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Song Kang’s Appearance in Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a Netflix original horror series about a mysterious plague that swept across a country. The plague turned humans into monsters that feed on the human’s own greed and desire. Each monster is different because of the character and the personality of the human that it consumes. Song Kang played the lead character in the webtoon adapted series. The handsome actors acted alongside established names such as Lee Si-young, Lee Jin-wook, and new actors such as Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si. Might be you like to check: CHECK OUT LEE DO-HYUN AND HIS FIGHT AGAINST MONSTERS IN ‘SWEET HOME’

Song Kang’s Character in Sweet Home

Song Kang played the main role, Cha Hyeon-soo, a loner-type high school student who shuts his heart from friendship or any social interaction. His family was killed tragically in a sudden accident. To make it worse, people around him bullied him instead of supporting him. He moved to a new place and must live on his own. Due to the loss of his family, Cha Hyeon-soo has no reason to live, and he lives each day without anything to fight for. An unknown plague swept across the country and turned anyone on its path into monsters. In the end, he also turned into a monster, albeit a good one. He is the only hope of the remaining people to protect them and get rid of all the monsters. Despite living his life without anything to live for, Cha Hyeon-soo keeps fighting or running away from the monster. Every day, he struggles with whether to continue fighting or just give up. In his group, he is the type who puts others’ safety before his own. He is slightly cowardly but becomes very courageous when his friends need him.

Song Kang’s Memorable Scenes in Sweet Home

In the second episode, Song Kang risked his life to save the family that lives in the same apartment with him. At first, he chose to lock himself in his room, but after hearing the kids crying for help, Song Kang tried to catch the monster’s attention by throwing things at it. It was his first face-to-face encounter with the monster.

Surely, this is the most memorable moment of Song Kang’s Cha Hyeon-soo’s character in Sweet Home. A monster who lives inside of one of his friends’ attacks and wound him badly. The monster sets a fire and prepares to leave Song Kang while he struggles to survive. In an unexpected turn of events, Song Kang turned into a vicious monster. His right arm turns into a gigantic wing with huge knife-like feathers. The background music made the scene even more dramatic as Song Kang shows his monster shape.

When a vicious spider-like monster attacks the Green Home, where Song Kang and all survivors live, all the residents teamed up to catch the monster. They try to trap one of its feet and hang the monster so that it can’t move. Even with the help of other residents, they nearly fail to subdue the monster. In the last minutes before the monster escape, Song Kang appears and stabs the monster with an electric weapon. With the help of Hyeon-soo, all of the residents survive just to fight for another day.

Song Kang’s Sweet Home Ending

In the final episode, all of the remaining survivors were rescued. Song Kang wasn’t with the survivors, but he was with Pyeon Sang-wook. At first, he seemed safe and sound, but it appeared that he wasn’t safe, and Pyeon Sang-wook might have a different plan for him.

Song Kang Sweet Home Off-Screen Moments

Song Kang gets the most compliment for his handsome looks compared to other actors. Even the compliment comes from Lee Dong-wook, the handsome and masculine actor. Lee Si-young frequently praises Song Kang’s youthful appearance even though he isn’t the youngest actor in the group. Song enjoyed his collaboration with the actors of Sweet Home, especially with Lee Do-hyun. Lee Do-hyun is only one year younger than him. Song Kang and Lee Do-hyun talked with each other frequently and collaborated really well during the shooting. They also commented about each other’s acting skills.

During an interview with online media, Song Kang was surprised when hearing about Netflix’s Sweet Home production budget. Apparently, Netflix’s Sweet Home is his biggest project to date, and he huge pressure to succeed. However, he determined to perform well and studied his character a lot. Regarding acting and dealing with CGI effects, Song Kang said he had to focus and did some of his parts without any partner and in front of the green screen. In the past, he used to see actors acting in front of the green screen, and this time, it was his chance to do it.

Song Kang’s and Sweet Home Season 2

In the wake of Sweet Home‘s success, Song Kang was interviewed about possible new episodes and new plots in Sweet Home Season 2. He said that there was no news about it yet. Before the shooting, there was a statement about a second season if the first season went well and gained a lot of viewers. Might be you like to check: THE FULL LIST OF THE BEST K-DRAMAS ON NETFLIX IN 2021 Song Kang also looks forward to working with Lee Do-hyun and other actors in the second season. Song Kang’s fan worries that if the start of the second season is delayed, they worry about whether he will enlist the mandatory military service. Rather than worrying about the second season, Song Kang chooses to focus on his next project, Love Alarm. What do you think about Song Kang’s role and performance in Sweet Home? Do you think that he improves his acting skill compares to the previous drama projects? Tell us about your opinion and tell us about your favorite Song Kang’s moments in Sweet Home. Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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