Among the all the members of NCT Dream, the two of them are often in the spotlight because of the age factor and their sibling-like relationship. How can that be? Therefore, Channel-Korea will give you all of moments of NCT Dream’s youngest members, Chenle and Jisung. So, let’s check it out below!


Chenle and Jisung are only two months apart in age, because Chenle was born on November 22, 2011, and Jisung was born two month after him (February, 2012). Even so, Jisung didn’t want to call Chenle his ‘hyung’, or older brother, on the grounds that they  only had a very small age difference. These two members have an unique fact and stories from before they debuted with NCT. As it turns out, Chenle and Jisung had previously been on a stage together when they were children, at the International Children’s Concert 2013, which aired on Chinese TV. At that time, Jisung performed a dance to PSY’s song, “Gangnam Style:, which was a hit at that time, and he wore traditional clothes. Chenle appeared after Jisung, and sang the song “You Raise Me Up” with Li Zewei and Liu Bo. Although not in one picture, they both took photos to preserve the memory. Let’s take a peek at their childhood photo below! Jisung and Chenle can see from the right side

Unexpectedly, their first meeting at that time brought them back to be part of an Idol group. One day, someone asked Jisung about it, and he answered that their first meeting was very unexpected and intead brought them to debut together in in NCT. It was a good destiny. After he answered, Jisung teased Chenle by singing the song that Chenle performed, “You Raise Me Up”.

Debut Era

When SM Entertainment released the teasers for the members, Chenle was the first to upload, before Jisung, where NCT Dream’s debut with single “Chewing Gum.” Outside of their debut, Jisung is indeed very close to Chenle; they even remember when and where they first met, in 2011 in Beijing, China. Despite being close, the two of them often hit each other when they’re playing around. Chenle often pretends to be ignorant of Jisung, such as every time someone asks him who taught him in Korean, then Chenle only remembers that Renjun was the person who had the important role of being his tutor. But, apparently, Jisung always protests and said that he was actually the person who was often influential in teaching Chenle Korean. They’re often called the “Maknae on Top”, because when they’re together, it feels like their the only two people in the world. For example, in the behind-the-scenes footage for the music video “My First and Last”, Jisung called Chenle by his name, “Park Chenle”, and Chenle responded with changing his name “Zhong Jisung”, and they kept repeating it until the cameraman cut them. If Jisung was asked who he wanted to trade lives with, he would answer that he wanted to become Chenle, because Chenle is such a “Chenle the President”. Everyone knows that he was born into a rich family, because he is a grandson from one of the conglomerates in China. Moreover, Chenle onced showed Jisung his whole house during NCT The World’s This and That in episode 10. At that time, Chenle had to go home because his cousin had just been born. In that episode, Chenle invited Jisung to his house after he was picked up at the airport. Chenle showed off his luxury car to Jisung, until Jisung said, “This is my first time riding in a car whose door is open up!”. Not only that, Chenle also showed off his backyard, which was overgrown with vegetables and this made Jisung speechless. Take a look at the video below!

Jisung and Chenle know all of each other’s likes and dislikes. They are too close with what is their favorite color, food, first impressions when they met each other, and even each hair color from their debut days. This is evidenced in the video that was uploaded by SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel, with the title “Jisung vs Chenle”.

Another moment was when Jisung once made fog on the camera by blowing his breath many times, and at that time Chenle was talking about Super Junior’ Shindong. As a result of Jisung’s action, then Chenle shouted at him and sid “Hey!”, and told him to stop doing that. You can check it below on this “Chenji” moments compilation video!

Latest News!

The latest news came from their group, NCT Dream. They had just held their concert tour “The Dream Show” on November 15, 2019 at Jangchung Arena, Seoul. They felt nervous because it was really their first concert tour. Even on twitter, the hashtag “The Dream Show” has become a trending topic. Not only that, the concert was very emotional, and even Jisung sobbed because of happiness, and he didn’t think he would be able to hold a solo concert. For their individual activities, the latest news from Jisung is that in 2018 he became a guest on the dance program Dance High, while Chenle was a brand ambassador with Renjun for a resort in China, OYF Hot Spring World. They both are the babies in NCT, and every day they’re full of silly and funny things that they do! And that’s all the moments of them before debut or after. Then, which moment is your favorite? Let’s put your favorite moments in the comment section!

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