In School 2017, he performed as the forgotten idol who cares about nothing and gives up his idol career. His character becomes more and more likable due to the interaction with a classmate who happens to be his biggest fan. Find out about the chemistry and funny scenes between Rowoon, the idol, and his biggest fan in School 2017.

Rowoon’s Role in the Drama School 2017

School 2017 is a romantic and sweet drama about high school students’ romances. The drama showed the real problems that almost every high school student endures. It has beautiful memories and sad memories. School 2017 starred Kim Jung-hyun and former IOI Kim Se-jeong as the lead actor and actress. The drama also marked the first supporting role appearance of SF9‘s lead singer Rowoon.

Rowoon acted as an idol named Issue. He is a member of a promising idol group. Even though the group’s popularity was on the rise, his own popularity was left behind. He always feels nervous anywhere and anytime. Since his school attendance is so low, his agency asked him to focus on his studies rather than on his idol career.

 Rowoon’s Acting Scene and Chemistry with the Cast

Park Se-wan’s character Oh Sa-rang falls in love at first sight when Issue is transferred to her school. From the moment he enters the class and introduces himself, Oh Sa-rang has a crush on him. The chemistry between Oh Sa-rang and Issue provides the second love story that is very funny to watch. Issue is the type of student who cares about nothing while Sa-rang cares about everything about Issue. She follows him everywhere and calls him Oppa even though they have a similar age. Oh Sa-rang’s character is very cute, the exact opposite of Issue’s character. Despite his reluctance to her approaches, Issue seems to care about her secretly.

Rowoon’s Off-Screen Activity in the Drama School 2017

During an interview at the premiere of School 2017, Park Se-wan told some secrets about her chemistry and interactions with Rowoon. She said, “It is easy to fall in love and become Issue’s biggest fan because Rowoon is very handsome. I listened to SF9’s latest single “Easy,” and the song became the No 1 rank on my playlist.” Rowoon thanked Park Se-wan for all the attention and support she gave to the character Issue.

Rowoon’s Achievement and Interview

Rowoon made another supporting role appearance in the 2018 drama Where Star Lands. In the drama, he acted alongside Chae Soo-bin and Lee Je-hoon. In an interview, he was asked several questions about his charms and his regrets. On the set, Rowoon revealed that he is the type of new actor who freezes in front of senior actors. He tries hard to be close to the other actors but, usually, the other actors make the first approach. During the filming, he regretted not consulting the director whenever he had difficulties. He always tries hard to solve problems by himself. In the future, whenever another chance appears, he will ask many questions rather than solve problems in his own way. Rowoon and the other SF9 members made a short appearance in one of the segments in Running Man. The Running Man cast brought several old items that they wanted to trade with SF9’s items. They brought old pants and a jacket. The items look outdated when the cast wore them. However, when Rowoon wore the jacket, it looked like part of a stylish stage wardrobe. Rowoon’s tall and proportional body can make any clothes look better. Slowly but surely, Rowoon gathers more and more experience in acting. A breakthrough role can get him the lead actor role in a promising drama project. Until that time, let’s keep an eye on the Rowoon SF9 member Rowoon. Which role is your favorite Rowoon role in a drama? Tell us about your opinion and share this article with your Twitter account.

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