VIVIZ Got Their First Win on February 16th, 2022

VIVIZ makes its official debut on February 9th, 2022 with EP Beam of Prism. Beam of Prism has seven tracks with Bop Bop! as its title track. For debut song, Bop Bop! charted pretty high on the music streaming site. Bop Bop! peak position was 2nd on Gaon and it reaches 42 on Japanese album Oricon. Bop Bop! does deserve the recognition it gets. The song has a groovy disco retro vibe with a fun and lighthearted feeling. The music video is also enjoyable with nice choreography. Let’s check out VIVIZ’s debut through Bop Bop!.

VIVIZ didn’t need to wait too long to get their first win. On February 16th, 2022, a week after the release of Bop Bop!, the song got its first win on Show Champion. In the special episode of Show Champion with a replay of past performances instead of the usual live performance, the show announced that the candidate for first place was Girls Generation’s Taeyeon’s Can’t Control Myself, VIVIZ’s Bop Bop!, fromis 9’s DM, Choi Ye Na’s Smiley, and Pentagon’s Feelin’ Like. Going against seniors in the industry, VIVIZ was able to bring home a trophy for their first win that night. To commemorate their first win, VIVIZ made an acceptance clip. Through the clip, SinB express her gratitude for giving the first win to VIVIZ and Eunha also said that they will remember that precious first win trophy. She also thanks Na.V (VIVIZ fandom) who patiently waited for them. In the acceptance clip, VIVIZ did not forget to thank BPM Entertainment staff who has worked hard and made them look pretty. Umji also thanked VIVIZ’s member’s parents who always show support for them.

Become the Second Fastest Girlgroup Who Got Their First Win

Debuting on February 9th, 2022, and got first win on February 16th, 2022, VIVIZ became one of the fastest girlgroup to get their first win. It only took seven days for VIVIZ to get their first win after the released debut album Beam of Prism. It’s such a prideful moment for VIVIZ to be able to get their first win in a short amount after their debut. Another girlgroup that was able to take their first win in seven days was IVE. First win is an unforgettable moment for K-pop groups and singers. It helps them to get more recognition, especially from the general public because the show was broadcasted on public television. While VIVIZ members consist of former GFriend member who was senior in the K-pop industry, their first win moment is still something they are proud of. What do you think about VIVIZ’s debut song? Are they your cup of tea? If you like VIVIZ, please spread this article so more people would love them.  

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