CIX’s Yonghee’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Yonghee (Hangeul: 용희) Birth Name: Kim Yonghee (Hangeul: 김용희) Chinese Name: Jin LongXi (金龍熙) Position: Vocalist and Visual Birthday: February 17th, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 177 cm (5’10”) Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs) Blood Type: AB Nationality: Korean

CIX’s Yonghee’s Fun Facts

– Yonghee has siblings including a brother and sister. – Yonghee was announced as the fourth member of CIX. – Yonghee was born in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. – His MBTI is ENFJ. – Yonghee has the nicknames Yongyong and Yongreal since he loves cereal. – He graduated from Geumbuk Elementary School, Daekyung Middle School, and Chung-Ang High School. – His pet’s name is Sarang which means love. – BX called him Lemon since Yonghee is always making the surroundings fresh. – Yonghee can eat 3-4 bowls of cereal in a day between practices or training. – He enjoys mint chocolate. – Yonghee was training to be an actor, but he tried singing and dancing. This fueled his passion, and Yonghee decided to pursue being a singer. – Yonghee has a warm character, discipline, and is a model student. – His zodiac sign is the dragon. -Yonghee is skillful in math. He even offered fan service by offering to solve their math homework. – His tablet wallpaper was a math problem. – He was going to the same school as Jinyoung, another member of CIX.

CIX’s Yonghee Is a Math Genius

Yonghee is known for his skill in solving math problems. After his debut in 2019, he gained popularity giving fanservice by helping to solve mathematic equations. Some of his fans reached out to him on Twitter for help, and Yonghee replied by showing the process of solving whatever problem and also encouraged his fans with the words, “Fighting for the rest of your homework!” Yonghee even succeeded in solving one of the problems of the Korean SAT that 90% of students answer wrong. This is proof of Yonghee’s capability. What a genius! He admitted that he is good at studying. On Weekly Idol, a variety show, the MC Nam Changhee asked him to show how to solve the equation, and everyone was amazed he could do it quickly. Yonghee explained that doing math is making him stay alert and focus. Sounds geeky, ya! What do you think?

CIX’s Yonghee’s Pre-Debut Story

Yonghee got an opportunity to be cast when he was eating at a restaurant in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul. When a child, Yonghee wanted to be a scientist. Furthermore, he was good at solving math equations and was academic in general. This explains why he could strive to become a researcher. Look at his cute photos here! His smile is so adorable! Do you agree? This is Yonghee when he was a teenager. He was good-looking since day one!

CIX’s Yonghee’s Debut With CIX

Yonghee became a member of the boy group CIX in July 2019 under C9 Entertainment. He was the fourth member to be revealed. The group’s name means Complete in X and consists of Bae Jin-young, Seunghun, BX, Hyunsuk, and Younghee. During his training, Yonghee trained hard to do various choreography. Seunghun and BX who were ex-trainees of YG Entertainment helped him reach his best. Yonghee got the role of visual and vocals. His voice can mesmerize your ears. See the video of CIX below!

What a perfect package!

CIX’s Yonghee Looks Like Red Velvet’s Irene

Many people said Yonghee has facial similarities to Red Velvet’s Irene. His face line and eyes have similarities with Red Velvet’s Irene. Do you have an opinion? This angle looks similar to Red Velvet’s Irene. He is almost like her male counterpart! Any comments?

Appearance in the TV Show CIX’s Bucket List

CIX Bucket List is a variety show about the members of CIX that shows their personalities and charisma after they debuted in 2019. This variety show from 2020 has made FIX, their fan group, become closer and understand each of their characters. Yonghee is shown as natural and interesting on CIX’s Bucket List. That’s all about CIX’s Yonghee’s career journey before and with the boy group CIX. What do you think about him? Put your comment below and share your thoughts on Twitter!

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