For some people, tattoos are used to express themselves and appreciate the creativity that exists within a person. Here’s the list of NCT’s members who have tattoos before going into detail information :

NCT’s Johnny’s Arm Tattoos

NCT’s Johnny revealed a hidden tattoo on his arm during the “Beyond the Live” concert that was broadcast in June 2020, which is the real one. NCT’s Johnny said, “Hey guys. So, yeah, I did get a sunflower tattoo. I really wanted to (get one). The reason I got it was because of the meaning behind flowers in general.” The placement of sunflowers in relation to the sun shows how everyone can succeed and thrive in the face of adversity. Johnny explained, “How (sunflower) always faces the sun, or how it has positive energy and meaning.” That’s why tattoos are a source of strength for Johnny to overcome all his obstacles and stay motivated. The tattoo wasn’t just for him. Because Johnny derives strength from the beautiful resilience of sunflowers, he hopes that NCTzens can achieve the same from him and NCT 127. NCT’s Johnny revealed, “And I hope that anyone watching or listening can feel our energy, feel that energy from us a little bit and really stay positive, stay healthy.”

NCT’s Taeyeong’s Arm Tattoos

During his Instagram live, NCT’s Taeyong explained one by one the meaning of his tattoo. He mentioned that his first tattoo was a word that reads ‘Under’ which is located on his left arm. Then the word ‘Stand’ is on the right arm. “This tattoo is a reminder that I want to be a person who can always respect and understand,” he said. There’s also a small tattoo with a small dog is the design of his sister, which is Ruby, engraved on his bicep. Another one, he admitted that the tattoo he has on his right arm with a compass in it depicts NCT and SuperM. “I have a compass tattoo, it has the letters N and S in it. N stands for NCT, and S stands for SuperM,” Taeyong said. There is also another meaning behind the north star and anchor tattoo. On a different occasion, Taeyong had revealed that when he was going through difficult times at that time.

NCT’s Yuta’s Hip Tattoos

So far, NCT’s Yuta has not covered up the fact that he has several tattoos. During NCT 127’s performance for their song “Lemonade”, one dance move raised Yuta’s shirt high enough for fans to get a peek at his two tattoos and body piercing. Upon closer look, it is revealed Yuta has a butterfly tattoo on the left side of his stomach. Since the tattoo on his right side was lower, it couldn’t be seen even by a keen eyed fan. It’s also not the only time fans have seen it. For the “Sticker” performance, Yuta wore a see-through shirt which made NCTzens see his butterfly tattoo better. Apart from seeing more details of the beautiful butterfly, everyone could also see the piercing in its navel.

NCT’s Ten’s Upper Arm, Shoulder, Chest Tattoos

NCT’s Ten is the member who has the most tattoos on his body. He has more than two tattoos on his arm. When Ten didn’t wear a shirt for the group’s comeback “Turn Back Time”, he made everyone love his sexy look but prefer his new tattoo. The tattoo on Ten’s chest is crescent-shaped and looks artful. It turned out that there was a special reason for Ten to put the tattoo there. Ten is known to have a curved scar there. Although there were some fans who found out about the scar, many still found out for the first time. They were touched to see Ten turning him into something beautiful. Besides that, a fan also spotted NCT’s Ten’s fifth tattoo. During an Instagram live, NCT’s Ten took the time to show love to one of their cats, Leon, by scratching his furry little head. Right above the first tattoo on Ten’s right arm, there is a new tattoo that is different from the others. On a closer look, fans discovered that the first half of the two lines were in English with the last word on each apparently in another language. The first line says “YOU ARE THE”, while the second line says “YOU HAVE TO.” NCT’s Ten also shared a picture with the caption “LIGHT BURN”, fans easily matched it with his tattoo which apparently reads, “YOU ARE THE LIGHT. YOU HAVE TO BURN”.

NCT’s Lucas’ Shoulder Tattoos

During “Awaken the World” several albums, NCT’s Lucas surprised fans by showing a tattoo in one of the teaser photos. Before Lucas’ teaser for the album “Awaken the World” was released, the tattoo on his left stomach was completely hidden from fans. In one of WayV’s live broadcasts, all the members gathered together to eat watermelon. When Lucas reached out for more fruit, he forgot that he was trying to hide his back. On the back of Lucas’ left shoulder, viewers can glimpse a second tattoo. Seeing his eyes widen when he realized that his back was showing, it was clear that he wasn’t really ready to show this tattoo on his back. Fans assume that the tattoo design is a Dragon. Well, that was all for the information about NCT’s tattoo. Not all members have tattoos and let’s keep appreciating their creativity. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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