Jaehyun rarely used to show his body much compared to the other members during performances. Many speculations came and went about his body. Now, check closely his amazing abs and how he gained them in this Channel-Korea article! Stay curious!

Jaehyun’s Abs Revealed Close-Up

Jaehyun finally showed his abs! On the video log of NCT’s tour preparations, Yuta, Taeyong, and Jaehyun seemed to have fun after their dance practice. Yuta hosted the video and shot a snippet of Jaehyun showing his cool abs. In the beginning, Taeyong came and showed his body under his shirt. This was followed by Jaehyun also flashing under his shirt. Have you seen the video? Look at how Jaehyun confidently shows his abs. This rarely happens, so check the video below! The toned sections of Jaehyun’s abs are completely natural and bold.

Do you need Jaehyun’s abs on repeat? We know it’s important to capture this, don’t you agree?

Jaehyun’s Abs When Performing

Yes, this is one of the extraordinary events when his abs can be seen clearly on the screen. Jaehyun rarely shows his body even during his stage presence. So, here is a compilation about his abs during stage acts so you can see more of him!

Jaehyun’s Abs Compared to Other NCT Members

Jaehyun is not alone. He is not the only one who has cool, sexy abs, of course. You may see a lot more of NCT members showing off their bodies. Comparing does not always mean competition, but just to know more, why not? Here are Taeyong and Jaehyun’s abs. Which one is your favorite? There is no winning or losing. Let’s agree that everybody’s image is wonderful, and so are their abs.

What People Said about Jaehyun’s Abs

In the video’s comment section, many fans of NCT went crazy after seeing Jaehyun’s abs. This is what Jaehyun’s fans wanted for so long. Some of them expressed tearful and shocked emoticons. The abs stole the whole show that Yuta hosted on NCT’s video. Here are some of their comments: “abs were shown, tears were shed, Yuta spoke Japanese what more could u want 🤧” “why I have a feeling that they were fooling around thinking the editors will cut this part but instead the editors let it be 😂”

Jaehyun’s Workout Routine

How do you get Jaehyun’s incredible body? Jaehyun shared his workout routine, so it is no secret anymore! In one of the video logs on the official NCT YouTube channel NCT Daily, Jaehyun shows off his workout secret tips. First, do warm-up exercises including treadmill sessions and stretching. Next, do military presses, upright rows, pull-ups, barbell rows, barbell back squats, alternating planks, and kettlebell swings. To cool down, Jaehyun used the treadmill. This tip has been trending on Twitter as well. Check his full video of his workout below!

As you can see, Jaehyun passionately exercises with a personal trainer at a fitness gym. This marks the reason why his abs are so incredible and healthy. He worked hard to gain his muscly arms and abs. Jaehyun worked his muscles with multiple sets of muscle-building exercises. During his workout, he always kept smiling. He even persuades his trainer to do another set after the session finishes. Jaehyun’s dedication and hard work really pay off!

Jaehyun’s Diet Tips

Jaehyun has a habit of eating, and people often capture him in the act. This may or may not be related to his diet but is still interesting to know. Jaehyun often eats rice by rolling it into a ball before he eats it. Some people say that this can allow you to eat less and is useful for someone who’s on a diet. However, whether Jaehyun is under a diet or not, his habit of making rice into a small ball is quite fascinating. His fans recommend him to do a mukbang or eating live show since his style of eating is so adorable and more unique than anybody else. Looking at Jaehyun eating, it really urges people to try his style. This also happened to Johnny, one of NCT’s members. During SBS Power FM NCT’s Night Night, Johnny revealed that every time he’s with Jaehyun, he always wants to have something to eat as well. On that show, Jaehyun also clarified that he endures not eating much at night although he confessed that he did having a late-night meal.

Jaehyun’s Dual Image Between Cute and Bold Abs

Jaehyun is known as a person who is portrayed as cute and aegyo. Now, since he was recorded showing his abs with Taeyong, fans compiled that Jaehyun has dual charms. The scene of his sexy abs made Jaehyun release a new side of himself, the bold and cool guy. His soft side remains there yet those bold abs became complementary charms on him. Which side do you like the most, the cute or the bold one? Put your comments below about which side you are on. And, don’t forget to share with your friends if you like this article!

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