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Horan’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Choi Soo-jin (최수진) Stage Name: Horan (호란) Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, July 5th, 1979 Education: Yeon-sei University majored in Psychology Age: 41 years old Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 164 cm Blood Type: B Occupation: Singer, Actress Years Active: 2001–present Label: Fluxus Music Associated With: Clazziquai Project, Ibadi

Horan’s Music Videos

Not only has Horan been active as a vocalist of Clazziquai Project, but she has also been active as a solo singer and has released a bunch of great singles as well as extended plays. Let’s check out the details of Horan’s music video appearances throughout the years, here:

In May 2015, Horan appeared with a retro style in the “She’s Alright” music video. With attractive green-lime hair color, interesting animated scenes, and slow-beat music, it became one of the most successful music videos of Horan.

In August 2016, Horan released something new, namely the single “Alice”. Although Horan didn’t appear in the music video, the scenes were filled with a guy and a woman who seemed to be in a relationship. They were doing various things together in the video with a minimalist concept.

In October 2018, Horan released the single “Wanted” with an authentic music video. With a vintage concept, Horan appeared as a solo singer on her stage in a red dress and black hair which emphasized her charm really well.

Marriage and Divorce with Han Jung-soo

Horan officially married her non-celebrity spouse named Han Jung-soo on March 30th, 2012. Their wedding ceremony was held in a hotel located in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Previously, Horan and Han Jung-soo had already known each other for almost 10 years, since Han Jung-soo was also her senior in college who is three years older than her. Horan and Han Jung-soo were dating for almost two years when they first got together, but then they decided to separate. However, the two of them still kept in touch until their relationship was re-built before turning it into a marriage. Unfortunately, a few years into their marriage, Horan and Han Jung-soo decided to get a divorce. In August 2016, Horan confirmed her divorce announcement through a personal statement on her Facebook page. In the statement, she explained that they got separated on good terms and both of them agreed that the divorce was a good decision for both of their happiness as well. Later on, Horan expressed her gratitude towards her fans who have been worried and supporting her marriage endlessly. She also apologized for disappointing them, and promise to always portray her best appearance as singer Horan and she also sent a lot of love to all her fans.

Horan’s Drunk Driving Scandal

In September 2016, Horan was involved in a DUI (Driving Under Influence). At that time, she was involved in a collision with a stopped truck at 5:40 a.m., which inflicted injuries on the truck driver. It was revealed that Horan’s blood alcohol content was approximately 0.106, while the actual legal limit was 0.05. You might like: Lim Young-min Departure From AB6IX Because of Drunk Driving This was the third time Horan had been caught in a DUI case since she had been caught in a DIU twice before, once in 2004 and once in 2007. Later on, local police sent her case to the Prosecutor’s Office with charges of dangerous driving as well as a charge of subject approximately 5 to 7 million Won. The charge of 5 to 7 million was given to the Prosecutor under consideration of Horan’s out-of-court settlement with the truck driver who had injuries. This marked the end of Horan’s DUI cases. That was all the information about Horan. Despite all of her controversies, Horan has proven her talents in her long-standing music career and she has managed to achieve quite a lot. Let’s keep supporting her career and stay tuned for another project from Horan in the future.

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