They became a married couple on ‘We Got Married’ season 2 in 2009, and the day-long activities that they had to go through as husband and wife were filled with sweet and romantic things. They even got the name “Caramel Couple.” How were they, while living together? Do they really have good chemistry? In this article, Channel-Korea will embrace sweet moments between Park Jae-jung and UEE on ‘We Got Married’. So, stay tuned!

Actor Park Jae-jung and After School’s UEE

Before seeing what moments happened between Park Jae-jung and UEE on the reality show ‘We Got Married’, let us briefly mention their profiles! Park Jae-jung is a model and actor from South Korea who started his career in 2007, and debuted in the drama “I Am Sam”, which made his fame skyrocket. He was born in 1980 in Daegu, and majored in business administration at Dongguk University. He also played in the film “Sketch” in 2014, and he began to become even more widely known as a talented actor. He had played in “You Are My Everything”, which made his name became popular, and his fans also agreed that he was one of the sexiest and most charming men of each episode. Meanwhile, UEE is an singer who has also spread her career into acting. She used to be a member of  a girl-group called After School, and joined in 2009. The celebrity, who has a real name Kim Yi-jin, was born in Daegu city, just like Park Jae-jung’s, and her name has soared since she starred in the drama “Queen Seondeok, You’re Beautiful, Golden Rainvow”. The daugther of the popular baseball coach Kim Sun-kap has completed her study at Sungkyunkwan University, and majored in Theater and Drama.

On Screen Moments

Park Jae-jung and UEE (Kim Ye-jin)  joined the show in August 2009, and they decided to leave it because of scheduling problems in 2010. During their tenure on the show, in each episode they presented a sweet and romantic cuteness. Let us see the sweet moments of the Caramel Couple below! Do you still remember the scene when the Caramel Couple were visited by a special guest? In this episode, UEE and Park Jae-jung had to tidy up the house and go to the super market to buy some vegetables and other food to cook at home, to serve to their special guest. Park Jae-jung also bought some things to decorate the room. When they were at home, they both immediately opened what they had bought. This moment is arguably a sweet moment, because they both tried to help each other. Then UEE tried to cook a lot food to be served for their special guest, while Jae-jung tried to decorate the living room even, although he didn’t have much luck with it. When UEE was cooking the meat, she called her mother for help with some recipes and the right tips to make the food taste good, UEE was certainly panicked, because the special guests were her mother-in-law, or Park Jae-jung’s parents.

Then Jae-jung got a call from his parents, and he had to pick them up and leave UEE at home alone. UEE rushed to finish her cooking because her mother-in-law would soon arrive. The moment was very clear, you could the role of UEE as a wife, and they worked together in the household. The next moment was during the episode that Jae-jung was teaching UEE acting, and they created a short drama which was directed by them. In this episode, they acted like the real actor and actress. Then, there was a thing where Jae-jung had to go back the stairs to take the scene requested by UEE. It’s really apparent that Jae-jung is ready to obey his wife’s request, without looking tired.

If they had already taken care of the house and tried to be an actor and an actress, then there’s also a moment when they were given the opportunity to hang out at the beach. They happily played in the water, although there were times where they will shy when approraching each other. After playing in the water, it turned out that Jae-jung’s feet were bleeding from exposure to gravel and beach rocks. UEE also carried out her role as a wife and spouse who cares for her husband. She immediately seemed worried and cleaned his blood with a small towel soaked in water, then plastered the wound.

She took him to doctor and helped him to walk. While she was helping him, Jae-jung suddenly embraced her, then she got embarrased and laughed. The moment UEE blushes because of Jae-jung’s action is a romantic moment between them. They went to the nearest doctor on a motorbike, even though Jae-jung was injured in his leg, he still riding the motorcycle. They rode motorcycle like teenage couple who are dating. Actually, their moments are very romantic and sweet, pretty much every day.

Wedding Pictures

After School’s UEE and actor Park Jae-jung became a married couple at the MBC tv station. On December 5, 2009, which coincided with the 100th day of their first time meeting, they celebrated 100 days with a wedding photoshoot, wearing the wedding clothes. Jae-jung wore a white jacket with a tie, while his wife, UEE, wore a beautiful wedding dress. “We Got Married” always has these types of wedding pictures taken to commemorate the couples’ journeys as husband and wife. According to the staff on scene, when they first saw Uee in her wedding dress, they were all in admiration of her beauty. It is was, indeed, her very first time wearing a white wedding dress. The photographer suggested that Park Jae-jung kiss UEE’s forehead and look like they were a very happy and romantic couple. The kiss on the forehead was a surprise gesture of physical contact between the couple. Here’s their wedding photos!

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