You may have seen interactions between sibling-idols like the Jung sisters (ex-SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal), ex-2NE1’s Dara and ex-MBLAQ’s Thunder, Boyfriend’s twins Youngmin and Gwangmin, and many more. However, have you seen interactions between Zico and Taewoon? In 2017, both of them were guests in the KBS variety show Happy Together themed “Brothers Special” together with comedian Yang brothers (Sechang and Sehyung). How was their interaction in the show? What kind of relationship do they have as siblings? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with more details about Zico and Taewoon as brothers. Let’s find out more about them!

Zico’s VS Taewoon’s Popularity

When they were asked about the favored child in the family, Zico revealed that because Taewoon debuted first, the attention went to him. After Zico debuted, he got the attention but when Taewoon appeared in the rap competition Show Me The Money, his parents were proud of him. “After a while, the attention came back to me,” Zico added. “Nowadays, their attentions are still on me,” followed by the waves of laughter of the hosts and Taewoon himself. Taewoon revealed that he also changed his way of talking to Zico. He used to talk informally to Zico since he is older but he felt small and the gap between them is too big so he gradually talked to him politely regardless of their age. It was a hard time for him because he felt Zico’s popularity is much larger than his even though they are both rappers.

Zico and Taewoon’s Relationship as Brothers


Taewoon revealed that even though both of them are rappers, they never tried to lose to each other. His statement brought about a misunderstanding with the others and Zico tried to clarify that it was in terms of work. It was a chaotic situation that the brothers tried to clarify at the same time till Taewoon asked Zico politely to let him talk first even though he could just do that without asking (because he is older). After that, Taewoon told a story about them fighting. Taewoon said that when they were fighting, he knew he would be responsible since he is the older brother so he told Zico to stop. Yet Zico didn’t want to stop and that’s when Taewoon became violent. Those all happened in middle school. Zico added jokingly that he thought he was a sandbag because Taewoon wouldn’t stop hitting him. Taewoon also said he gained weight in ninth grade meanwhile Zico danced a lot so he had a thin body. Once they played badminton and Taewoon got pissed off so he approached Zico to hit him but he swiftly dodged and hit him back with a racket.

About Each Other

The Yang brothers told a story about Se-hyung being willing to sacrifice himself if they met a murderer and one of them had to die. The hosts then asked the Woo brothers and Taewoon said that he could give up his life for Zico. The reason was rather pathetic because he said it was due to the situation where the family members had to earn money to support each other. He added, “If Zico isn’t alive, what will happen to our family?” so that was why he had to sacrifice himself. Zico smoothly praised Sechan and admired him for being aware but when he was asked about his older brother he became hesitant as if he didn’t know what to say and just said, “My brother is kind.” When asked about a memory of Taewoon’s being a cool brother, Zico shared a story when both of them were studying at the same school in Japan. He said that schools in Japan are known for their rank orders and juniors were usually called out by seniors. Yet, when the seniors figured he’s Taewoon’s brother, they let him go. Zico said all of his friends were called by the seniors except him. Taewoon added, “Your safety is what matters,” but Zico immediately replied, “You hurt me more than they did.”

A Diss Track?

Taewoon revealed that he once listened to one of Zico’s songs and found out that the song was about him. He thought Zico dissed him through the song but Zico clarified that it was not about him. Zico said he used curse and swear words a lot since he was young for his song and that his brother would easily think that the words were for him when they were actually not. In the end, Zico said it was not intended for his brother and instead he said that he didn’t put much attention to Taewoon at the time.

Can Not Share Anything

Zico said that he could not share the room with his brother because Taewoon always slept with the AC on the whole day because he couldn’t stand the heat. Zico also revealed that whenever he bought new clothes he always found his brother wearing them the next day when it should’ve been Zico himself who wore them for the first time. It bothered him because when he finally wore them, people would think he inherited them from his brother so he couldn’t show them off. The most interesting one is when they fought over chicken during high school. Zico said there was fried chicken on the table and he ended up eating it all since he was so hungry. Later when he was sleeping, he heard footsteps to his room and someone tried to wake him up. It was none other than Taewoon who asked him if he ate the chicken. Zico answered yes and Taewoon hit him for it. The next, both of them argued about who has taken money from whom. Taewoon said Zico once confessed that he took money from his uniform but Zico denied and said that Taewoon took money from his wallet instead. Taewoon then admitted that he once took money from his desk but was immediately disclaimed by Zico that it was definitely from his wallet.

Being Competitive With Each Other

They were often being competitive with each other for silly things. They once played a game of not talking to each other and the one who talked first would lose. That game unexpectedly took longer to finish, reaching three months. They also played like saying something unfinished in an argument to make the other finish the word (the one who finished it lost). Zico also revealed a trick to win an argument with Taewoon. He would just repeat his words over and over until Taewoon got pissed.

What If?

After some time, the hosts gave an idea what if the two pairs of brothers switch their brother for a while and see what kind of argument they would have. The case was the younger brother ate the chicken by himself.

Se-hyung is Zico’s Brother

The first one was Se-hyung and Zico where Zico was the younger brother. Se-hyung asked if Zico ate the whole chicken and Zico said yes. It seemed like Se-hyung held his anger but he only said that it was okay and Zico could go to sleep. Unsatisfied with the result, Taewoon added more details like he only had enough money for chicken and was gluttonous then both of them tried again. This time Se-hyung asked with more details about the chicken. After Zico admitted and promised to buy chicken the next day, Se-hyung just casually answered, “Okay.”

Taewoon is Se-chan’s Brother

It’s Taewoon’s turn with Se-chan as his younger brother. Taewoon acted as if he went into Se-chan’s room and found him sleeping inside. Taewoon asked about the chicken and Se-hyung just answered that he ate it all while still sleeping. Taewoon held his anger and said that he saved up his money to buy the chicken. After that, Se-chan casually handed over his credit card to Taewoon and told him to buy himself some chicken. Yet it only made Taewoon get mad even more and wanting to hit him.

Matches Between Two Brothers

To get a chance in Our Meme is Worth a Thousand Words, they had to win some matches. For starters, they played a telepathy game where they had to choose an answer simultaneously when they were shown a prompt. The Yang brothers failed at their first attempt then it was the Woo brothers’ turn. First, when they had to choose mom or dad, both of them chose mom. Then when they had to choose Block B or Co-ed, they answered Block B and grinned. Then when they were asked to choose between soft or hard-boiled egg, they answered softly. Next, they had to choose between sprite and cola, and they both chose sprite. Then they had to choose between the program Happy Together or Infinite Challenge but they chose to keep silent together. After that, they were scolded because it was inappropriate to choose another program since they were at Happy Together. Zico and Taewoon immediately apologized and asked if they could try again. With all the similarities, the Woo brothers won the first match.

Next, they played a game of fish sauce americano and invited a famous barista who won the 2015 US Barista Championship, Charles Babinski. This time, they had to choose one of the americano samples and tried to avoid the fish sauce one. Charles picked the wrong glass the last time he came and then he picked the wrong glass again this time at his first try. It’s time for the brothers to try but they had conflicted choice so they decided to divide themselves to older and younger ones. The older ones wanted to pick the glass without foam. If they won, they would flick on the younger’s forehead and vice versa. All of them drank at the same time and some were acting so it was difficult to know who got the wrong ones. However, Se-chan and Zico gave up their acting and could not hold their faces. As a result, the older ones got to flick their fingers on the younger’s forehead but instead, they asked Se-chan to hit Charles who also got it wrong. In the end, Charles chose the winners for the match and he chose the team who didn’t hit him which was Zico and Taewoon.

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