However, this reason was broken by the South Korean band which was formed in 2001 and made its official debut in 2004, which is Clazziquai Project. Are you unfamiliar with this name? If yes, it means that you should find out more about this electro-pop band starting from their profile, debut era, career journey, stage performances, to their latest news in this article below!

Clazziquai Project’s Group Profile

Clazziquai Project (Hangul: 클래지콰이) is an electro-pop band that was formed in 2001 with 3 original members named DJ Clazzi, Alex, and Horan and guest vocalist Christina Chu. In 2004, Clazziquai Project released their first album titled Instant Pig and it became a hit after selling over 80,000 copies. Get to know more about Clazziquai Project’s member profiles in this session below!

Clazziquai Project’s DJ Clazzi

Real Name: Kim Sung-hoon (Hangul: 김성훈) Stage Name: DJ Clazzi (Hangul: 클래지) Birth: November 15, 1974 Position in the Group: Leader, Composer, Producer Nationality: Korean Sub-unit: Solo Official Site:

Instagram ( djclazzi ) Twitter ( @djclazzi )

Clazziquai Project’s Horan

Real Name: Choi Soo-jin (Hangul: 최수진) Stage Name: Horan (Hangul: 호란) Birth: July 5, 1974 Blood Type: B Position in the Group: Vocalist Nationality: Korean Sub-unit: Solo Official Site:

Instagram ( zihadahl ) Twitter ( @zihadahl )

Clazziquai Project’s Alex

Real Name: Chi Heon-gon (Hangul: 치헌근) Stage Name: Alex (Hangul: 알렉스) Birth: September 2, 1979 Blood Type: A Position in the Group: Vocalist, Maknae Nationality: Korean Sub-unit: Solo Official Site:

Instagram ( alexfromsunday ) Twitter ( @BeastFromSunday )

Clazziquai Project’s Career Journey

Clazziquai Project was originally DJ Clazzi’s personal project, and Alex and Horan were only guest vocalists. To some extent, the names Alex and Horan appear in Thanks To on the album jacket. However, they are now taking a similar position in the band. Most people know it as a mixed duet between Alex and Horan, and those who have searched Clazziquai Project know about the existence of DJ Clazzi but do not know Christina Chu’s face at all. However, Christina is Alex’s older sister and has been a member since DJ Clazzy was formed in Canada. First of all, they are a DJ-centered team, and they actually did electronica music so they are classified as an electronica group. However, the first and third albums of the period when Clazziquai was most popular with the public, although there are a few house tracks, are not particularly strong in electronic music, and most of their hits are pop songs with a mix of jazz and bossa nova. Ironically, after the 4th album, when the electronica element became stronger, the public’s response fell. The 4th album was a synth-pop focused album, and although the perfection was flawless, the response was less than before. And, after the 4th album, there have been no hit songs. Nevertheless, among the artists who promoted electronica in Korea, they are a group that achieved great results both commercially and critically. Also, by releasing a number of chart hits, it can be said that the contribution to publicizing the existence of the electronica music genre to the public is great. Starting from the name, they are a strong British electronic-jazz punk group with influence from Jamiroquai. In the early days of their debut, they inevitably heard that they were similar to other foreign groups, but now, after a long time, when a song with a bright and warm electronica sound comes out, most people will say that it is like a Clazziquai song. Clazziquai Project made their official debut in Korea in 2004 with their album titled Instant Pig which included songs that fit the trend at the time, and the background music was also used for the advertisement. This group widely gained recognition. In the same year, a remix album was also released. They sold over 80,000 copies during their 1st album release, but between the 3.5th and 4th albums, it was changed to a special album that participated in the production of DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition. After the 4.5th album Mucho Punk that was released in 2009, DJ Clazzi, Horan, and Alex all focused on individual activities. Most of the albums contain pictures of pigs. Before making music, he had a dream of a pig, which led him to use the pig as his trademark. The Clazziquai Project’s logo is also unique. However, as it became known that Horan had actually committed drunk driving three times, he could not even promote on their 7th album properly.

On September 5, 2016, the pre-release song “I’m Curious” of the 7th regular album Travelers was released. Since September 10, 2019, they have been releasing singles with a different vocalist instead of Horan and having a new artist, Kim Soo-young, as they released a new single at that time titled “What If.”

