Want to know the full timeline of their tours from debut to now? Check out the full list in this article below!  

TWICE’s 1st Tour: Twiceland – The Opening (2017)

After two years of releasing music and gaining a record of over 2 million album sales, TWICE decided to kick off their first tour in 2017. At that time, the group just released their hit song “What Is Love?” which surpassed over 20 million views in less than 35 hours. TWICE’s first tour was held for three days at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea. The total number of visitors to their Korean tour was 15,000. This is an impressive number for their debut concert. After that, they moved to perform in Bangkok, Thailand, and Singapore in April 2017. Then, in June, they came back to Seoul to close the tour at Jamsil Arena. The show was a success as they sold a total of 46,000 tickets.  

TWICE’s Debut Showcase Touchdown in Japan (2017)

After holding its first concert ever, TWICE made its debut in Japan by holding a showcase on December 20, 2017. They performed a total of two shows at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan. A total of 15,000 fans attended their debut showcase.  

TWICE’s Showcase Live Tour, Candy Pop (2018)

Due to their massive crazy popularity in Japan, TWICE returned to perform there during January-February 2018. They visited various Japanese cities such as Seto, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Tokyo, and Saitama to meet and greet over 20,000 fans.  

TWICE’s 2nd Tour: Twiceland Zone 2 – Fantasy Park (2018)

TWICE then held the second part of their first concert, Twiceland Zone 2, at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul, from May 18 to May 20. Their Seoul concert was held for 3 days and was attended by 20,000 fans from Korea and all over the world. Twiceland Zone 2 used the theme fantasy park and was decorated like an amusement park. In the concert, they performed a 3 hour set of 30 songs consisting of hits such as “Like Ooh Ahh,” “Knock Knock,” “What Is Love?,” “TT,” “Heart Shaker,” and more. The studio was also filled with fans and their Candy Bongs (TWICE’s official lightstick), making it a sea of pink. “I think the Candy Bongs today are the prettiest among these 3 days,” Jihyo commented about the scene. “I felt really touched as I saw this scene the moment we got on the stage,” she added. Other than their hits songs, the girls also performed various special stages such as BoA’s “Valenti,” Rain’s “Ranism,” Baek Ji-young and Taecyeon’s “My Ears Candy,” Beyoncé’s “End of the Time,” and Wax’s “Oppa,” This time TWICE is not only stopped in Korea. But, they also visited Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. A total of 116,000 fans were present at their concert.  

TWICE’s 1st Arena Tour, BDZ (2018)

Within the same year, TWICE also held another series of Japanese tours (yes, they were very active in Japan that year). This time, they visited the Japanese cities that they haven’t had the chance to visit during their first Japan showcase. Chiba, Nagoya, and Kobe were at the top of their Tokyo schedule. A total of 70,000 tickets were sold for their concert.  

TWICE’s Dome Tour, #Dreamday (2019)

2019 was an important year for TWICE. Aside from releasing their seventh mini-album titled Fancy You in April, TWICE was also named the first K-pop female group to successfully hold a Dome Concert Tour in Japan. And, not only that but TWICE also became the fastest Korean group or artist to perform at the Tokyo Dome after debuting! Earlier that year, TWICE held a dome tour (a dome-shaped hall with a capacity of tens of thousands of spectators) in Japan from March to April 2019. This time, a total of 220,000 fans attended TWICE’s concert. They set a new record for their career. During the press conference of their comeback showcase at YES24 Live Hall, Seoul, TWICE’s members shared their thoughts regarding the experience. “There were more [fans] than we imagined coming to our dome tour, so it felt like a dream. I feel we can hold a tour at a big location thanks to the ONCEs [TWICE fans]. I really appreciate them,” said Momo. The same thing was also expressed by Sana, “I am very grateful and happy to be able to go on the dome tour. It’s an honor. Of course, we feel a lot of pressure. But, because we know how hard it is to stand on a big stage [like the Tokyo Dome], we want to work harder and show it to them. You guys look better,” she explained. Mina added that the success of TWICE’s concerts in large capacity locations was supported by their songs that were able to evoke the atmosphere and give positive energy through their performances. No doubt, the experience of TWICE’s Dome Tour is probably one of the unforgettable experiences during their career.  

TWICE’s 1st World Tour, Twicelights (2019-2020)

After wrapping up their Dome tour in Japan in 2019, TWICE embarked on their first-ever world tour, Twicelights. They kicked off the show with a two-day concert in Seoul on May 25 and 26, 2019. After that, TWICE continued their trip to Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, and several cities in the United States. This tour was special because this marked TWICE’s first world tour in the United States. And TWICE, once again, proved their name as a global group by attracting around 41,000 fans on their first tour in America. TWICE’s American tour started on July 17 in LA, then they moved to Mexico (July 19), Newark (July 21), and Chicago (July 23). They showed their ticket power when gathering a total of 41,000 fans at 4 shows, specifically 12,000 people in LA, 10,000 people in Mexico City, 11,000 people in Newark, and 8,000 people in Chicago. This success was even more meaningful because they didn’t have any special promotions for their American World Tour. During the performances of their hit songs, the fans responded passionately by singing together and dancing to them. The fans also created a touching event when changing the color of the Candy Bongs to mint, Mina’s signature color, to send support to her because she was unable to attend the tour due to health problems. The members, who were touched by the scene, share heartfelt expressions and interacted with the fans in English, stating “Thank you for helping us stand on this stage. We’ll be back next year.” They promised the fans to return. After the Newark concert, many local media outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and MTV published relevant articles and showed their deep interest in TWICE’s first tour in America.

After successfully completing their first American tour, TWICE returned to hold their 2019 world tour with a concert in Kuala Lumpur on August 17 and a 12 concert arena tour through 7 Japanese cities starting with Sapporo on October 23. Sadly, they canceled their two closing performances in Seoul KSPO Dome and Tokyo Dome due to the health concern of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it is unclear when we will get to see TWICE’s concerts in person again, we can still support their work online, right? So, that is the complete list of TWICE’s tours through the years. Are you looking forward to TWICE’s next tour after things go back to normal? Show your enthusiasm by commenting in the box below!