Oh Chang-suk and Lee Chae-eun met for the first time on the set of Taste of Love Season 2. Taste of Love Season 2 is a reality show aired on TV Chosun from May 23rd to September 19th, 2019, for a total of 16 episodes. In the show, a celebrity and a non-celebrity date for 100 days under contract. After the 100 days have passed, the couple decides whether they want to continue dating or not. Oh Chang-seok has become one of the cast members. He was paired with Lee Chae-eun. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun’s romance in Taste of Love Season Two. So, stay tuned!

Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun in Taste of Love Season 2

In the first episode, Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun met for the first time. The two of them already had a good feeling from the first meeting. The panels already had expectations of creating a real-life couple like it happened with actor Lee Pil-mo and Seo Su-yeon from Taste of Love Season 1. Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun showed their interest in each other. Since the weather was good, Oh Chang-seok asked Lee Chae-eun for a drive to Mount Bugak. However, when she got into the car, the hem of her pants was ripped. After arriving at the location, while Lee Chae-eun enjoyed the view, Oh Chang-seok went to buy a clothespin for Lee Chae-eun and even knelt down to put on the clothespin to fix the hem of Lee Chae-eun’s pants. Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun then went to have dinner together. After the dinner, Oh Chang-seok asked for her number. In the last episode of Taste of Love Season 2, Oh Chang-seok appeared on KBS’ Cool FM’s Yoon Jung-soo and Nam Chang-hee’s Mr. Radio as a guest, while Lee Chae-eun listened at a café. DJ Yoon Jung-soo asked if there was a moment when he realized that she was the one. Oh Chang-seok replied that he wanted to follow his heart and he developed faith in her. Lee Chae-eun smiled as she listened. When asked about marriage, Oh Chang-suk answered that he and Lee Cha-eun will continue to see each other and will continue being together if their thoughts align. On the radio show, Oh Chang-seok sang Kim Bum-soo’s “I Miss You.” Afterward, he explained that it was the first song he sang at karaoke during his first date with Lee Chae-eun and she cried as she listened. He also sent a video message to Lee Chae-eun. He shyly said that their hearts were more important than what other people thought and they decided to be true to their current feelings. He thanked her for making a brave decision. Lee Chae-eun became teary again. Oh Chang-seok came to see her at the café after his radio appearance and asked if she listened to the radio well. Lee Chae-eun replied that it was her first time hearing him talk about her. She felt weird, affectionate and moved. Oh Chang-seok said that while coming there, he thought about how it’s more important after the program ended and curious about their future. He said that he had fun when he was with her and that’s what important for him. Lee Chae-eun said that she felt the same way and it’s cool that they are such a good match. His first impression was memorable, and his sincere appearance when the cameras went off moved her even more. Oh Chang-seok and Lee Cha-eun shook hands while laughing. They told each other that they worked hard until now. Their segment ended with the announcement that they’ll be going on a trip overseas after Oh Chang-seok’s drama wraps up.

Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun Confirm They’re Now Really Dating

On July 2nd, 2019, Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun took on the role of first pitcher and batter at the Hanhwa Eagles vs LG Twins baseball game. Before throwing the first pitch, Oh Chang-seok publicly announced that he and Lee Chae-eun have started dating for real. The announcement surprised everyone. The MC asked whether he meant dating in real-life or dating for the television show. Oh Chang-seok answered that they decided to officially date. Oh Chang-seok’s agency confirmed the announcement. The agency said that they found out a few days before. The agency said that they didn’t ask when the couple started dating as it was a private matter. They added that the couple were carefully developing their feelings and asked to look upon the couple kindly. On September 3rd, 2019, Oh Chang-seok was a guest on KBS Cool FM’s Yoon Jung-soo and Nam Chang-hee’s Mr. Radio. He was asked if he feels any pressure about dating publicly. He replied that before the reality show began, he told the staff that if he liked someone who was on the show, he planned to date publicly. He had already decided before the show to date publicly. He continued that actor Lee Pil-mo got married through the show and that highlighted the authenticity of the programs. Oh Chang-seok said that he followed his feelings. A listener asked if Oh Chang-seok plans to get married to Lee Chae-eun. He answered that there are thoughts about marriage as they are dating. However, he was filming a drama so they couldn’t meet for long and he thought that they had to meet more. Oh Chang-seok also shared about the kind of marriage life he’d like to have. He said that he wanted to create a shared hobby with his wife. Oh Chang-seok also talked about the age gap with Lee Chae-eun. He was born in 1982, while Lee Chae-eun was born in 1995. There is a 13-year age gap between them. He also said that he started his morning by talking via messenger with Lee Chae-eun and they tend to talk a lot.

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