Dance Practice

Korean idols usually make a dance practice video so the fans can learn the choreography more specifically. Let’s take a look at Seulgi’s and Jimin’s dance practice videos! Seulgi’s Dance Practice

Seulgi danced to “Wow Thing.” It was a song by STATION X 0 Official who consists of Seulgi (RedVelvet), SinB (GFriend), Chung Ha, and Soyeon. She moves so flexibly and neat. There are the bloopers at the end of the video showing how she practiced all over again.

In this video, Seulgi danced to Red Velvet’s song “Look.” She is wearing a shirt and leggings with her hair tied in a bun. The dance is beautiful and their moves are pretty good.

  Seulgi looks tomboyish in the “Deep Blue Sea” dance practice. She is wearing a cap and also a black outfit. Body waves and also the spinning head are the signature moves of this song. Jimin’s Dance Practice

Here’s Jimin solo dance to “Lie.” It’s a ‘WINGS’ Short Film Special. His moves are so powerful and also he puts so many feelings into the choreography. The moves are really neat. He dances in sync with the song. It really looks like a performance already!

In this video, J-HOPE and Jimin dance to “My Youth” by Troye Sivan. Jimin’s choreography starts at 1:10. He literally dances really well to the song. It is really good to see a K-Pop idol dancing to western songs.

Here’s Jimin’s video from 2013. He is dancing to Hard Krump Instrumental 2012. He is making a kind of beat moves on the first part which is so fascinating. His body is really flexible. He can make a curve with his torso.


Seulgi’s Fancam Here’s the compilation of Seulgi’s performances dancing to “Bad Boy,” “Power Up,” and “Rookie.”

When fans say that Seulgi absolutely makes a pretty move on stage, she really is. Seulgi is really the main dancer of the group. She is really charismatic when she is performing on stage. Seulgi’s moves are really persistent, sharp, flexible, and neat. Her energy stays consistent throughout the entire performance as well. For every performance, Seulgi is able to tell a different story. She is very easy to adapt to the set and vibe she’s trying to give off. Jimin’s Fancam

Jimin always makes bold movements in his dancing. His dancing type is sharp, smooth, and also powerful. His aura when he dances comes out so well. He is so passionate. His moves sometimes appear to be theatrical and dramatic. He is paying attention to the way he expresses the meaning of the songs through the choreography.

Variety Show

Seulgi’s Focus Let’s take a look at Seulgi’s dancing in some variety shows!

As expected, Seulgi always nails it if it comes to her powerful dance. She can attract people with her pretty moves.   Jimin’s Focus Let’s take a look at Jimin’s dancing in the variety shows!

Jimin always looks impressive when it comes to dancing. He can pull off every played song and dance freely.   What do you guys think of Seulgi’s and Jimin’s dance compilation? Please, kindly share your thoughts in the section below!

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