There have been a lot of contestants on Superstar K, but to make it easy, Channel Korea will inform you about some of the famous contestants from the show, such as Kang Seung-yoon, Ulala Session, Roy Kim, and many more! Some of them gained popularity from the talent show, which successfully made Superstar K one of the most exciting talent shows on television. And now, here’s a list of Superstar K‘s contestants and details about their journey in entertainment industry, as well!

Kang Seung-yoon

First of all, let’s start with Kang Seung-yoon! People might be already familiar with him, since he was famously known as the leader of the boy-group WINNER! Moreover, Kang Seung-yoon is also known as a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. Previously, in 2010, Kang Seung-yoon participated on the show Superstar K, and he became one of the top four, as well, but he ended up being eliminated. Through Superstar K, Kang Seung-yoon released two singles, I’ll Write You a Letter and Instinctively, and Instinctively became one of the 100 best singles at that time. Following his journey in Superstar K, Kang Seung-yoon became one of the trainees in YG Entertainment, starting in 2011. Actually, he began his career as a solo singer in 2013,  also under YG Entertainment, then he released the single Wild and Young. Not only Superstar K, but Seung-yoon also participated in WIN: Who Is Next in 2014. The show was about to deciding between two teams (A Team and B Team) from YG Entertainment, to end being debuted in the end of the show. Seung-yoon was part of the A Team, and, surprisingly, A Team became the winner of WIN. Then they made it to debut as the boy-group WINNER! Finally, in 2014, Kang Seung-yoon became the leader of the group, and WINNER officially debuted on August 12, 2014. Kang Seung-yoon has also been involved in other entertainment activities, such as acting, modeling, endorsement, and more! He appeared in the web drama We Broke Up, as the lead male character, and was also in the drama Love For a Thousand More. Top Songs by Kang Seung-yoon Here’s the list of top songs from Kang Seung-yoon:

  1. Instinctively (2010)
  2. It Rains (2013)
  3. Wild and Young (2013)
  4. Stealer (2013)
  5. Life is Tab (2011)
  6. Have You Ever Fallen in Love (2011)
  7. Wild Boy (2014)
  8. I’ll Write You a Letter (2010)   Kang Seung-yoon’s Best Performance Watch some of the best performances from Kang Seung-yoon:

What has he been up to lately? Kang Seung-yoon has continued his career in the entertainment industry, focusing on his activities with WINNER. In November 2019, he and the other WINNER members were just releasing their latest mini album, CROSS. Some of the singles on CROSS were written by Kang Seung-yoon, as well. Obviously, Kang Seung-yoon and the other members of WINNER have been on their world tour for the album CROSS! You can also check out the latest updates from Kang Seung-yoon’s official Instagram account, @w_n_r00 here:

Roy Kim

Next, we have another male singer from Superstar K, Roy Kim! Roy Kim, who has the real name Kim Sang-woo, enrolled himself in an audition for Superstar K‘s fourth season in 2012, when he was about to take a break in college. And, proudly, Roy Kim successfully became the first winner of the show! In the same year, he made his first debut through the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong. Roy Kim is known as a singer, songwriter, and radio announcer, as well. After his victory in Superstar K, he followed up by releasing his debut album, Love Love Love, in 2013. From that album, he gained a lot of attention from people, and it also led him to receive a lot of awards, such as Best New Male Artist, Rookie of The Year, Popularity Award, and many more! After the success of Love Love Love, Roy Kim was increasing focused his music through his next album, Home, in 2014, following with a third album, The Great Dipper, in 2015. One of his latest music projects was his first extended play, in 2017, Blooming Season. In February 2018, he released the hit single Only Then, which also led him to receive a lot of attention and awards. Even though he was busy working in the entertainment industry, Roy Kim was also still focused on his education in college. He was continued his education at Georgetown University, and got his degree in 2019. Top Songs by Roy Kim Here’s the list of top songs from Roy Kim:

  1. Only Then (2018)
  2. The Hardest Part (2018)
  3. Suddenly (2017)
  4. Egoist (2017)
  5. The Great Dipper (2015)
  6. It’s Christmas Day (2014)
  7. Home (2014)
  8. Love Love Love (2013)   Roy Kim’s Best Performance Watch some of the best performances from Roy Kim:

People might be curious about his latest news, right? Let’s find out about it here! People was surprised by the sex video scandal which involved Roy Kim in April 2019. It was made him skip his graduation at Georgetown University, and he was returned to South Korea to be investigated, instead. Unfortunately, he became one of the suspects from the scandal. Even his father, Kim Hong-tae, deleted him from his profile on Naver, and no longer considers his son family. You could also check out the updates from Roy Kim’s official Instagram account, @roykimmusic, here:

A post shared by 로이킴 Roy Kim (@roykimmusic) on Mar 7, 2019 at 1:03am PST

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Ulala Session

Let’s move on with Ulala Session! This time, the contestant was kinda different, since they weren’t a solo singer, but a band, instead! Ulala Session became the first winner from Superstar K‘s third season, in 2011. The band consisted of Kim Myung-hoon, Park Seung-il, Ha Jun-seok, and Choe Do-won. Actually, the original leader of Ulala Session used to be Lim Yoon-taek, but he died in 2013 due to cancer. Actually, Ulala Session wasn’t widely known in South Korea at first, but as time went b,y they proved that their music could unite people through rhythm. Ulala Session also often appeared in official soundtracks for various K-Dramas, such as The Moon Cries (from Golden Rainbow), Love Fiction (It’s Okay, That’s Love), Waikiki Wonderland (Welcome to Waikiki), Stay (from Queen of Mystery 2), and many more. In 2012, Ulala Session released their first mini album, with the title Ulala Sensation, which was divided into part 1 and part 2. That was followed with their next mini album, Memory, in 2013. Currently, Ulala Session is under Stone Music Entertainment. Top Songs by Ulala Session Here’s the list of top songs from Ulala Session:

  1. Beautiful (20127)
  2. Anxious Heart (2014)
  3. Those Who Are Crying Now (2014)
  4. I’ll Be There (2013)
  5. To Lover (2013)
  6. Used It All Up (2012)
  7. With You (2011)   Ulala Session’s Best Performance Watch some of the best performances from Ulala Session:

Now that we’ve talked about Ulala Session’s journey, now let’s move to the group’s latest news! If you’re curious, keep on reading! Ulala Session has been focusing their activities in the entertainment industry. They keep on writing and producing music. Some of their latest projects were for soundtracks for the K-Drama with the title No One Else, and the My Only One soundtrack, as well. Listen to No One Else from Ulala Session, here:


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