfriend material look, Jaehyun made an incredibly good cover of the song. Through NCT’s official Twitter account, @NCTsmtown, Jaehyun shared a link of his cover of “I Like Me Better.” And guess what? The tweet was replied by Lauv! Lauv simply replied to the tweet with: “<3 <3 <3” to which Jaehyun also replied through the NCT account. He genuinely replied, “Always thank you for good music – Jaehyun.” Jaehyun thanked him for always making such good music, which also made him enjoy the song and also made such a cover as well. Through that simple interaction, we could see that both Lauv and Jaehyun were supporting each other pretty well, right?

— NCT (@NCTsmtown) August 22, 2019 Not only that, but Lauv also commented through his YouTube account on Jaehyun’s cover songs! He left a comment on the NCT YouTube account by writing, “Yoooo” along with blue heart emoji and a crying emoji as well.

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