Released on July 9th, 2019, under JYP Entertainment, the song entitled “Chillax” by Twice is the song that is going to be discussed in this article. “Chillax” by Twice is a song that was included in the expanded reissue of What Is Love?, the 5th EP by the popular South Korean girl group Twice titled Summer Nights. Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Chillax” that has been uploaded on Twice’s Official YouTube Account.

Background of “Chillax”

The news of Twice‘s comeback with their 5th EP titled Summer Nights was released by JYP Entertainment on June 7th, 2018. The agency confirmed that the group was preparing a comeback in July and filmed the music video in Japan for the lead single entitled “Dance the Night Away”. The EP consists of nine songs including “Chillax” in its second track. There was also one song that was written by Twice members title “Shot Thru the Heart”; it was written by the three Japanese members, Momo, Sana, and Mina. On July 8th, 2018, JYP Entertainment released a short video for the sneak peek of the three new songs. Then, following the next day, the full music video for “Dance the Night Away” as the lead single was released. Here are some of the photo teasers of Twice’s 5th EP Summer Nights which includes “Chillax”.

The Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Chillax”

Coming out as the second track from Twice’s 5th extended play released on July 9th, 2019, by JYP Entertainment, the song “Chillax” was written by Galactika. Lee Woo-min “collapsedone” and Valeria Del Prete were the composers of the song, while Lee Woo-min “collapsedone” was the one who did the arrangement. According to the lyrics, the song tells us more about how to find peace and healing in life. As the title says “Chillax”, which is a combination of the words chilling and relaxing, so through the song, we can feel and learn about peace and healing for a better life.

MV of “Chillax”

There is no official MV for “Chillax” as it is not the lead single of the extended play by Twice. This song was only the second track from Twice’s 5th EP Summer Nights which was released on July 9th, 2018, with “Dance the Night Away” as the lead single. Here are the lyrics of “Chillax” by Twice.

“Chillax” Performance

Unfortunately, there is no official performance video for “Chillax” by Twice, but, if you still want to see the live performance, we have the fancam version. “Chillax” by Twice – Live Stage at a Fan Meeting (Fancam Version)

“Chillax” Achievements

“Chillax” was included in Twice’s 5th extended play Summer Nights that was released on July 9th, 2018, with “Dance the Night Away” as the lead single. Both the EP and the single have achieved many awards and gotten first places in music shows, increasing the popularity of “Chillax” as well. Here are the details of “Chillax” Achievements: Song Charts Song Charts  

Chillax  2018  by Twice - 68Chillax  2018  by Twice - 1Chillax  2018  by Twice - 71Chillax  2018  by Twice - 74Chillax  2018  by Twice - 2Chillax  2018  by Twice - 13Chillax  2018  by Twice - 95Chillax  2018  by Twice - 91Chillax  2018  by Twice - 34Chillax  2018  by Twice - 85Chillax  2018  by Twice - 46