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Turns out, CLC disbanded officially in May 20, 2022, after CUBE Entertainment announced the disband news. Even so, fans have predicted that because Yujin debuted as a Kep1er member and some CLC members left the agency before the contract expiration. In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you the truth about CLC’s disbandment, their contracts with Cube Entertainment, and information about the members who have left the group. So, keep reading this article.

CLC Officially Disbanded in 2022

CUBE Entertainment announced the disbandment of CLC in May 20, 2022. Along with the notice, CUBE also informed that the operation of CLC’s fan club, CLC U CUBE will be discontinued as of June 6, 2022.

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The agency thanked the fans who have been supporting CLC members and informed that the girls will make a new start on a different path. As you may know, CLC debuted in 2015 with a 7-year contract. And as of 2022, CLC has been in the K-pop industry for 7 years. So, basically, CLC members and CUBE didn’t renew the contract. Although the news are sadden the fans, CLC’s disbandment issue is not really surprising because the members have been hinting about it since months before. Some CLC members left the company and Yujin joined a survival program, Girls Planet 999, then debuted with Kep1er.

Yujin Talks About CLC’s Disbandment: “CLC Won’t Have Any Group Activities..”

In August 2021, Yujin shared the reason why she joined Girls Planet 999, and it was because CUBE Entertainment said CLC will not have any group activities. Even though Yujin didn’t bluntly says that CUBE Entertainment will disband CLC, fans already got the hint.

Sorn Reveals The Truth About CUBE Entertainment

In an interview with Thai media, Sorn revealed the truth about CUBE Entertainment’s treatment to CLC. Before the contract expires, all CLC members wanted to have group activities, but instead, CUBE Entertainment suggested them to promote individually. Not to mention that the group’s concept were keep changing from one comeback to another, making it difficult for them to success. CLC members wanted to stick on one concept, just like Hobgoblin, Helicopter, or Black Dress. But CUBE Entertainment didn’t accept that. So, when it was the time to talk about the renewal contract, CLC members decided to leave the agency instead of promoting as solo artists just like what CUBE Entertainment wanted.

Four CLC Members Left the Agency Before the Official Disbandment

Even before the official disband announcement, some CLC members have decided to leave the agency. It was all started when Elkie left CUBE Entertainment in February 2021, followed by Sorn who left the company in November 2021, and lastly Seungyeon and Yeeun who left in March 2022.

Elkie Officially Left CUBE Entertainment in February 2021

Elkie is the first CLC member who decided to leave the group in February 2021. In December 2020, she uploaded a touching letter addressed to CLC members, and two months later, the agency announced her departure. The reason why she left is because there’s a composer who insulted her and made her fall down. Also, the agency system has been affecting her mental health. Currently, Elkie is pursuing a career as a solo singer as well as an actress.

Sorn Left CUBE Entertainment in November 2021

Meanwhile, in the same year, Sorn followed in Elkie’s footsteps and left CUBE in November 2021. She chose to leave the agency and group after long conversations. Then, CUBE Entertainment announced Sorn’s departure in November 16, 2021, after terminating her contract. Just like Elkie, Sorn uploaded her farewell letter to fans. And now she is also pursuing a solo career and has been active on her YouTube channel named PRODUSORN.

Seungyeon and Yeeun Also Left CUBE Entertainment in March 2022

On March 18th, 2022, Cube Entertainment again made an announcement that two other CLC members officially left the agency. Seungyeon and Yeeun chose not to renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment for some personal reasons. Hearing this news, fans are grateful and hope that other members will leave the agency. For CLC fans, the agency can’t manage the group and the members who have big potential and are talented. So, before the disbandment, CLC only has 3 members left, namely Yujin, Seunghee, and Eunbin. That’s all the information regarding CLC’s of disbandment and the truth about the members’ contracts with Cube Entertainment. As fans, you should still support each member in their solo activities no matter what. Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to kindly share this article with your fellow Cheshire. Also, stay in touch with Channel-Korea through our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial!

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