Twice made their official debut in Japan on June 28, 2017, by releasing their first Japanese compilation album called #TWICE where one of the songs included in the album is entitled “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.).” In this article, we want to talk about “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” which is set as the second track on the album. Let’s keep reading this article to find more details of this song! Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account:

Background of “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)”

Included for the first Japanese compilation album, #TWICE, “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was released by Warner Music Japan on June 28, 2017. This song was released together alongside the other 4 singles from Twice that previously had been released by JYP Entertainment before which made each song have 2 versions, Korean and Japanese. “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was officially released as a digital download in EP format on June 28, 2017, on different music platforms together with the physical album. The song was also released on some South Korean music platforms and was distributed by Genie Music. The full tracklist of the album was released for the public on May 31 where “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” was included together with the other tracks. On the same day, it was also revealed in the details of the album that it has 3 versions, Standard Edition, First Press Limited Edition A (CD and photo book), and Limited Edition B (CD and DVD). The debut that Twice made in Japan also made them become the first South Korean girl group to perform on a TV program in an episode of Music Station on June 30 since 2012. Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s first Japanese compilation album called #TWICE where “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” is included.

Group Photo Teaser #1

Group Photo Teaser #2

Group Photo Teaser #3

Story of “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)”

Released as a dance-pop song by Warner Music Japan, “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice is a combination of various genres such as hip hop, tropical house, and drum and bass which made it be described as “color pop.” The lyrics for the Japanese version of this song were written by Yu Shimoji. The composer and the arranger for this song were Black Eyed Pilseung and Rado consecutively who had been working with Twice before for the other tracks in the same album. Actually, this song is kind of cute but also annoying at the same time. Through the lyrics, you can see where the woman in the song tries to play hard to get with the man she likes because she feels nervous and shy every time he approaches her. However, when finally the man is desperate with all the efforts that he gave for her and chooses to give up, she teases him back. She asks him to keep fighting for her and prove to her that his love and heart are hers. Well, what a funny song, right? But, if you only listen to the song and the melody without knowing the meaning of the song, you might think that this song is cute and adorable. That is why this song can be seen as cute but annoying too at the same time.

MV of “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)”

For the first Japanese compilation album for Twice’s debut in Japan, Warner Music Japan only released 2 official music videos and a making of the video for “TT (Japanese Ver.)” and “Signal (Japanese Ver.)” alongside 1 making music of the video for “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.).” They did not make an official music video or any special video for “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.).” However, the official audio version of “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account on June 27, 2017, and has gained 800,816 views with 9,730 likes. Here is the lyric video of “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice:

“Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” Performance

Twice held the showcase titled Touchdown in Japan in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for their official debut in Japan on July 2, 2017, where they performed all 5 songs that were released in their first Japanese compilation album, and this included “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.).” Twice also performed “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” at their concert BDZ Arena Tour in Japan. You can watch the live performance videos of the song in the videos below! “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice Live Stage in Showcase

“Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice Live Stage in Concert (BDZ Arena Tour)

“Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” Achievements

As expected, the debut that Twice made in Japan was done successfully. By selling a total of over 260,000 copies of the physical album in less than 2 months, the album #TWICE earned Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). The second track “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” has also gained some things on music charts on various music platforms. Here are the details of the “Cheer Up (Japanese Ver.)” achievements on song charts: Song Charts  

Cheer Up  Japanese ver   by Twice - 35Cheer Up  Japanese ver   by Twice - 8Cheer Up  Japanese ver   by Twice - 14Cheer Up  Japanese ver   by Twice - 10