extremely popular, this girl group of 9 beautiful and talented girls currently has a large number of fans, of all ages, and is loved not only in South Korea but also throughout the world. Besides their very good songs, TWICE members also have amazing beauty and well-proportionate bodies. Are you curious to find out who has the best body among the TWICE members according to OneHallyu? Let’s discuss the members one by one!


Based on a poll on the allkpop forum conducted by netizens to determine which TWICE member has the best body, Momo ranked second with 33.7% (66 votes), but based on a poll on onehallyu, Momo won the first place with 30.7% (39 votes). Momo is one of the three TWICE members from Japan. Momo’s real name is Momo Hirai, born in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan on November 9th, 1996. It is known that Momo began dancing at the age of three, together with her elder sister. Momo and her sister were originally spotted by JYP Entertainment in an online video in 2012. They were both asked to audition, and only Momo was successful, prompting her to move to South Korea in April 2012. Before joining TWICE, Momo danced in a number of music videos as a K-Pop trainee. Since she was three years old, she went to dancing studios and danced. 2011, she participated in the Japan K3 Superstar Qualification as a member of a 4-member girl group. Momo and his sister were initially seen by JYP Entertainment in 2012 in a video when they were shown dancing together, and Momo became a trainee at JYP Entertainment. In 2015, Momo participated in the reality television show Sixteen, with another JYP’s female trainee and unfortunately, she was eliminated in the competition, but eventually, she was brought back at the end of the competition and allowed to join the newly formed girl group TWICE. In her profile on the Naver platform, Momo stands 162 cm tall and weighs 49 kg, in TWICE, Momo’s position is the Main Dancer and also the Sub-vocalist. Momo’s danceability itself has been recognized by many people including Park Jin-young as CEO of JYP Entertainment. A professional K-Pop idol trainer, In Ji-woong shared on his YouTube channel Top 3 best female dancers in the K-Pop scene from his point as view. His list included TWICE’s Momo, Chung-ha, and IZ * ONE’s Chaeyeon. based on his preferences as a trainer, He explained that TWICE’s Momo has excellent control over her body, Momo knows how to accentuate certain movements by micromanaging the level of energy she puts into the choreography. he also claimed that Momo is the queen of “Push & Pull” – or “Dynamics” in dance, and many people agree with that. Many netizens choose Momo with the best body because her body is very proportional, and also fit. Plus Momo’s amazing dancing ability makes her curves even more beautiful when dancing, when Momo wears a crop top shirt, which shows her stomach, we can see her abs clearly, such as everyone’s body goals.


Based on allkpop Jihyo ranked third in the poll determining who has the best body among the members of TWICE, and on onehallyu, she ranked fourth. Jihyo has the real name Park Ji-soo, was born in Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on February 1st, 1997. In TWICE, Jihyo’s position is Main Vocal and also leader, she is known for her strong voice, dance skills, and charisma. On August 19, 2004, Jihyo’s parents took her to joined the 1st Junior Naver Childhood Stars Contest and took 2nd place. Since then, Jihyo has endured over 10 years of trainee life from July 15, 2005, to October 20, 2015. During her trainee life, she appeared as a model of Tien Reebok and went to Seoul Fashion Week 2013 with Nayeon and Jeongyeon. Initially, Jihyo planned to debut in a girl group along with Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Sana, but the project was canceled. Instead, they all joined Sixteen, before the competition Jihyo legally changed her name to Park Ji-hyo, and then became a member of TWICE. Jihyo has a different body shape from most South Korean idols, this is precisely what makes her stand out and is recognized as having a beautiful body shape. she even being called as Korean Kim Kardashian.  


Based on allkpop, Tzuyu ranked first as the TWICE member with the best body with 37.2% (73 votes), and on onehallyu, she ranked second with 28.91% (37 votes) competing against Momo who got 2 votes more, a total of 39, and ranked first. Tzuyu is the only TWICE member from Taiwan, and also the youngest member or maknae, she was born in the East District of Tainan, Taiwan on June 14th, 1999. Tzuyu once revealed on TWICE TV, because he was still small, he liked to dance, so he enrolled in the dance academy, but after hearing rumors about him, JYP staff came to Taiwan and searched. However, in the weekly idol, Tzuyu revealed that it was a rumor and it was not intentional. So when he was in his second year of middle school, he came to Korea and started living as a trainee and then she continued her school by attended Hanlim Multi Art School in South Korea. In 2015 same with the other members, Tzuyu participated in Sixteen. Tzuyu was originally eliminated and didn’t make it until the final lineup but then she was selected based on audience voting, and then become TWICE’s official member. Tzuyu is often regarded as a visual ace, such as nuances exposed by the media and members’ comments, which is a pretty style with a cute face compared to the height of 170 cm. This is because it is an ideal beauty image for people of all ages and genders. There are many people who say that they are pretty and flawless in style with big eyes, pretty eyes, round nose, and cheeks. She is rated as the top visual of a girl idol, such as being ranked 3rd in 2018, 1st in 2019, and 2nd in 2020 in the ranking of female idols selected by idols. According to Gallup Korea’s annual music survey, Tzuyu was the third most popular idol in 2016, and in 2017 She ranked ninth of the survey then ranked twelfth in 2018. In 2019, Tzuyu was ranked first as the most beautiful face in the world by TC Candler. Having a perfect face and perfect posture, many netizens chose Tzuyu’s body as the best among the TWICE members.