Clazziquai Project’s Debut Era

Clazziquai Project made their official debut in 2004 and released their 1st album titled Instant Pig with the single “Sweety.” On this album, there are also several other tracklists such as “You Never Know,” “Come to Me” (Hangul: 내게로 와), “Futuristic,” “After Love,” “Novabossa,” “Sweety,” “Stepping Out,” “Tattoo,” “I Will Never Cry,” “Gentle Rain,” “After Love II,” “Flower,” “Play Girl,” “My Life,” and “Cat Bossa.”

“Sweety” is the lead single from Clazziquai Project and also has a music video that looks very cute and also shows two lovers in different frames. If you’re watching the “Sweety” music video, you will also definitely spot the male lead role in this music video which is actually a South Korean actor, Lee Joon-gi, who looks handsome and cute at the same time when he appeared as a teenager in this music video.

Not only did they release the music video for their first single “Sweety” but Clazziquai Project also appeared in a performance broadcast on the music program MBC’s Music Camp on July 10, 2004, as their first performance on stage. The three members of Clazziquai Project were seen there singing their single on a stage set like a night bar. What do you think about Clazziquai Project during their debut era?

Clazziquai Project’s Stage Performances

The South Korean music industry is one of the largest industries and has various ways to promote groups, bands, and singers to attract the attention of fans and the public. In this session, there are some lists from Clazziquai Project’s stage performances that you should watch so you can get to know them better!

On November 3, 2005, Clazziquai Project appeared on MBC’s Kim Dong-ryul For You, a television program that invites musicians to perform live there. Clazziquai Project performed their single “Fill This Night” with a retro genre that seems to bring us a flashback to the disco genre of music that became a trend in the 1980s. Every vocalist from this group also sings very melodiously and in sync with each other.

On June 16, 2007, Clazziquai Project held another comeback stage on MBC’s Music Core by performing their new single at that time entitled “Lover Boy.” With their identity as an electro-pop band, they sang live on stage with good vocal techniques and also very catchy instruments.

In April 2013, Clazziquai Project appeared on Mnet’s Tune Up by performing one of their singles entitled “Love Again” which was already released in 2009 with the latest version at this performance. All members appeared to be present on the stage and seemed to have a lot of fun with this performance while singing together accompanied by cheering from their fans who also attended the show.

In February 2013, Clazziquai Project attended MBC’s Cultural Concert and performed their single entitled “Sweetest Name.” The fans who went to the event kept cheering during the performance because they enjoyed their live performance as well. This song is sung in a very relaxed manner and prioritizes their vocal talents very well so that fans can enjoy their performance really well with groovy music.

On March 9, 2013, Clazziquai Project finally held their comeback stage again after a long time on MBC’s Music Core by performing their latest single at that time entitled “Love Recipe.” This song is easy to listen to with a medium tempo and creates an atmosphere like being in a coffee shop which is very calming. What do you think about Clazziquai Project’s stage performances?

Where are They Now?

Clazziquai Project will release a new song in 2021 and resume its activities. On August 31, 2021, Pop Music said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with producer Clazzi, and we are preparing for a new sound source and full-fledged activities for Clazziquai Project. In the new start of Clazziquai, we plan to have a large number of younger musicians, including long-time musical partners Alex and Horan.” Pop Music started preparing for Clazziquai’s new single in 2021 and a full-length album next year at the same time as the exclusive contract with Clazzi. It will be Clazziquai’s first single in two years since “Take Back (Feat. Dahye Hong of OurR)” in 2019. Since their debut in 2004, Clazziquai is a frontier group for hybrid music that experimentally combines various genres such as lounge, Latin, French pop, and funk as well as electronic in the Korean pop music scene. Pop Music, with which DJ Clazzi signed an exclusive contract, produced an OST for a drama that received favorable reviews for its sensuous music including “Cross,” “Mistress,” “Let’s Eat 3,” “Hand the Guest,” and “Hundred Days My Lady.” In addition, Clazziquai Project participated in the arrangement of the OST “We All Lie” for Sky Castle and “My Kind Love” for the OST of “The Wise Doctor Life.” In addition to the musical Another! Hae-Young Oh’ and the musical Crash Landing on You which will start in 2022, it is also a subsidiary of WYSIWYG Studio which is being reborn as a content media group. Well, that is all of the information about Clazziquai Project and everything about them that you should know. Let’s give support to them so that they can continue to make music in the future, and let’s wait patiently until their comeback. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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