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Ciipher’s Hyunbin’s Profile

Real Name                         : Moon Hyunbin Stage name                        : Hyunbin Birthday                              : February 26th, 2000 Place of birth                     : Seoul City Height                                 : 177 cm Weight                                : 61 kg Nationality                         : South Korea Zodiac                                 : Pisces Chinese zodiac                  : Dragon Blood type                         : B Family                                 : Father, Mother, Older Sister (Born in 1998) Agency                                : Rain Company Position                              : Leader, sub vocal Instagram                           : @_hyun_cong

Ciipher’s Hyunbin’s Facts

Hyunbin was originally planned to debut with CRAVITY members but he debuted with Ciipher instead Hyunbin used to be a YG Entertainment trainee His loves listening to hip-hop and Kpop His favorite hobbies are shopping and cooking Hyunbin loves drinking milk latte and strawberry smoothie Hyunbin’s trainee period is 2 years and 7 months When he participated in Produce X 101, Hyunbin was in contract with Starship Entertainment His role model is EXO’s Baekhyun and Rain

Ciipher Hyunbin Appearance in Produce X 101

Ciipher’s Hyunbin competed with 101 idol trainees in the idol survival show Produce X 101 from May to July 2019. In total, the trainees came from 47 different agencies. Only the 11 best idols were selected to debut with a new group. Although the winner was already selected and a group was formed, the group was immediately disbanded after the voting system was proven to be fake. Ciipher Hyunbin’s participation in the program was short-lived. From 12 episodes, Ciipher Hyunbin only joined the program until its 8th episode. In the first episode, Hyunbin was placed at the 27th position. His position dropped 9 places in the 2nd episode and plunged 5 places lower in the 3rd episode. In the 8th episode, he improved and stepped 2 places higher. In his final episode, Hyunbin climbed 7 places and placed in the 32nd position, too low to advance to the next stage.

In the group battle stage, Hyunbin collaborated with other trainees and performed BTS’ Blood Sweat and Tears. In the group, Hyunbin was given the vocalist position. During the position evaluation stage, Hyunbin and his group performed Charlie Puth’s attention. His position was subvocal and dancer. Despite failing to advance to the final episodes, Hyunbin caught the attention of veteran Kpop singer, Rain. Later, Hyunbin left Starship Entertainment and joined Rain’s Rain Company. Hyunbin and six other trainees debuted in a new group called Ciipher. What do you like about Hyunbin’s appearance in Produce X 101? Tell us about your opinion in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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