Based on allkpop, Sana ranked fourth in the poll determining who among the TWICE members has the best body, with 35 votes, or 17.9%, and on onehallyu, she got 8 votes. Sana is also a TWICE member from Japan and has the real name Minatozaki Sana. Sana was born in Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan on December 29th, 1996. From the end of 2009, when he was in 6th grade of elementary school to fulfill the singer’s dream, he had learned about dancing for 3 years at EXILE’s Dance Academy EXPG Osaka branch, who was thrown at JYP officials while shopping with a friend in 2012, when he was at Middle school class 3. On April 13, 2012, he became a JYP trainee with Momo. Initially Sana was included in the Japanese project group, JYP 6MIX (Six Mix). However, the 6MIX project collapsed due to the Sewol ferry disaster and the release of members before debut, and after one year of waiting, he participated in SIXTEEN, then became TWICE’s members. Sana’s position is a sub-vocal, she stands 164 cm tall and weighs 45 kg (based on Sana’s profile in Naver). In the 2016 annual ranking #1 source who achieved CHEER UP the most famous in the killing part of “Shy Shy Shy (Sasha Sha)” can be described as one who was digested. “Shy Shy Shy” seems to be actively pushing the company after it became a topic. Since then, Sana is famous for her aegyo because it is very cute and has made many people fall in love with her. Sana is also considered as one of the visual members of TWICE because she has stunning visuals. Sana is famous for having sexy cutie charms because her performance on stage is able to ooze her sexy and cute charms simultaneously.


On the polls conducted to determine who among the TWICE members has the best body, Mina scored a total of 26 votes divided as follows: 8 votes on the allkpop, and 18 votes on onehallyu. Along with Momo and Sana, Mina is also a member of TWICE that comes from Japan and has the original name Myōi Mina. Mina was born in San Antonio, Texas, on March 24th, 1997, but She grew up in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. since young age, Mina was training ballet and having practiced it for over a decade before debuting with TWICE. When Mina was in middle school, her friend asked her to dance with choreography after watching a music video from Girls’ Generation, and I became interested in K-POP by following K-POP dance, then she enrolled in a K-POP dance school called URIZIP (My House) based in Japan to learn K-POP dance professionally. One day, while shopping in the basement of Umeda Hankyu Department Store in Osaka with her mother, and offered an audition by JYP’s staff. After passing the audition, Mina dropped out of school. On January 2, 2014, she became JYP’s trainee. Same with other members, Mina joined SIXTEEN and then became a TWICE member. Mina’s position in TWICE is Main Dancer and also a sub-vocal of the group. Based on Mina’s profile on Naver, Mina is 163 cm tall and weighs 46 kg. After her debut, she got tied to Nayeon and Tzuyu in the pack called the TWICE Beauty Three Kingdoms. according to Chosun Ilbo, Mina’s popularity together with Momo and Sana, who is also from Japan, has improving relations between Japan and South Korea. Mina also voted as the 16th most popular idol in South Korea according to Gallup Korea’s annual music poll of 2019.  


According to the poll results on allkpop, Nayeon got 19 votes as the member of TWICE with the best body, and on onehallyu, she got 3 votes. Nayeon or also is known as Im Nayeon, was born in Sangil-dong, Guangdong-gu, Seoul, on September 22nd, 1995. in On September 15, 2010, Nayeon auditioned for JYP for the 7th audition without notifying her family and became a JYP trainee. Initially, Nayeon also planned to debut as a member of 6mix, a JYP girl group that was planned, but that didn’t happen, until finally, Nayeon joined SIXTEEN and then became a TWICE member. Nayeon’s position in TWICE is Lead Vocal and Lead Dancer, she has a height of 163 cm and a bodyweight of 48.6 kg (according to Nayeon’s profile on Naver). Nayeon has a cheerful and fun image, she is very compatible with the current TWICE image. according to Gallup Korea’s annual music poll in 2017, Nayeon was voted the sixth most popular idol in South Korea and In 2018, again ranked sixth, receiving 6.7% of the votes and In 2019, she was ranked fifth, receiving 8.2% of the votes.

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