Details About Suho’s First Solo, Self-Portrait

Suho has made his first solo mini-album through Self-Portrait! It was officially released on March 30, 2020, and the lead single for the song was Let’s Love. Aside from that, the album wasn’t the usual K-Pop album but also the mixture of pop and rock genre as well. SM Entertainment also released several teasers of Sehun for Self-Portrait, which made the fans couldn’t wait any longer! Moreover, Suho also participated in the whole making process of his album! Self-Portrait also marked as Suho’s first solo debut project after his eight years career along with EXO. About the lyrics writing, Suho was marked as the co-writer for them as well. The self-Portrait album cover portrayed the four different paintings of Suho. He also explained that he did want to visually depict the four different seasons, as well as the four different sides of himself. Besides, the album also gained a lot of achievements through music charts whether in Korean music hart or international charts such as Gaon Album Chart, Itunes Album Chart, QQ Music from China, KuGou music, Kuwo mUSIC Digital Album, and many more! Self-Portrait album teaser: Here is Self-Portrait song tracklist:

Interesting Facts About Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait To Representing Himself

One of the purposes of releasing Self-Portrait was to show who he was as a person. According to him, he used to had a desire to made music with his music taste, and it finally happened through his first mini-album. This is also becoming his first music within his reflection as well.

Inspired By Painting

As you can see, Self-Portrait album cover was looked like a painting. Turns out, it did inspire my painting! Suho was inspired by a painting named “Self Portrait” from Vincent van Gogh which also he has seen during his trip on Paris and Switzerland, that’s why he wanted to make his album to becoming like a self-portrait of himself.

Suho’s Participation For Album Making Process

Suho was explained that he also participated in the whole process for Self-Portrait! Such as choosing the concept for album cover, music production process, writing the lyrics, and many more!

The Story Behind Let’s Love Single

When he was talking about Let’s Love, Suho was explained that the song also narrated about the bravery to fell in love, despite the difficulty to show our feelings. Let’s Love also could make people to felt various emotions based on what they truly felt at that time. For your information, Let’s Love was Suho’s favorite track from the album!

The Mixture of Pop and Rock Album

Self-Portrait also using pop and rock for its genre, which was made the album even more attractive! It also is proven through the various song genre such as modern rock for Let’s Love, ballad rock for Starry Night, synth-rock for Self-Portrait, and many more.

Let’s Love As His ‘Watchword’

Suho also made ‘Let’s Love‘ as his own watchword. The words also referring to his love towards EXO members as well as EXO-Ls, since they were taking such a huge part of supporting his career, especially for his first mini-album!

Live Session

Let’s take a look at Suho’s live session for the tracks from Self-Portrait album! Suho – O2 

In this performance, Suho looks like drowning beautifully within the deep of sea, as we could see the shadows of water. And obviously, his amazing vocal also sounds stable yet harmonized as well! Suho – Made In You

Made In You live session also becoming one of the most-watched videos from Suho’s live session! The soft rhythm from its song, with the mixture of Suho’s deep voice and ‘shady’ background setting, his performance was beyond amazing! We could also hear Suho’s high-notes within this performance! Suho – Self Portrait (Live Session)

Suho’s amazing performance during Self-Portrait live session was one of his best solo performance ever! With monochrome concept for the music video, Suho with his own charisma was standing confidently in the middle of the stage with the amazing music from escort band! Suho feat. Younha – For You Now

The mixture of Suho’s deep voice and Younha’s soft voice was beyond expectations! Both of them were beautifully united into one harmonization, which also made their performance was amazing! Suho – Starry Night

Another monochrome concept from Suho’s live session! His deep yet soft voice also matched with the ballad genre song, as his emotions also united into his performance! We could also see the ‘true’ reflection of his personal! Suho – Let’s Love

Since Let’s Love was becoming the lead single from Self-Portrait, Suho was performing the song into music shows such as SBS Inkigayo. The comfy vibes within his performance also felt as if we were watched him in a private concert!

Suho’s Military Enlistment

After gained a lot of attention through the release of Self-Portrait, Suho finally should have left for his military service. He was the third member who went to the military, right after D.O and Xiumin. Previously, Suho was written the announcement of his military service through an emotional note on Lysn. From the note, he was revealed about the military service and the thought of missed EXO members as well as EXO-Ls. He also wished that EXO-Ls who have been supporting him to remained healthy, and he show his gratitude for them as well. Then the other EXO members also drove him off for the military training camp. On May 14, Suho went to Nonsan Army Training Center which was located in South Chungcheong Province to enlisted himself. He is also has taken a picture along with Kai, Chen, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Baekhyun with his new appearance with a bald hairstyle. Even though Lay wasn’t there to accompany him, he was sending his love for Suho through his Instagram story with the caption “Let’s love. Goodbye, leader“. That was all of the information about Suho and his first mini-album Self-Portrait! Since it was one of the most anticipated projects from him, no wonder that it gained a lot of great achievement and recognition from people, especially his fans. It also marked him as one of the best soloist as well as the leader of EXO! Let’s always supporting him and wait for another project from him in the future! Comment down below which one of your favourite track from Self-Portrait!

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